Ranked Battles Unicum Guide/Review, Getting to Rank 5+

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Source: Taugrim

I Battles in (), with replays of three Rank 4-5 battles.

I’ve reached in Stage 1 and in Stage 2 of Season 1, playing exclusively in the Bat Chat. Ranked has been a steep learning curve for me as I have no experience with Clan Wars (CW), and many CW concepts are applicable in this game mode, e.g. coordinated pushes, counter-spotting, etc.

My performance significantly improved between Stage 1 and Stage 2, so I’m excited to share and that I’ve picked up.

Stats after 2 Stages
– 12 Rank Points: #331 on NA leaderboard (top 4%)
– 67% Ranked Battle Efficiency
– 58% Win Rate
– 103 Battles in the Bat Chat
– Averages: 2012 damage, 793 spotted, 2.25 spots, 1.31 kills (100% silver ammo)

Ranked Battles has been a lot of fun overall as it’s the most competitive context I’ve experienced in WoT. The players at Ranks 4-5 are quite skilled and this makes for high-quality gameplay. I love that the mode solo queue so that premades can’t drive outcomes.

I discuss several issues with Ranked Battles, including:
1. the current reward system incentivizes selfish play instead of the shared goal of a team win
2. no risk of de-ranking at , so players who attain can spam battles to farm Rating Points. Therefore the leaderboard is influenced not only by skill but also by number of battles played. The mode would benefit from a standard ELO implementation where your rank can be impacted by each match based on the outcome / your performance
3. some tanks and classes (notably heavies) struggle to perform without heavy premium ammo usage. This makes the mode a significant credit sink for many participants

Re: #2 above, Ranks from 5 and up should be an achievement, e.g. similar to 3-marking a tank in WoT, but every battle needs to carry de-rank risk for your current rank.

Let me know how your experience has been with Ranked Battles.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope is that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to ” full and FAQs:

If you want to support my WoT habit (thanks that’s generous of you), you can send me gold in-game, or you can donate via PayPal or by shopping on Amazon:



  1. Awesome! Keep it up!

  2. great vid, I was actually running mostly Obj 140 for the DPM but I’m gonna try the bat chat now, cause I do like playing lights in pubs.

  3. Indignant Beaver

    Good points and great games. When I get to play ranked again, I’ll be booting up in MTs.

  4. Cosmin Herciu-Sava

    Why don’t you post more often ?

  5. it is great to see a player that have made it to rank 5 without spamming gold. But did you ever talk about the bonds? What is your opinion about them?

  6. echogameadventures

    what do you think of the improved equipment? personally I’m not looking forward to the top 10% of the player base getting equipment that makes them flat out better.

  7. Great video, haven’t played the Ranked Battles mode yet, even though I’m quite an active player. Do you think the TVP will make for a good tank in this mode?

  8. It seems like NA is going easy mode in comparison to EU atm. To get into top 300 at the end of stage 2 you had to have over 20 points, my 10 points placed me somewhere between 5k and 10k.

  9. Saturday i was in silverleague. Didn’t have time to play Sunday so i was out of any league in the end of week. Yet there was 45% chevronratio players in gold league with 340 games played. It’s not all about skill. Grind with bit of luck and you can make it to gold.

  10. this is a great video. I consider my self a player in the 80-90th percentile (recent). but sometimes I have a real hard time keeping my chevrons. this vid is like watching one of my own replays and dissecting my mistakes. which I just don’t have time to do. your vids are top notch, u should monetize them and advertise to get ur name out there.

  11. Butcher_ Bird_44

    Good job dude!
    Especially on the non premium ammo thing, it is nice to see someone doing that.
    Do you think that this is a successful way to present skill based match making? That is usually a heavily contested topic.
    I have been putting off playing ranked for a few reasons, that money issue, but if you are making money, that is off the table, though you are efficient. I tend to always avoid tens because I like grinding more. Also because I am not good enough to compete at that kind of level, so I just don’t want to muck it up.
    I guess I might give a few games a shot later.

  12. Ed! I’d like to catch up with you some day soon. I know you don’t use Skype so will contact you via email or your blog shortly. But I’m really glad you’re doing better. Speak soon hopefully, Nathan

  13. What u say is stick to NA server. EU is totally different thing. In EU we are full of tardes that only camps. Difficult to see any coordination. Is more possible to see tanks running away, leaving you to one side, saving themself and fucking u off.

    About ranked, still the system pays someone in the losing team this would be a shit.
    At the end of season one we will have some very powerful tanks in the game, played by very good players. And the most will have only played to help them farming bonds.

    I dislike this game mode, we don’t need any chevron/rank system. We already have Personal Ranking to make battle with similar “skilled” players.

    I prefer to play with my level players instead of being food for those sharks.

  14. Taugrim , Are you still against the idea of OP equipment from Rank battle to transfer the Random battles.?

  15. Quality content mate 🙂

  16. Another great video Taug!

  17. Hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I like listening to your commentary and also, you sound intelligent. Don’t ask me why or how. I just think you do. Very nice battles and great commentary.

  18. Thanks for sharing this battle. Your advice has helped this pup. @tugrim Do you mentor?


    well in some cases u might really need premium ammo like when facing a type heavy,that tank basiclly had no front weakspot.but still you play very well and i just wish WG do something about that bond equitment

  20. Thanks for all the tips. Nice video!

  21. I love your vids taug, been a huge fan ever since those warhammer videos

  22. What is the difference between a super heavy and a heavy?

  23. Thanks for showing the battles and the level of play. No tier 10’s in my garage but still interested in seeing happening at that level. Definitely educational.

  24. Great video Taugrim! 😀

  25. Great to see a player not dabbing the 2 key all game, respect?

  26. Ranked seems alright (only played 2 games). I do enjoy going against higher quality players. I don’t like the limited hours or the fact I want to play something that brings down stress not increases it. But it does give those of us outside of clans motivation to have tier X tanks.

    I really don’t like the new equipment rewards, how it effects random battles and how it effects players getting marks. New & poor players already have enough hurdles to clear playing against clan wars players.

    I’m probably either going to get into competitiv wote, or quit for awhile, not sure yet.

  27. haha i was maus specialist rank last week, todays session was 7 hour of losing. gg teamgames

  28. I don’t get this ranked battle thing. I have not yet been on any team that has won more than 2 games in a row. If this is proper mm I feel WG will never get it right. Or they hate me and only put me on losing teams, so ranked battles might as well be random battles.

  29. I was going to get the bat for my first tier ten but I got traumatised by the AP at tier nine and bought the scout tank first.
    hard to go from the scout tanks to baby bat and get engine and track damaged anytime you get hit in the front.

  30. Strv spamming gold. christ sake

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