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  1. Only map i hate worse than this one is Ensk…..i mean it’s like 30 tanks playing on a postage stamp.

  2. WoT is a lot of things, sadly fun isn’t one of them any longer. games should be fun and entertaining, not frustrating and broken.

  3. You’re right. It needs tunnels, actual mines, straight to the plateau

  4. Lol any Steve

  5. This happened to me some 5 battles after watching this video. A fucking Conqueror got to the hill and murdered everyone.

  6. 🙂 nice video 🙂 but u know i dont think that wg will take your advice cuz all they care is to make game pay to win or even pay to play over 8th tier 🙂 gg circ and keep on going dude 🙂

  7. To remove a map because it’s” unbalanced”, they just spin a wheel, like on Wheel of Fortune. How else can you explain the removal of so many maps that players actually liked, such as Northwest and Port. If they don’t remove it, at least there is a small chance it may be better in HD.

  8. Hee sircon, stop eens even met het woord F#ck zo vaak onnodig in je video’s te zeggen,
    begint irritant te worden en slecht voorbeeld. Je verhaal is wel duidelijk- goed punt.

  9. tier 10 mines is literal cancer

  10. Cromwell needs a speed nerf.

  11. SIlentXHunter gaming

    this map was always too small for anything above t5

  12. So many broken maps though where one spawn gets an advantage that results in a disproportionate number of wins. I agree with you assessment of this map, except you forgot to mention that annoying ass spot in C9

  13. This map is fine up to tier 5 or 6. After that, it’s stupid.

  14. Worst map in the game and has been for years.

  15. This is a tier 1 map.

  16. Thank You for telling the truth!

  17. do it for Ensk

  18. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    I manged to get hill uncontested in my inden panzer when top tier once. it was more filthy than a Catholic priest helping a kid “swim” in the Ganges.

  19. Circon smells. ha ha

  20. Content-free gaming is Wargaming’s specialty.

  21. guillem fuster adrover

    I’ve been saying this for ages….

  22. Hey Circon, why does it take so many years for WOT to start focusing on maps?

  23. I wonder when the WOT will basically say fark it, we give you ONE MAP, and remove all the rest.

  24. But circon… The eSports

  25. why didn’t they just add 2 more ways up to that place?

  26. This .. and Ensk too.

  27. I fully agree, but Mines AT LEAST is a map where the center matters instead of having an abandoned death zone there and everyone playing the circonference…

    (…fully intentional bad pun)

  28. At the very least they should remove encounter mode from this map. (or put the base on the hill :))

  29. Yep this map is so imbalanaced and broken, for so long too. Freaken WG needs to stop being lazy and remove it from tier 5+ MM.

  30. Bring the old fucking maps back. More maps more diversity. i swear i play like 10 maps all the time…mines, el haluf, ruinberg, prohorovca variatons and himmelsdorf and a few more…there you go…Njoy!

  31. psh its a fine map, i love getting aces on it with my type 64 😀
    but for real fuck mines. I have never had a fun game on mines in my like 7k battles

  32. Indeed. I really hated the fact WG servers decided to put me on a “loser spawn” in 8 cases out of 10 when i was getting close to the 2nd/3rd gunmarks (we got capped or rekt by arty/hill) and the rest 2 games were with 3 arties on both sides constantly stunning and eventually killing me by a thousand cuts on a hill when i tried to abuse this map – and no, i was not standing still, but hey, arta splash gut for this map… WG make this map for T1/2 only, fenks.

  33. Decent low-tier map, but it truly is garbage at high tiers. Completely agree.

  34. It’s just so small. If the enemy has the hill, there isn’t any part of the map they can’t dominate, and they can quickly move back and forth across the tiny hill (which has plenty of cover and concealment even) to dominate whatever part of the map needs it.

    The only good thing about this map is that it gave us one of the classic WoT replays on your channel – the immortal derp Patton game.

  35. Am I watching CirFoch ?

  36. Very valid point about the map being unfair. I totally agree about lower tiers, because you often have people who don’t really know the map so the advantage isn’t as clear, but once you’ve played this map a few hundred times you know the spawn determines the game. WG should either limit it to tier 4 and below, or change the spawn locations and cap circle so that it’s a bit more balanced.

  37. Once I got to that cancer hill of aids with FV 183… basically map has 50/50 chance of eather complete win or complete loss based on the side you spawn in. And nothing you can do about it

  38. When you mentioned about your other games playing hill on mines, it reminded me of that Patton replay with the derp ???

  39. what they need to do to fix mines is rather then have 1 entrance for the donut make 1 on each side of the map for each team but make it too hard to climb for slow tanks and leave the middle path open and lower the slope on middle path, and fix the town, and make less uncovered travel distance on the beach side.

  40. You say “I took a gamble and went up the hill” . From the north spawn in encounter it is never a gamble. The enemies have no chance to contest the hill. I found that the only way to win Mines from the south in encounter is if all the lights and mediums rush the cap zone. But this happenes very rarely. I agree Mines should be removed from high tier games and Mines encounter has to be removed entierly

  41. It’s barely tier 6 map

  42. Problem is you got also nasty Things on T3 and T4 (1C,Luchs, etc.). That f*** Map should be removed

  43. It’s a smaller, less boggy version of Swamp.

    I’ve been bitching about tier 7-10 matches on Mines for a while. I didn’t articulate it quite the same way though. My main gripe is the view range, firepower, and speed that the tanks have (especially at 8, 9, and 10). The map is just too small for anything above tier 6.

    I think tier 6 should be the upper limit for Mines. There are some fast tanks like the Cromwell and Type 64 which would make it bad at that tier, so maybe tier 5 or 4 could be the limit, but the point still stands that the map is too small for the higher tiers.

  44. Next up ensk

  45. Mines is bad and all, too small and spawn biased. But if there’s one map that needs a low tier cap it’s fucking Ensk.

  46. Agree @Circon

  47. Fully agree with all you say here.

    Mines is the sole reason why I have encounters turned off.

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