RARE & OVERPOWERED TANK – M8A1 (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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  1. You should do a Russian combo.
    Use the T-80 with or without the IL-2(1941)

  2. The dicker max do it #lovingtheunloved

  3. Crusader Mk2?

  4. in the months of watching your videos. i have never seen you play the only airborne tank, the M-551 sheridan. i do not know if it is any good or not. i just thought it would be cool to take out.

  5. The most unloved TD… M10GMCIt’s actually got a really nice gun

  6. #lovetheunloved

  7. The Badass Bassist

    Loving the unloved? The Spitfire Mk XVI. (clipped wing mk IX) great ground attacker

  8. Phly, take out the T34 57 mod 1943! Prove to us that there is no such thing as “Russian Bias!” Attempt #3

  9. Luis Martinez Gamboa

    The most unloved tank the archer

  10. loving the unloved eyy how about the challenger and the firebrand!

  11. M6A1 they are very rare to see for me

  12. the A-13 mk1 and the swordfish

  13. Love the unloved the Sherman firefly

  14. what about the os2u its a po2 plane now

  15. Play the challenger… It’s unloved…

  16. Karsten Zimmermann

    the m10 is unloved

  17. phly play the SU-57 never saw that thing.

  18. Zalophus californianus

    give the asu-85 some lovin phly i never see that thing

  19. NikolaiSlapabitch

    I own this tank and let me tell you. You actually had to get 3200 something kills using certain tanks to unlock the M8A1 it is literally the hardest rare tank I ever had to grind for but it’s so cool

  20. Take out the British independent tank

  21. Panzerjäger I and Hs 123!

  22. Achilles 65 RG.

  23. bt7 or bt5 plz…

  24. #lovetheunloved – use the jet dildo yaks 😀

  25. Kv85 never see that in rb

  26. There were two opportunities to get the M8A1. I missed the first one (I think you had to buy in to a bundle to test American tanks, and if you didn’t, then you lost it). But the second one was last year in late October/ early November when they had their anniversary sale. For the month of November it was available as a purchase with War Bonds (alongside several other somewhat rare vehicles). I immediately jumped on this thing and pounded out the necessary War Bonds to achieve it. It is, by far, one of my favorite vehicles in the game.

    Now, for the ‘Loving the Unloved’ suggestions:

    American: M3 Lee. You don’t see many of them. M26 Pershing, as well.
    German: Any of the early Panzer III line or the Stug G with the 105mm howitzer.
    Russian: T-26 (non-prem) ASU-57, or my personal most loathed vehicles in the game: The ISU-152 and ISU-122S.
    British: A30 Avenger. I will never touch this tank again after spading it.

    I haven’t really played enough of the Japanese yet.

  27. Awesome game Phly, dam!

  28. John's WOT Blitz Gameplay and Replays


  29. tank combo: T34 1942 and IL 2 1942 with 8 rbs132 and 4 100kg


  31. BESTWARGAMER15 killer

    the hetzer have no love

  32. T3485 D5T

  33. Hey Phly, show us the mighty flames of the Porsches Beast number 1.
    Attempt #2

  34. ZureScheetGamingNL

    The KV 85 os an onloved tank

  35. Soviet M4A2

  36. The pt-76 with heat fin stab, I fucking love this thing goes through pretty much anything at its BR but everyone seems to hate it

  37. killermacandchhese

    Use the m46!

  38. IS 6 needs some love, not OP at all 😉

  39. It’s been nerf-ed since i’we got it but still usable (2.5 X reload-time from the original)

  40. T-126 Loving the Unloved request

  41. loving the unloved- F3F-2 , bt7

  42. phly take out the hydro combo:The OS2U whit bombs and the LVT(A)(1). thank you.

  43. T-34 1940/41 and The Mig 3 34. You haven’t featured the Mig 3 34 on your channel.

  44. Low tiers are fun!!!

  45. Polish Knight polski banan 13

    Guess what war thunder did to my pc.It broke everything,Everything is bigger than it used to be.Even when I uninstalled the game.

  46. Panzerselbstfahrlafette V L/61 Sturer Emil

    Play the unloved Tiger II 10.5 cm. Unloved by idiots that can’t even kill IS-6. Great tank, great gun, unloved.

  47. And thats Gayjins failure, the fucking team composition. They pair up someone lick Phly who is like a fraggin terminator/predator combo against scrubs without leveled crews…

  48. Gotta love the shit teams, they ruined the game for me.

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