RAPID FIRE ASSASSIN – AMX 13 57 – World of Tanks

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World of Tanks – AMX 13 . Today we're looking at a rapid fire assassin – the AMX 13 57!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. This is one of the reasons I refuse to pay a dime to this game. More ay to win gold spamming renders tactics useless and armor useless. Don’t give me the crap about low pen, there is no need for this type of mechanic, either increase the reload, or lower the speed. They were so quick to “rebalance” the italian meds (ecpet the pay to win) and of of course nerf others such as M41 Bulldog gun, and EBRs. F WOT

  2. Improved aim class> rotation and vert why? Because it makes it smaller to start with

  3. 13/57 is *NOT* a passive tank. It’s a run-and-gunner. Actively prowl the battlefield, identify weak points and punch through to assassinate the rear field like wheelies do. Its accuracy is *horrible* for such a rapid shooter – the aim time is two times the rate of its reload.

  4. Hey Qb I challange you out to play in the upcoming cw Global Map Event go and play with QSF and show us the dam Content.

  5. this tank is one of the cancerous tumors on the game at this time.

  6. Why does 600k people follow this guy he doesn’t know how to play this game that good he is a camper,bad light player and he is not even funny rather follow skill4ltu he has better videos.Quickybaby in past year or two is just posting some funny moments of his games because he knows he is a bad player nowadays even special matchmaking that he have cant help him.

  7. didnt have view range problems with a 100% Crew (Kommander has BiA & 6thSense). with Binoculars in 1st Slot I have 487 view range when deployed. just have to sit in bush three secs and have yourself a Spotparty

  8. prrobably strike 8 more rounds from the ammo capacity? and up the credit multiplier?, bit too its already a rapid fire tank, nerf it a bit more.

  9. RIP WOT console

  10. These seem custom built to grab kills from your team. Spot till things are weak, then zip in and grab the last 90-279hp off those wounded t6’s, then zip out to the next enemy cluster.

  11. Its a really fun tank but i never get good game in it so a rarely take it out xD

  12. This thing used to be doubly more lethal before the HP buffs for the lower tiers. It could gobble up full health Tier 5 heavies like so much sweet meats.

  13. Quicky …can you make a comment on what wargaming has done to console????

  14. LOVE these live Videos!

  15. Any other tanks that have short intra-clip reloads in tech trees?

  16. another 5-6 seasons of ranked and i will be able to buy it…
    f2p sucks in wot

  17. I think the optics is a must on this tank. This little assassination tank needs to be able to out spot it’s opponents to make those devastating drive-by’s. Yes the rotationdevice helps a bit, but you will still struggle in between shots when the gun blooms out.

  18. This tank is completely fine full AP, and the profit is great

  19. Please talk about the state of console wot and how at least 90% of player base have quit because of this new update as you have a big voice in the community and maybe someone might take notice.

  20. Any chance of a video on the Object 430? I know you love its big brother the 430U but the tier 9 is a different animal.

  21. No qb thats not true, i drive the tank ap only and i have farmed a lots of credits. My hint is play that tank not with apcr it is not rentable. The ap rounds have enough pen in the most cases, when you play it like a assasin.

  22. 13 57 is an awesome fun tank. Love it like the 4005 on the other side of the spectrum. Fully worth the price. Using optics at the end brings higher value from my pov.

  23. Best equipment setup for this vehicle:
    – Stabilizing equipment system (5000 bonds)
    – Venting system (5000 bonds)
    I played over 2000 battles in this vehicle and this is best equipment setup so far. I do not use consumables and crew is very good.

  24. Dammit, i want this, but in not paying anything

  25. Grand Admiral Raeder

    Hi QB, how would you recommend i set up the Pz Sfl. I????? i am pretty new to the WoT party although i have been playing WoWs for a while

  26. He has 500k gold, me watching with open mouth having 0

  27. Can you please start rendering @ 1440p Its 2020 and alot of us are using 2k monitors. Tnx in advance.

  28. Too light for killing with my skills.

  29. my best experience is if i play optick sabilizer and uom

  30. What’s up with this “beard”? He looks like some homeless guy.

  31. I run this with optics, vents and turbo. It’s a tad too slow with wheelies everywhere, and I don’t feel like the magazine is designed in such a way as to necessitate good handling. You generally park up on someone and dump 10 quick shots on them and you don’t need verts for that.

  32. Why NOT BELIEVE IN STREAMER’S MM, its obvious…

  33. How the fuck did that amx 13 f3 get 1000 base xp with 1000 damage, must’ve been spotting lol.

  34. 13:55 – aren’t they dark red?

  35. QB has something against BROWN colored tanks
    Cancelled lol

  36. If I remember good, last year it cost 12000 gold in black market. Yesterday price is cheap.

  37. GUYS SERIOUS QUESTION: I play on console and when I updated it, everything was different. New UI which is whatever. But the big thing, when I click multi-player it gives me the options: “WW2” and “Classified” with a modern looking tank in the back. Also, i don’t have any Christmas specials or boxes to open, but have a ton of bundles with 3-4 tanks that are like 12k gold. Why isn’t this being talked about? Are modern tanks coming to the game. Which bundle should I buy considering its 3 tanks for $50? Why is console SO different from PC?

  38. IMO Turbocharger is mandatory on this tank. It’s the slowest light tank at this tier and it needs the max speed.

  39. Quickybaby have you seen what they’ve done to wot console??! They’ve ruined the game completely

  40. Hi Quickiy i know your a p.c player but have you seen wot update 6.0 for the concel? If not the 6.0 update destroyed the game its no longer the game i love and injoy playing is no longer wot but bye name only ive been playing for 6 years and all is destroyed im going to taking wot off my concel sad day for me as well as every other concel player Marry X.Miss and a good new year

  41. Speaking for all WOT console players ever, please use your platform to put more pressure on WG to change back what they have done to the console version of this game. Honestly never seen a game be butchered in such an unbelievable way in a single update.

  42. Honestly how lucky are u, svery shot hits and pens, u clearly suck up to wg to give u better rng than everyone else

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