RARE TANK, New Skins! War Thunder 1.55 M24 TL w APCR

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder RARE Tank – M24 Chaffee TL with T45 APCR
War Thunder Gameplay – New Skins & Rare Tank!

Patch Update Info:
New Desert Maps El Alamein and Tunisia.
Japanese Planes: Ki-61-I Tei, A7m2, Ki-44-II Hei, Ki-44-II Otsu
Germany: Ju-88A-1, Kpfw.
Russia: MiG-17, T-44-122 Premium
Great Britain: Stirling B Mk.I & III, Crusader Mk.2, A13 mk.I, Tetrarch Mk.I, T17E2 Armored Car

Thanks for watching!


  1. did you pay for all your credits and golds

  2. Hi Baron what tanks are you hopping to be added to earth under in the
    coming year?

  3. do the tortoise u wanker

  4. 88 views, just on time Baron!

  5. i rate this video 5/7

  6. Der Addler and Dislike are least ugliest skins=) And as being from finland
    we have always used mixed green camoes and white stripes in winter minus
    Stugs that were gray.

  7. Gatesnaps bmxandgaming

    Best tank of this year is

  8. Blue White and Red more like France!!! Vive la France! ;p

  9. Noice tank

  10. 294 view :)

  11. My mom: *the Superbowl* I’m rooting for the team with the pretty uniforms
    BaronVonGames: *1st season War Thunder* I’m rooting for the teams with the
    awesome skins

  12. Hey baron I have a 14 kill 1 death game… Let me know if you wanna see it

  13. What do you guys think of the new skins? How about this whole dog tags
    thing in general….7 bucks and you can do missions to open up skins and
    get exclusive planes and tanks?

  14. baron it was a PBJ with 75 xD, and yes it would be great for men of war,
    just started playing that game because of youre footage xD

  15. 23 comment

  16. Who things the p.1000 ratte should be interesting to bring into war thunder

  17. That APCR round fragments like a freaking sabot

  18. +baronvongamez I think u should play the tortoise

  19. How do we get this tank

  20. Finland mentioned, let’s meet at the market square!

  21. War thunder had to move servers to avoid DDos attacker?
    What they gonna do about it? forget it? :OOOO
    I thought you can only help repair your squad mate’s tank

  22. i am the 666 viewer 😛 (views right now: 665 views, thumbs up 95, thumbs
    down: 1

  23. I wish buying the dog tags gave you a rental version of vehicles you don’t
    have yet so you can still get the skins. The T32 American Heavy Tank is a
    long ways away from me by over 500,000 combined research points with 4
    other heavy tanks. Then I need the tiger tanks and an IS-2 so that’s gonna
    take another 500,000 rp.

  24. Pfft, american? Looks costa rican with blue-white-red-white-blue pattern in
    some places

  25. Do more political humor based men of war missions! Trump’s wall needs

  26. can you play so more Armored Warfar?

  27. how did you get the skins already???

  28. The last camo is just like a French camouflage for the m24, so instead of
    America you can also say France! :)

  29. I like the dog tag idea but I also FUCKING HATE THAT I CAN’T GET IT FOR PSN

  30. red, white and blue! NETHERLANDS! :$

  31. Omg it looks cool

  32. how did u get the M24T?

  33. bad bitrate >:/

  34. That_Guy_42 o (Noah H)

    Watching from iPad :P

  35. Always fun when you trow arty somewhere and a friendly planes fly’s over
    the spot and gets directly hit with a shell from the arty. And that times 2
    in the same game in the same barrage …. :I

  36. war thunder was a nice historically accurate game, now they’ve fucking
    ruined it

  37. why do u keep playing arcade

  38. Baron, if you ever want to plat with a CUBE player (MURICA FUCK YEE), my
    ingame is _Cracker. Hmu, let’s make stupid decisions and win anyway.

  39. It looked like a coral snake

  40. can every one see the skin in combat

  41. New mic? Your voice sounds better or at least different.

  42. SgtArsekicker PPSH41 (PPsh41)

    Right now in war thunder I was trying to get the cube but in the US servers
    are getting really big lag like 200 ping and above and this thing next to
    the “PL” was going over like 50 % i dont know if its my internet in new
    zealand or its the connection from nz to america ??

  43. Baron…were you tipsy when you made this vid? m4a1’s = Walker Bulldogs and
    PBJ’s = B25’s….(yes I know that it is just a modified one but still.)
    love you bby

  44. There are 30 countries’ flags that are counted as red, white and blue…

  45. Baron, you can only help repair someone if they’re in a squad with you.

  46. how do you get this tank?

  47. Baron, do you know when the e-100 will be available so I can buy the Dog
    Tag before it comes out.

  48. you tit

  49. First Order Stormtrooper

    Ameriflage confirmed.


  51. That Arty plane snipe……………….

  52. ethan “BIOHAZZARD” gray

    baron u ask what i want from war thunder…well i just want a xxl hoodie
    thats all…….and do you live with slick bee

  53. coral?

  54. Fuck eSports

  55. lmao I have both already

  56. shoot the two people in the front of the tanks baron

  57. Um that was a PBJ

  58. Baron that happened to me like three times, friendly fire on aircraft with
    Artillery… sucks man I don’t really get how I can be that unlucky that it
    happens one let alone three times!

  59. Red star on Christmas tree more Russian bias…

  60. Baron if you like men of war you need to try operation flashpoint dragon
    rising there not connected in any way but I think you would like it.

  61. Nathaniel McCone (NateyWolf28 plays)

    I made my first video today but no one has watched it

  62. Nathaniel McCone (NateyWolf28 plays)

    I made my first video today but no one has watched i

  63. Nathaniel McCone (NateyWolf28 plays)

    I made my first video today but no one has watched it

  64. PBJ not b25 grrrr he’s such a derp

  65. baron you should try company of heros trust me :D

  66. Baron: “We’ve all been on the other side…”
    Adele: “Hello from the other side”

  67. Every time you say “rare tank” you should have a rare pepe flash on screen

  68. [BB-63]Lady Missouri[BB-63]

    Baron can you play the Russian made T-34

  69. gerardo torres (fastfreeman)

    Can I get the skin off

  70. Venomous Baron…. Venomous.

  71. couldntthinkofone100

    This is exactly what I have disliked about war thunder… They give us
    subpar American tanks that have little to know ability to fight fight at
    its tier but then give the tanks that can to a select few… There is
    literally no reason all American tanks couldn’t have apcbc other than bias
    G doesn’t want to… This is why I haven’t played it in a while, because
    they refuse to give the Americans what they need to freaken be decent while
    playing. For all you die hards out there yes I tried to flank and spank but
    guess what? The Russian tanks are faster and have bigger guns basically
    making the American tanks useless and just free kills for anyone who is

  72. Love you vids

  73. Since their BR’s are the same this is a literal pay to win tank… Nice to
    know Gaijin is slowly turning into Wargaming.

  74. is there a garantee of winning some items???

  75. I love man , you are ZA best ^_*

  76. Wish my squad had that we r YTs and 12th in war thunder in squad realistic

  77. Thats awesome all the teams with there own skins in the game

  78. Team Think will win. I think. I hope.

  79. Hi Baron. Give the Panzer III M or the Panzer III L a try. I kinda like
    them and they deserve some attention.

  80. oi baron what do ya recon bout phlys out lash at orange doom because he is
    guilty of click baits

  81. I saw one of those a few days ago

  82. You can only help repair squad mates, and if the time runs out they don’t
    get the kill.

  83. so much Baron derp recently that was a pbj not B25 and the broken gun
    barrel in that Churchill recently

  84. Baron, next time can you play The british A30 challanger?

  85. 5:45 You must be in the same Squad to help him repair. Your luck of
    knowledge of this game never fails to surprise me ;)

  86. Just a tip baron, when engaging tanks from the side, hit them in the turret
    so they can’t shoot back, then shoot the front part of the tank above the
    transition where the remaining crew would be (as long as you can’t hit the
    ammo rack) it’s not always the rounds ;)

  87. Baron it was a PBJ with the 75mm

  88. I am from finland

  89. 4/10 for lacking realism

  90. did you guys have problems with connecting with the server yesterday i was
    well on my way to getting my third star for testers but than the problems

  91. I have this tank, its so much fun

  92. wtf baron, you cant killed a tank, by shooting them in the same spot, those
    are great rounds but you keep shooting in the same damn spot

  93. War Thunder must to make some cash from this skins

  94. cant get any this on ps4 :(

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