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  1. Andrew Sullivan

    This should always be your battle cry when you’re a German medium.

  2. Mike Placeholder

    Can anyone tell me Circons stream schedule?

  3. Buffen McSchinken

    ram HYPE

  4. My favourite comment in the chat. “Tortoises like rivers.” The perfect explenation for the positioning of the Tortoise 😀

  5. I cri ebry time dey cell me nub cuz I hwb den red stats 1like=Each day I cri my self in tu sleep

  6. Kill, secured.

  7. you do play a good game.

  8. I’m heckin early, quick think of a joke

    yer da sells Avon

  9. anyone notice he still took ram damage from that 122-54 at the end?

  10. I just can’t stand the Panther. The VK 30,02M was fine. 85mm sloped frontal armor with great pen and fast RoF made it great at Tier 6. The Panther however is literally a VK 30.02M – only bigger and with more penetration. Just trash.

    I have the 2nd engine and top gun on it. I try to stay at long ranges but most maps are terrible for it. I have no idea how the hell this thing is meant to work in the current maps. Where the hell am I even supposed to position myself in this thing when the camo is so abhorrent and the thing is so absurdly huge?

  11. circon are you a priest?

  12. Martijn Waterlander

    I need to study for upcomming testweek but I cant ignore a video called “ramming speed” xD

  13. notification squad, where you at?

  14. what do the flags above your face cam mean??

  15. It’s still cool that you r still sporting the Canadian flag for the 150th birthday,,, U r still awesome  Circon….

  16. Play the T-44, tier VIII russian

  17. Jeremian Lastly


  18. “Have we been top tier?”

    Circon, you are your own tier. Silly Circon.

  19. So all that hard work damage and frags but only made 11k at the end of the day with it….Premium consumables or not the economy in WOT is ridiculous. Unless you own a premium tank good luck playing at tier nine or ten and even better luck buying a tier nine or ten. Quit this game years ago…

  20. faster than a train ride to Poland…

  21. circon and qb thumbnails looking similar

  22. Have we been top tier yet? :thinking: You don’t get top tier at al if you platoon and you never get it on solo.. Thats some new and improved mm right there

  23. ww2collectorkid

    I was like: “this looks familiar” then I realized this was from your Friday stream lol

  24. I wantz more highlight memes

  25. Hey, u got my country’s flag in this vid!

  26. What do you do for the Vk3002d? I have the tank but it’s hard to do well in it.

  27. Funny thing that you received ramming damage from that SU but you did not dealt any to him/killed him

  28. aw yeah time for some memes

  29. Justin Cartwright

    Whomever was saying in chat spanish is the most spoken language in the US is flat out wrong…

  30. ya…. i love the panther…..its a mean fucking tank

    usually start off sniping……and then move in and start brawling later in the game

    its sorta a jack of all trades…..its fast, it has OK armor, and the gun, while low on alpha, is a machine gun

    its so funny when you shoot a tank for 140, and he ignores the damage because “its only 140”
    but then you end up shooting him 3 to 5 times….taking half his health….before he starts giving a fuck….

    thhe panther 2 is even meaner….. armor isnt as good due to the teir of P2…. but man can you bully the shit out of people sometimes

    favorite tank is still the t32 american heavy…… gotta love getting hull down and 1v5-ing a bunch of tanks
    or getting up in peoples face and watching them bounce off the turret….

    only ting that can stop t32 is arty….

  31. Full health Strv? Ha! I watched a great game of mine turn into a loss when a full health tier 10 Strv couldn’t land one hit on a Patriot. The Patriot and an arty completely took him out.

  32. Circon why dont you play platoons anymore?

  33. When QB says he not doing it for money

  34. No, you fucking party-pooping sonofabitch!

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