Ranked Battles are GARBAGE in World of Tanks

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I’ve played every Ranked Season in World of and finally come to the realisation it’s garbage: here’s why


World of is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Instead of complaining for 19 minutes, how about you come up with some ideas to improve the game mode? That would make an interesting video.

  2. QB “Only” gets silver and now “ranked is garbage”. someone is salty 😛

  3. Tbh I just gave up after a few days. I don’t have any op tanks in tier 10,andd the tech tree tanks just can’t keep up with them…

  4. I think we can all just laugh at the notion that that player probably paid hundreds of dollars for a unicum to get them bonds for them to go and buy a 121B…
    Pffft they didn’t even buy the good one of the two lmao…

  5. Psssst! PSSSSSTT!!!! Its not just ranked that is garbage, its the whole series of games made by a really garbage company that refuse to listen to their playerbase.

  6. Good vid. Have you thought about investigative journalism?

  7. The reason steel hunter worked was that all players had a choice of 3 vehicles that were all relatively balanced against each other. Ranked depends almost entirely on having a good and competitive tank, ideally one of the top meta tanks like the 907, Patton, 279, or Chieftain. For ranked it should be winning team takes all and matchmaking is decided by World of Tanks rating alone.

    Ranked battles should also impact your WoT rating significantly depending on your results in battle. I do disagree that all the reward vehicles should be banned from ranked. What should happen is that these tanks should either be available as only-for-ranked rentals for all players(heresy) or openly available for all kinds of players to obtain through bonds, as that should be one of the “perks” of playing well or for a long time rather than stupid equipment, and additionally be more properly balanced among other tier 10s.

    In this same vein, the bonds should also be able to buy the letters of excellence or whatever to unlock missions in the campaigns. Bonds are not easy to obtain in massive quantities(at least not for newer accounts) and I think that maybe the rate at which bonds are obtainable in randoms should probably be increased for the more skilled, but as they are now they are quite valuable for locking out unskilled players from acquiring them.

  8. The whole game is garbage…

  9. For a lot of clans, sharing accounts and getting each other ranked/CW rewards is a normal thing.

    Anyway, QB thanks for the great work

  10. It’s been this way since ranked battles became a thing.

  11. Well, I used to watch few streamers from top clans playing rank battles on not their own accounts on stream.

    Acording to what they say, “sharing isnt reason for wg to ban them”

  12. I’ve Notice WOT no longer shame and name players who get caught cheating… With my stats you would no i’m cheating lol

  13. Rank Battles are more like Wank Battles only rewards to Unicum players toying with Noobs. No wonder new players don’t want to keep playing game. when a new player with only 2 to 3 tanks skills with crew get smashed by a long time unicum players with 7 to 9 tank skills is very unfair to sort time players Next time Wargaming does another in game survey asking do I tell my friends to play WOT like Wargaming go get fucked why would they when WG only cares for high ranking players throwing free rewards at them WG staff are 1/2 wits

  14. I agree with everything you said.

  15. Unpopular opinion: You are wrong in like every statement.

    Ranked ist about being the best. It’s a competition where you max out everything. This also includes getting the best tanks, “exploiting” the shav system and use everything possible to your advantage. This video sounds like a lot of casual talk from a pro player to get more popular. Account selling / buying is not allowed and will get banned but there is no problem in sharing it with friends. Quote from rule system: “It is highly discouraged for users to share accounts with others.”

    Not everybody can be in the toplists so of course it’s frustrating to the most players. But also it’s wanted by WG. You can’t create a competitve game mode where no one feels discriminated against. No matter how you design this mode. There will be always things to exploit.

  16. Agreed.
    I pay in a manner where I support falling flanks, and do risky maneuvers that give me little but can give the team an advantage on the map.

    WOT is still learning how to gauge that.
    It works less like an army(organized body) and more like ‘compete against your own team for rewards and recognition’.

  17. I reached 7. Rank in silver. Its ok 4 me. I had fun In frontline 2.

  18. mahamudra mahamudraa

    We asked for 356 days a year separate ranked matchmaker. Wg gave us a tournament. Theyre out of touch with comunity. Ranked tournament will never satisfy tryharding players. There is no more mode in wot where winning is one of or the most important thing.

  19. You forgot to mention the gold spam. Firing standard rounds puts you at a huge disadvantage

  20. 211.43% sounds like there is a lot of cheating and hacks

  21. Everything WG does is to make them money and disguise it as fun.

  22. I just play some ranked games to get the first rewards like cash etc.

  23. Tech tree vehicles only and 20% ammo can be premium, or wait untill they remake the premium ammo

  24. I got bronze last year and enjoyed it so much had a blast with it. When i played it this year i stopped in a week and so glad i did. I decided to save all my credits .

  25. I think the whole ranked thing is a joke. I only have ONE tier 10 and it’s the UDES15/16. I simply don’t care about ranking and the meta because with what I have I simply can’t keep up. I don’t have prem account so I’m not going spam full gold. I just play with mostly standard apcr and see how much damage I can get with that. And the beauty is, without spending all the credits on gold, and with the rewards, I can earn some very good credits, but I’ll never get the top rewards, the bonds

  26. Thx for the real-talk
    Sadly WG ignore that and will just go on

  27. Just play WarThunder

  28. Not as good anymore, whinebaby

  29. ranked battle system…hhmmm what it reminds to me???
    Ooohhhh yes!!!! — Real life!!!!—

  30. I was in the second division and i didn’t get any things from that rewords
    Can someone explain that to me?

  31. just copy the wn8 and use that… no wonder i stopped playing and not willing to get back into this game… pathetic

  32. In games like League or Dota 2 i only have to fight 5 ppl of the enemy team and most of the times 2-3 idiots on my own team. In WoT it’s 1 vs 29 from the moment the countdown begin and it really sucks.

  33. Thank you Mr. QB for digging into those statistics while not calling the players out.
    I like the style of this video, being well composed with arguments based on statistics.
    I do agree with your points made, Great Video! 🙂

    Off topic, but may i say that i also didnt like that WG didnt tell at the start of frontline which tank was going to be the grand prize. I wont grind a gamemode without being able to have an idea about whether its worth it in the end. Have a nice day!

  34. I don’t really see the problem with the tank like the cheiftain is not hard to get. I have nearly all the clan wars reward tanks. I started in QSF-S the bottom clan of qsf back then learned the game and worked my way up to the QSF main clan then left to a top 10 clan. I got my 907 when I QSF-L the 3rd clan at the time average wn8 of about 1k. The only thing what has changed from then to now is the number of games I have to play to get a tank. And let’s be honest people have paid for account boosting in the ranked game I know people pay to join clans for the campaign to get a reward tank it’s only like buying a prem tank

  35. i agree with you qb it also happen in the SEA server there are some player who share there account and some them even sell there account.

  36. Rollingskattes Wabajack

    Tanks like the chieftain, 907, 260, 279(e), ect, should just not be allowed to be used in random battles, let alone ranked. What’s the point in allowing them in random battles? To show to your players just how broken your game balance is? It’s stupid.

  37. I still think a deathmatch mode would be fun. Like mini frontlines. 5 minutes, unlimited respawns, duke it out. Would be allot of fun with lights and mediums.

  38. So are there people making a living playing WOT for cash?

  39. lol typical wargaming, only world of tanks #PleaseNeverChange. i gave up all hope on ranked the 2nd i saw you could use reward tanks in it.

  40. I told same on forum and i got a red warning, lets see which warning wg will give 2 you.

  41. I will be avoiding ranked like the plague.

  42. You clearly won’t play ranked in World of Warships….

  43. There are many aspects in this game that makes you wonder if WG development team was drunk introducing them to the gameplay.

  44. I feel you Will! I 100% agree with your problems and I know why are you upset about the reward system in Ranked. You are from a country that never seen communism. Wargaming is from a Communist country. In their minds and sight, this is very natural and fair. That is how communism works.

  45. I play Ranked Battles just for the Rewards (Kampfpanzer 50t and the other unannounced rewards) but it should be fun to play these modes not only play them because you have to play them to get rewards.

  46. Marc Oliver Werner

    QB, thank u so much for this video and the information…i tried to get with ranked battle the m60…but i think this is chanceless..i stop this…WOT, change this mode for the normal and honest players to a competitve mode, because these players are the huge mass of your fans and … your $$

  47. yep your so right , im a tomato and i dont get the special tanks , it must be possible to get a ranked battle with the normal tanks . No premium and no bonus tanks , Thanks for taking this outside , i love you man

  48. I agree with you on everything

    I’m just sad WG don’t show the amount of gold rounds used cause clearly to be competitive (because to get chevron you need to damage more than others) people spam it. If I make statistics of what I see it’s almost 90% of it really easy.
    And only best players or paying players could afford that
    A normal player is already in red or just a little in green almost every battle in T10 tank due to shell price and tank repair.

    This rank battle just show the real face of WOT, pay to perform or only the best can play and enjoy

  49. I rather have tier X games that are fair and fun, not ranked battles 😉
    In tier ten those overpowered tanks dominate even more ( cos they can farm less experience players ) and dont let me even started on constant GOLD spammmmmmmm

  50. Krzysztof Stachowiak

    Ranked battles are garbage because tier X is garbage.
    How can a tank tier, that can’t have same tier battles, be seen as balanced in any way?

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