Rare Footage Of Jagdtiger Actually Happy (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

Rare Footage Of Jagdtiger Actually Happy (War Thunder)

In a more sensual way 🙂

Thumbnail Credit – https://live.warthunder.com/post/900435/en/

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  1. *Have an awesome day phellas be safe! Enjoy my LRYs o7*

  2. Imagine going outside in America and not getting shot by police for no reason.


  4. I love that the old intro music is back.

  5. That classic intro music tho 🤓

  6. TheRoyalGallade [TRG]

    Omg the everybody intro is back

  7. Beetle Juice Green 卐

    “I think it’s a bush”😂😂😂

  8. Loving the unloved valentine archer please

  9. Yo plhy! I really love your videos. Even more when theres german tanks and planes involved. Abd im not alone with this! Make a ” German legends” giant lineup of 5.3-6.7 tanks and planes. Please do it for us germany fans and make the fatherland famous again

  10. Daniel De Rooij

    bruh why did this video have like 20 adds in it, it took up like half the video

  11. Ralsei The Fluffy Boy

    Everybody keep saying that the old intro is back but nobody talk about the Do 335 was match the beat drop?

  12. Uhh the intro is the favourite part… i watched it aroumd 5 times

  13. holy fuck, i thought i accidentally clicked on an old video, this is great

  14. Yo Phly PLEASE can you play the ultimate French Boi, the AMX-50 PHoch! Extra points for the *PH!*

  15. 10:41 best clip in the video

  16. I thought it was a old vid because of the music

  17. PhlyDaily you support BLM? Or trump lol

  18. KJP Gaming Channel

    Keep Using This Intro Phly… Really Nostalgic…

  19. wow, the jagdtiger engine sounds really good! Also, I do miss the old 128mm sound, even if it is not as realistic

  20. SovetskySkaiya /Strigon1

    Phly you also forgot how close we got to WW3

  21. That intro reminds me of the good old phloppy whoppy days

  22. I miss this intro

  23. Man his teammates probably were scared shitless.

  24. that intro…hmmmmm yes

  25. I was bout to say it XD 4:45

  26. Overall working out is a great stress reliver

  27. Animal photographer And gaming PS4

    You inspired me to play war Thunder

  28. Phly u probably won’t see this comment, but I really want to get ur champion hoodie and t-shirt is there anyway I get those Merch! Thank you

  29. Nostalgic Background music Intro🌌🌌🌌

  30. I wish there was an option to keep it WW2 only.

  31. thats the phly i know long yeets almost fun even old intro

  32. Great vid Phly, made me wanna start playing War Thunder again ……. then you got bombed and I remembered why I don’t play any more!

  33. Actually, i’m agree with Phly about walking! It’s really good for mental and body health, and even better to walk in the woods couple of hours, if possible!

  34. Anyone mind telling me what the keybind for turning on x-ray vision for your tank when in the game? Looked through the settings but couldn’t find it.

  35. Keep seeing that Neil Tyson meme.




  36. The Phlop Whop channel is the best antidote for all this toxicity on the internet. Enhanced with the old/new everybody intro. 🙂

  37. Funny to think that you have to put the Jagdtiger into a 1960-70’s Tank Battle to even the Odds!

  38. AWeebPilot WithNoLife

    That old Intro bought me back to the olden days

  39. Micah van Everdingen

    Never delete the Everybody EVER!

  40. Phly: *Use the intro music that everybody knows*

    Entire World: Suicide rates drops to zero

  41. In le tigor spirit
    Phly : Schießt in die Botanik und trifft ein Ziel ohne Sichtkontakt

  42. Health advice with Phly: *WALK*

    Me who already does it and finds its nice and works well: Yush

  43. Greater German Empire

    Phly in the intro: spots something
    Me: ah yes, pixels

  44. “it usually doesn’t happen”
    Me in soviet 5.7: what do you mean?? I keep facing those things and tiger 2’s

  45. The intro is back thank you

  46. i really miss the old intro Phly thx for the nostalgia

  47. Sucks to think that the jag tiger used to be so feared. I mean it still can be. Used to be fun running into it and trying to figure out how to defeat it strategically instead of just launching a missile through its haul lol

  48. “I usually leave the house at 7 and get back at 8:39”
    Phly still out at 8:38, starts sprinting to get home on time.

    I know what he said

  49. Even better than a long walk is a ride on your motorcycle. Best head cleaner there is!

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