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Today I'm raging, and getting raged at, in stock tanks in World of Tanks! Here comes the PAIN!



  1. This is how I feel playing fully upgraded tanks.

  2. The only thing that raging at other players does is have you feeling mad/tilt even longer.
    Especially if you complain about it to your clanmates or chat groups/forums or whatever, all it does is take a bad game that can last a max of 15 minutes, and extend it to however long your keyboard warrior rants take.
    Just move on to the next game, stop reliving your bad experiences

  3. First name Last name

    Centurion I was my worst stock experience by far for some reason

  4. im going through the M103 rn its was painful when it was a stock tank

  5. I got my first ever 10 kill game in a stock hellcat, I was so happy all day. Recently I finished upgrading the UDES 14 5 and saw a stock one on my team in a battle, everybody was complaining to the player, I felt for the guy, the frustration of upgrading that tank was very fresh in my mind.

    • Why don’t ppl use free exp to unlock modules anymore? I always unlock the best gun and turret (if it has one) on any tank before even playing it.

  6. Well said WB

  7. I’ve been playing WoT off and on for 10 years now. The toxicity of the players in the game has made me stop playing multiple times. So much so, that I only have 10k battles over 10 years of play. I now play with in-game chat and direct messaging disabled. The vast majority of the time, no one (at least on NA) has anything helpful to say in chat. It’s usually just super distracting to see people raging at the game or blaming others for their own shortcomings.

  8. It was a smart play after all. Good Job QB

  9. Random Roblox games

    Is it technically true that if you played a game right as soon as it turned 2023 or 2024 whatever year and someone got a high caliber does that mean they have the highest damage or that year? (atleast for a little bit)

  10. The m103 was my first tier 9 vehicle and also the reason why I quit world of tanks. It’s such a bad vehicle stock that the little bit I played just wasn’t worth the pain. I dropped back down to my lower vehicles for a bit and then quit

  11. It’s been almost 7 or 8 years since I took up the gauntlet of trying to grind through the M103. Back before any of the changes and buffs done to it and certainly before all the other boosters and things that would have made the grind, if not a breeze, at least quick. I’m surprised I didn’t stop playing then and there, I’ll be honest with you… Oh, and I didn’t have premium time because I didn’t have any money. Yeah…

  12. “Shout it out to the gods” — yes but Architects said that All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us…

  13. I’m glad you talked about this. It’s so frustrating whenever I’m playing this game and I get bullied because of my 45% winrate. I’ve found that blacklisting these players has actually cut that down a lot. I don’t know if that’s because all of these people are repeat offenders or if blacklisting specific toxic players also blacklists similar people, but either way it’s better.

  14. I can’t even count how many times some fool in this game sends me a nasty message. I block them instantly. If it’s a good game I will message a player saying good game.

  15. Gideonpriyadharsan.W 9012

    And t28 prototype it is horrible to play with stock gun becuz it always going to have 2 upgraded gun one is top gun t25at

  16. Quicky, I would agree that from time to time u can play a little selfishly. On the other hand, most of the time your gameplays very informative.

  17. I admit the last time I played WoT I called someone an idiot in chat at the end when were defending. I was having the best game in my E50M (my first potential ace in it) as top tier 100% 13/13 accurate/pen without having fired a single gold shell yet until we lost a flank and they started to cap. I asked the full hp super conq to come with me to save the game, he didn’t move and in fact he had spent most of the match camping where we spawned. He finished the game having done only done 400ish damage and only having taken like 600 damage when they yolo’d in as cap finished. I was so frustrated because I plan on moving back to the E50 after I ace my E50m. Anyway I’m sure he’s a bot lol average damage is 400 while average damage taken is 2000+ and plays 2 tier 10s and a tier 8 each at 1.7k games.

  18. The worst part about world of tanks are the raging teammates. They will want to do something stupid like in this case the Chrysler wanted to sacrifice his hit points for more damage in the game even though a teammate was flanking from behind to finish off the enemy player. The raging teammates gets mad at another just for not wanting to be a meat shield and saving hitpoints for the rest of the game. These are high win rate players so you would think what they are saying is correct, but it’s not.

  19. Per Ola Hesland Engen

    This may be the worst tier 9 i have ever played

  20. I had to bite my tongue earlier today playing strongholds with 6 cherry red players, just because the one guy is always looking for one more. I hadn’t played strongholds for years but when I did we always had a great caller. This guy would make one call at the start, which at one point was a single word. “optional”. This was after several blowouts from other dumb calls making us rush in when we had no idea where they were and it was quite obvious they were camping their base waiting for us. After the optional call, which meant do whatever you want, I waited for the inevitable blow out and quietly left the game. Blood boiling.

  21. Amx 50 b big noob

  22. who can your own team stun you ?????? when i play there is no stun if my arty hits me when trying hit someone else

  23. Proko, totally winnable game and our even90 just sit still in a bush the entire game, while not afk, letting the whole team melt. He “survive” the lost game. Me doing 4k damage in a tier 9 heavy could not do anything to save the game.
    I totally raged. That player didn’t even try and he wanted to lose.
    And he turned out to be a 55% win rater.

  24. The caliber of players on the HK server are vastly different to EU and NA servers, probably 80% of games i play my teams sits and hides and/or leaves 1 flank completely open. I’m probably at the top of the team on DMG and kills 60% of the time but i’m not good enough to carry a team that does nothing, so I lose game after game.
    I know raging in chat does nothing but i still do it after 2-3 hours of maybe winning 30% of games it gets very frustrating

  25. the first raging from this chrysler is stupid. this game is meant to be for fun (even tho wg is trying to remove all fun). and other player coming to say to you that why are you not being a sweaty nerd is stupid. i like to be just like qb did there and go on with their raging and agree with them and just troll back. imo it is fun own it’s own

  26. qb much love happy new year

  27. Nothing like a painful grind like a stock arlv39

  28. I used to rage at some players back in the day, but I stopped years ago. These days, if I see a tanker underperforming, I try and give tips and tricks that I have gathered over the years. It is one thing to try and help people to improve, but name-calling just doesn’t help. As QB pointed out… name-calling only brings down the team as a whole.

  29. Stock brain is an amazing phrase

  30. Barbie Princess Horse Adventure? Is that on STEAM? Lol…
    “And now Quickybaby’s new sponsor! Barbie Princess Horse Adventure!”

  31. Hey QB I have u commander got it twice like u and advice u to follow ur own advice on ur streams dont rage on ur teammates I mainlu watch you when u dont stream I get bored

  32. i love when the light is sniping from behind the td s in my games etc

  33. Gsor British t9 light…….I went bold after that what a piece of shit.

  34. I only play the American tanks. I think at Tier IX, the stock M103 is a decent “heavy medium” tank.

  35. Baxter Wellington


  36. Stock 10 tier ^^^ LOL

  37. One of the worst tier 9 tank..

  38. When you are holding an enemy and someone says Start withdraw

  39. I’ve never understood why people abuse others in chat as if a player owes it to his team to be a good player. It’s a game! Not everyone is good and that’s okay!

  40. This is same thing that tiger II has stock turret and it armor is only 100 but when you get better turret it will be 250.

  41. Thanks QB. I also play for the credits to upgrade. Some are VERY painful.

  42. I don’t care about gold spam, idc about OP premium tanks… but I WISH there was NO WAY u could FREE XP TECH TREE. ALL Players should be forced to grind stock tanks, not allowing rich players to pass all the grind. Than we would see true statistics of players. Most unicorns would not even be 2000wn8 players if they played all the game, instead of skipping it with free xp.

  43. Tomatoes Lives Matter.

  44. I enjoyed your video mate but some tanks just can’t compete when they are put up a tier. EG the Matilda in a tier 5 game.

  45. just be tankfull (yeah dumb joke) those stock tanks are here. they provide a shorter waiting time, making sure your and the enemy teams are full. They will sometimes allow you to have a perfect score. they are a part of the enjoyment in WOT. Happy NY everyone!

  46. Happy New Year, Mr.QB

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