Random Encounters in War Thunder

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

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  1. @carmencaballero-yu8gc

    I was playing yesterday and I ran into a locust and I didn’t shoot him but then a kv2 came by and absolutely destroyed him

  2. @JacobGetoutofhere1

    Bro is that URZIKSTAN CARGO FROM URZIKSTAN?!?!?!!!!1!2!2?2!2?!2?2?2

  3. Hydrogen bomb vs Newborn baby

  4. @iansitocolon6049


  5. @aggressivelancer

    It’s funny that the l3 can kill that

  6. @The_sleepy_Abrams

    Time to America scrap out of that fool you killed a little one you get killed

  7. @jackhandsome9839

    Big gun so seductive mmm

  8. Execute order66

  9. @Oscar_Troelstra

    That happend to me one time

  10. @TheWyattandEvanshow

    I hate people that do that

  11. @zenturion7

  12. @agustinarguello9129

    Eso fue muy sheldon 💀🗿

  13. That me when I see a L3 😂

  14. That’s a big ass lollipop

  15. “Well what do we have here” ahh stare 💀

  16. @zakkhuitema3748

    “random encounters” that are highly staged, choreographed and edited. hmmm.

  17. He killed the child they will suffer 😡

  18. I think the basement guy is slowly losing their sanity

  19. That “Me too.” Was devious and personal af

  20. This is stupid. A SPgun dosent have the declination to make that shitty shot.

  21. In the background, he is playing Cotton Eye Joe by rednex

  22. @MilitaryPlayer141

    Whats with those small tanks?

    • @DisGuclerOfficial

      They love to bring them to uptiers to make fun of the grind, m22 and L3/33 is two of them but BT-5 is also an option that can actually get a small tank

  23. noooo l3

  24. What is he singing in the beginning?

  25. @ydnarramalliuq1077

    Bro that tank just killed that lil guy for no reason 😭😭😭

  26. @torreswongtitanic5591


  27. Basement guy cooking with that transition 😮‍💨

  28. What would happen if small tank fired a shot right into big tanks nozzle?

  29. Bro Became Memezee 💀

  30. song?

  31. why is this so cringe hate on me all you like

  32. @pinochetaugusto2421

    music name?

  33. @bigandlittlefirearms8395

    It just doesn’t seem like a multi-million dollar Corporation made this

  34. @noxycodonenobody

    immediately team killed by 5000kg to the turret

  35. Me too

  36. @averagedreamhater1836

    That transition was smooth af ngl.

  37. Keep coming back trying to figure out this cotten eye joe remix

  38. @andinquamila7149

    “warthunder is a torture game “

    -me and my freind

  39. I encountered the same situation one game, i was the smaller tank.

    But little did he know, i drove the swedish meatball launcher. And the story ended very differently.

  40. @skyeyohansambilay9572


  41. Dude idk why this Is hilarious

  42. @matthiaseriklutge8652

    why does the transition sound like that one hoi4 soundtrack😂

  43. Okami voice line sounds?!? Or was that animal crossing?

  44. @mr.belugawhale9224


  45. No way how cool gaijin localizating even joke videos, i saw this video on Russian, even with slang

  46. @goldbaguettesg6718

    this is the first time i see a famous game’s developer not serious like other developers .

  47. @stefanoviera6920


  48. Good memes

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