Rammingmans Bay. – Pz.Kpfw. V/IV – World of Tanks

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  1. Last time I was this early World of Tanks was balanced.

  2. I’m mad about missing the Foch 155 sale because for SOME reason it sold out unlike the Death Star….. I had 27m silver saved and everything, it sucks.

    • groundbeef2 I got mine for 5 million silver… ?

    • The Foch 155 sold out because it was the at the end of the black market. With the Death Star there were people who held off on buying because they didn’t know whether there was something else later that they’d want more.

  3. Ahhh yes. A Circon video just before I go to sleep on this fine Saturday early morning.

  4. taras kreslavsky

    One circon a day keeps the doctor away

  5. Marthijn van Oorschot

    The constant this week is mint af tho

  6. Welsh Warrior Gaming

    The ram panzer

  7. I too dream of that corgi life.

  8. This tank has 870 hitpoints on console because balance.

  9. Play the new tiger

  10. Its nice that WoWS has nowadays the same cancer with CVs than WoT has it for Arty…
    Like if you compare both classes:
    They went from hardhitting mfs
    to annoying pieces of shit with idiotic mechanics.
    Also CVs after Rework are literally worse cancer than before.
    -WG wanted to nerf CV-spotting–>they made it worse, they actually buffed it.
    Imagine being spotted 20 secs into the game, *permanently*

    -Wanted to reduce frustration, because of high-alpha and oneshots
    They actually made frustration worse because of literal *ZERO* counterplay nowadays *AND* exploitable mechanics that are beyond broken

    The worst of all

    *CVs are in currents ranked season*

  11. I love how active you are on YT Circon. Please keep it going and I’ll see on on Monday’s stream 🙂 .

  12. An ancient evil has awakened.

  13. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Little monster with a monster player.

  14. Rammingmans Bay… sounds like a name for my wifes private parts

  15. If this tank is legit at tier 5 I DEMAND my tier 7 Aufklarungs Panther back!

  16. it’s Circon that’s unbalanced, or is that imbalanced?

  17. The zoom out mod is a cheat…

  18. What’s that sound @9:29?

  19. Scipio Africanus

    Good to see Circon enjoying WoT again

  20. so you know about the WEIRD, STUPID Camo/hiding that dont work…yea
    Like you cant hide Under a tree, it must be knocked down, and then only works 1/2 the time??
    that you had no LOS, and because a team mate spotted the enemy past the bush, You could see him…LMAO..

  21. It's not what you think

    I looked at the map, saw the Hydro and thought “that poor guy bought a hydro.” immediately afterwards circon says “I just find it funny that people bought the hydro.”.
    time for the tinfoil hat

  22. What a bully tank at t5. Cool.

  23. I bought the Pz. IV Hydrostat the first time it was offered at a premium, because Jingles said when it was in the tech tree, people would run from it, BUT the premium does not get the top gun, It gets the Pz iV gun, one step down. It has the same gun as the V/IV, but not as accurate. In playing both the Hydro & V/IV, it seems the V/IV has a bigger whallop, more likely to hit, & do more damage. I have 4 tanks with the Pz. IV turret & gun, but all the stats are different.

  24. I’m glad Circ finally got his V/IV. But as a pre order guy with one I think they should have maybe marked them differently or something. In 2011 they said they wouldn’t release them ever again, just like with the Mutant 6. They should have made the new one different just slightly. Wouldn’t have cost them anything. The Alpha V/VI has a spare road wheel strapped to the side. Something simple like that would make me less mad that they sold my V/IV again haha.

    • Something like a free skin that’s exclusive to the preorder buyers would’ve been good.
      I don’t like the idea of exclusive tanks that new players will *never* have any opportunity to play even though it’s still in the game. But giving special markings to those preorder players’ tanks would let them still have something unique.

  25. I never had the chance to play this majestic creature when I was playing WoT but my experiences with the Pz4 and Panther combined with Circon’s godness lets me vicariously live knowing this is top 3 T5 non-arty ever

  26. Michael Schindlbeck

    Strv: oh god oh shit oh fuck oh damn oh shit

    Circon: Driver, get me in closer. I want to hit them with my sword.

    GG Circon, love the memes.

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