Rare Russian Halftrack! War Thunder Tank Request Series

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  1. What RARE tank should we play next?
    Also, I’m starting to stream! Join the party, hit follow:
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  2. t-60!

  3. Looks so goofy :)

  4. The rarest Tank is the german sherman! Play it!

  5. I play this haft track all the time… gun op

  6. Baron!, more vids!!
    keep it comin!
    sleeping is for the weak!

  7. The Mighty Circonjingles

    M8A1… Sorta rare

  8. .awsome review Baron so long have seen this

  9. Jacob “Cornhauler” Revelle


  10. razvicool Robloxian

    In my country it 00:23 am and still on youtube……fuck da police

  11. The PEPE tank is the rarest tank

  12. Use the American m8a1, no idea what it is but saw it once

  13. That ain’t rare.its the first tank I use when I go back to t1 russians

  14. Barooon! i love u u lil titty.

  15. You should play the t-126 Soviet premium tank.

  16. damn Russians taking our anti tank guns XD

  17. Su-100y for russia

  18. Alexander Schulte

    german kv1b or premium jadpanzer

  19. 1:38 Tree fart!

  20. ZUT-37 please

  21. Ludorije Duda Srbijagames

    is 3 pĺlz

  22. D: i wrote that comment under a video of phly :D

  23. Panzer Bef wg3 Ausf .k

  24. Play the pope

  25. French ?

  26. SMK Tank!

  27. barely ever see the T35 only seen it once

  28. [LuckyPatchGaming]

    German sherman?!!?!?!

  29. christina stellato

    Baron plz do maus u haven’t in a long time now people want to see some
    mighty Maus destruction!!!

  30. Panzer 420 “pepe”. For it is indeed a rare tank.

  31. Is-3

  32. As it was suggested on a previous video, how about the M8A1? Seems like it
    was a while since you had that one in the spotlight. Besides, its hellva
    fun to drive :)

  33. 13:28 u did, with the plane tho

  34. Baron, please drive the KV-1E

    I’ve never seen one, but I want to know it’s STALIN POWER!

  35. How about the SMK?

  36. I rarely see the SMK anymore

  37. Russian panzer 3 (T-III) Is pretty rare.

  38. m8a1! baby hellcat!

  39. neubelhaufzeug or t35 plz

  40. Pz.IIH

  41. Gabriel Mark (Gabrielol777)

    ZUT-37 … :D

  42. churchill tank!

  43. German sherman baron? :P

  44. Herman Johnsen Myge

    Play the M8A1!

  45. ze German sherman


  47. You never said it couldn’t be planes…take out the majestic A26C-45DT

  48. 7:10 Baron the fly swatter!

  49. Pz.4 BFW!

  50. Baron, do you upgrade your crew?


  52. How the hell u got so many GE ? Damn, i dont think u paid 4 dat :D

  53. Do you remember the American tank hype? With the German Sherman? No? Well,
    revisit that hype!

  54. Do you remember the American tank hype? With the German Sherman? No? Well,
    revisit that hype!

  55. Murphy Williamson

    SU-76 perhaps

  56. lmao so ur a leo also

  57. play the best battleship of all time Yamato. I have never seen one in

  58. Close your eyes from 8:08 to 8:20

  59. Joel Duebendorfer

    pls mace a video about the IS-3, im mean is not realy butivul.

  60. Joel Duebendorfer

    pls mace a video about the IS-3, im mean is not realy butivul.

  61. panzer 3 please or jgpanther

  62. Lately I get friendly shot every time we start a battle. And if you have
    newbs in your team, you have to play aggressively with even the SU-57 or
    some other glass cannon.

  63. phly take out the rarest of rare pepes

  64. how do you get in a custom lobby boron

  65. I hef another rare tank for your face Baron, ze mighty kraut Sherman!

  66. The Gaming Fantic

    How about the multi turret russian heavy

  67. go SMK! next havent seen any yet .

  68. Another sweet plane kill! Nice

  69. 4M GAZ Milk Truck!

  70. M8A1 or German Sherman.

  71. Panzer II H

  72. Grant?

  73. Do the ZUT-37!

    I have never, ever seen it ingame. it has the T-80 chassis as well so it’s
    basically also that tank.


  75. zut 37

  76. the T-26E!!!

  77. TheRottenWelshman

    Herman the German Sherman or the T-34 Prototype!

  78. For your next tank you should play the ZUT-37. Its tier 2, has a BR of 2.7
    and is super rare. Its a Russian premium SPAA with a 37mm gun and
    I’ve never seen anyone playing as it

  79. play the nuebafartzueg IM NOT GONNA SPELL THAT AGAIN! SO U BETTER PLAY IT

  80. You miss spelled Russian in the picture.

  81. Neubaufahrzeug! I must be the only one driving that thing around.

  82. ZUT-37 pls. ????

  83. The soviet premium spaa

  84. german sherman nxt

  85. #83279 random guy

    How about you play a tournament or event in WT? Also, m8a1 is pretty rare
    since i only noticed it in the 100 ps4 event…

  86. mini m18 hellcat. the t1 funkefier



  89. 2,530th!

  90. T70/80

  91. ZUT 37

  92. Welcome to under 301 what deh hell you want :P

  93. The M3A1 Stuart (USMC) or German M4A2 Sherman!

  94. M16

  95. pz2 H with the mighty 50mm cannon

  96. next time use the yamato

  97. T35

  98. Hello from Germany. 🙂 I like your let’s plays.:)

  99. il-2 flying tank pls tovarisch

  100. drive the German Sherman truly the rarest tank

  101. Panther in Red~ like the Red Comet!~

  102. try the m4 line

  103. imastalker - something :D

    The VK. 4501!

  104. T34 E with the fences on it

  105. Flakpanzer plz

  106. Just play the ZUT-37, I have never seen this thing in a Battle :D

  107. i hate this camping map

  108. I will say this again do the American -28 heavy tank destroyer

  109. Or also the tiger porshe

  110. Panzer III Ausf. N über rare i have never seen one in combat

  111. the Russian copycat T III

  112. 12:28 If you look at the kill log i think you actually did get him O_o

  113. The word “Russian” is misspelled in the thumbnail and it’s gonna kill me..

  114. PC updates load fast and are brought fast, but when it comes to PS4, it
    takes forever to show up on the notifications

  115. ZUT-37 pls

  116. play the m8a1 it’s extremely rare to see unless you did that one spring

  117. try a all America team vs. all German team please

  118. Jonathan Svensson

    The Black cat is rare

  119. Play the sturmtiger! Ive never seen it in battle before

  120. how can I get in a custom lobby

  121. the German Sherman

  122. VK 4501 P, i never saw anyone driving this thing, only in test drives on

  123. The ZUT-37, I’ve played this game for nearly a year now and have never seen
    this machine in a match

  124. Ze Mighty Jangles

  125. Play MIGHTY MAUS,Don’t be a spouse pls

  126. Was thinking about buying this……but perhaps I shall watch the video
    first :)

  127. Do ze Neubaufahrzeug c;c;c;

  128. this was america made half track wend it arrive in the Soviet union Stalin
    said:wtf is this the gun can point DOWN!!!! Unacceptable change it or you
    go to gulag
    so that this half track a terrible gun depression

  129. m8a1 for victory

  130. Sam “Doctor Frickle” Proasheck

    play the VK4501p, Never seen one, only 2 ppl have it as far as i know. its
    not the premium BR 6.0 one, its premium 5.7

  131. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    Time for some german firepower! Baron take out the 10.5cm tiger [attempt

  132. Rare huh? Try the German KV-1B. I’ve never seen anyone use it in my whole
    war thunder career

  133. The SU-100Y? Yes? No? Yeeeeeeesssss.

    Stalin’s mobile home.

  134. Play the is-3 statins snowplow!!

  135. Play the 1v1 op boss IS-2 busting Panther F!

  136. I believe a while back there was a challenge for a French plane and
    something else… If it was a tank then play it

  137. Pz. III N

  138. Hey Bar Bar, drive out the SMK Land Battleship.

  139. ricardo osorio cisternas

    play the zis 30

  140. Fallout3ProHunter

    Fuck russia and there tanks, gaijin makes them op solely cause there a
    Russian company

  141. The t-34, never see those at mid tiers, right guys?

  142. They stole it drone USA

  143. Baron play Marder II H. The best sniper tank in rank II; and it is so hard
    to kill when people use wrong type of ammo.

  144. Yay baron referenced a country song

  145. M8A1

  146. ZUT-37 the SPAA with the slowest turret movement so it better at flanking

  147. t-26 with the spaced armour – never seen it

  148. t-26 with the spaced armour – never seen it

  149. t 35/tank jonh cena

  150. the rarest tank of all the German Sherman!!

  151. The Neubaufahrzeug, the neub tank.

  152. Day 7: Not a rare tank but, Sherman 105 or Alcatraz!

  153. Marder III

  154. Hunter Bulluck (sgtcod21st)


  155. baron great and glorious stalin orders you to drive SMK aka stalins mobile
    kremlin or Stalins Magic Komunism, stronkest tank of all survives hit from
    KV2, make this video and you will be rewarded with ussr anthem and year of
    vodka but american standards say it last you life time. if no video stalin
    will lock you in gulag and when bored of your gulag vids he will nuke your

  156. Nicholas Saunders

    Do the M8A1
    Or John Cena
    Both are American

  157. BugManGaming & Airsoft

    Pourche Tiger!

  158. +BaronVonGamez do germany vs russian…….like king tiger vs stalin tank

  159. Hugo Roy-Bouchard (Battledude3)

    Play the T80 next. The only one that I ever saw using it was me.

  160. Hey I was that pz3 e

  161. paton

  162. Alex- RockHeadGaming

    The t-60 please with the yak-1 with 100,s! Also I live in Florida too

  163. please Patton

    RIGHT NOW UNBALENCED AS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. Ruski M4A2 lendlease Sherman or gulag, make Mother Russia happy ??

  166. Su-122-54 pls

  167. Jagdpanther or jagdpanzer IV/70!!

  168. Baron, your videos are great, and I hate to say it, your best videos are
    the ones you do alone instead of with Slick or Phly.

  169. juan david uran acevedo


  170. german kv-1b

  171. Su-100y

  172. Baronvongamez you need to use the Russian land battle ship.

  173. Give us the calliope!!

  174. T-111 or the one below the su-57

  175. T-80, stalin’s….. T-80

  176. German Sherman @Baronvongamez

  177. Play the Russian panzer 3

  178. I am truly impressed by the 15,000$ worth of Golden Eagles you have.Also
    Russian SMK, I’ve never seen this one played.

  179. M1 Abrams.

  180. Jeremy GoneHunting

    American tier 1 (I think) m8a1

  181. Play the zut-37 Baron! I have never seen one of those in combat…

  182. ORYG1N - Variety Gaming Channel

    Always arcading it up, noob.

  183. T-90 mbt

  184. Russian Sherman or Gulag!

  185. Nuebalabalabawagon I don’t know how to spell just play it!

  186. The BT-7 and BT-5 was me. Stalin approves.

  187. M10 wolverine with Phily and slickbee

  188. Pz.II H plz! Looks awesome and I’ve never seen it in battle


  190. Amx 50 100

  191. The rarest tank to be ever seen in the game of war thunder ever, it has
    laser guided frank seeking shells. The one and only Tiger H1

  192. T26e plz baron

  193. Play the T-35 I consider that tank rare

  194. German Sherman Baron, please. :(

  195. 7:10 get rekt M8

  196. Panzer Kampfwagen II Ausf. H ples

  197. Baron can you play rb pls ;-;

  198. The Zut-37.Its really rare to find someone in one.Rarer then most
    tanks,Similar to the su-57.

  199. Baron: future aa gunner using a kv-2 as his choice of derp

  200. do the m4a3 76 hvss

  201. KI-84 HEI, J7W1, J2M5

  202. M4A3 with the 105!

  203. T-34 Prototype, that seems rare.

  204. Rare tank series? The premium ZUT 37 please!

  205. M8A1! How come no one has said it!

  206. premium jaghpanther

  207. the super pershing!!!!!

  208. panzer III N

  209. SMK the premium tank. Double the Gun, Double the Fun!

  210. How about the t34-prototype?
    I never see those.

  211. Sherman with potatoe and carrot shells :D

  212. Take out the Tier 2 SMK from Russia

  213. Dave the Barbarian

    T-III Russian premium panzer!

  214. Plz play neubaufahrzeug

  215. its a time ago that you have take out the t-35

  216. Bismark :3


  218. Baron drive out the mighty po2 or gulag !!!!!! :P

  219. THE GAMER TV 2500

    baron please make a is 1 i know he is not a rare tank but please make it
    youre best yt ever

  220. T26-4

  221. t 34 57 i have one but i never see anyone use it i actually won in during a
    summer event

  222. i know its not the best tank… but T-III?

  223. Ostfront “Ace” 00

    M8A1 Anyone?

  224. the German Sherman

  225. Andrew Gallyer Jr

    Daze nutz

  226. the M8A1 cause mini hellcat :D

  227. Geometry Dash Electroman

    KV-1b german premium. Only kv-1 that has good gun :]

  228. can you play t 34

  229. maus please

  230. The double turret “SMK” !!!!!!

  231. the VK 45.01 (P) is the rarest tank
    as far as i know only 2 pepole have it

  232. baron, pls do more 60 FPS videos. I can’t stand this peasant 30 fps

  233. Now that the bombs take a few seconds to explode, bombers in arcade are
    just useless :(

  234. Baron if u read this I would say that the t 26E is rare or pz IIIn

  235. play american light tank M8A1

  236. Take a A 380 that bombs John Cenas who flank and spank everyone

  237. t-35 the russian landbattleship

  238. Neacsiu Demostene (dEMMosTEnE)

    Play the neub-far-zoig, no! nubfar-zoig JUST PLAY THE NOOB TANK OK?

  239. M8A1 plz, tier 1 needs more Browning 50’s that can actually pen and damage
    tanks at that tier, not just fling tracks off….

  240. m8a1

  241. Confederateno1 Gaming

    t-35, I know its been done before, but not for while! (I can rack 10 kills)
    so…..so should you 🙂 or siberian gulag for you sir! ear muffs and
    mittens required!!!!!!

  242. Confederateno1 Gaming

    neubaufahrzeuge is good too!

  243. Can u play the germany sherman ?

  244. you used the wrong killing power ammo 3/4 of the vid haha

  245. Play the ZUT-37 the premium Soviet spAA. please

  246. t35 please :-D

  247. ZUT37

  248. Neubaufahrzeug finally dammit



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