Ram II – Live Commentary – World Of Tanks

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Rolling around in my V Premium the Ram II

Sidestrafe is back and here is his recent WoT video…

My computer specs:
Intel Core i7-0K OC to 4.4Ghz – 16gb Corsair Ram – MSI Geforce GTX 770 – Asus P8P67 Mobo – Benq 1920×1200 24″ – Window 7 Home Premium.


  1. Glad you shot that T67!..

  2. YaY Team HP Pool bar finnaly working…at the beggining I thought it
    didnt,but it turns on when the 1st enemy gets spotted 🙂 Also nice game
    Plumb,U didnt win but U atleast took out dat T67 😉 Keep up the great
    work…Im off to school 🙁 

  3. Giwrgos Savopoulos

    Hey Plumb!:)
    Hope you and your wife are all ok 🙂
    so i was thinking of all those videos you have made in WoT but you still
    have the same intro in all of them…im not saying its bad but you could
    change it if you’dlike…i have a friend that has made lots and lots of
    videos and intros for others…if you like this idea please comment bellow

  4. Gratz on 500+ subs matey!

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