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Source: QuickyBaby

YTudorel24 has the rare Object 780 in World Tanks is going to show you, arguably, the best game in it so far!



  1. First time comments

  2. Love the daily content QB!!!!!

  3. Hello mommy, hello daddy

  4. “kinda feels like it’s more of a ‘made in china’ tank than a vehicle inside the soviet nation.”
    I dunno man…with what’s happening now, it seems that it’s practically the same quality…

  5. that tank is shit 🙁 I have it but its not that good

  6. get good lol

  7. It is a rare occurence that you hit this tank and it doesn’t burn.

  8. QB is like “drumroll please” while showing the dmg dealt in the right side already 😀

  9. These fantastic performances by fantastic players seems to feature extreme luck.

  10. I sold it :/

  11. I got this tank completely for free, but after 40 games i stopped playing with it when i caught fire multiple times is a battle and caught fire 4 times in 5 battles

  12. Could have 10k damage, but has Fadin medal. It’s up to everyone

  13. Wonder what caliber the elc NINTEY use 🙂

  14. I got one with a number, spent a lot of resources, and when I realized it was a scam by wargaming I didn’t play a single game in this tank

  15. I have a 780 currently at 90% to my 3rd mark. The tank has horrible matchmaking as a reward tank but is fine to play otherwise.

  16. I really hate the mentality to cheat medals…

  17. No replay from the RU servers no more?

  18. Take a shot every time QB mentions the player’s name. Get the stomach pump ready!

    Edit: I count 41 YTutorels

  19. Dumping rounds into the dirt is sometimes required for a FADINS.
    I know because I have 426 FADINS.
    I have so many FADINS, hell they named the medal after me!

  20. This tanks looks really aggressive. It’s got a mean look

  21. lbr 95% of all Fadin’s medals are so called “artificial”. Nothing controversial about that

  22. I find this tank frustrating to play sometimes. It was great in the beginning because nobody knew where to shoot but now that gold is the only ammo avaliable to people, the cheeks get shot, and RNG just isn’t on my side because I always seem to get my cupola shot from across the map as they are on the move, turning the turret, with a damaged gun, and dead gunner. But that’s just my experience. Never really catch fire but it does have its tanks damaged a lot, gun as well.

  23. I’m going to be honest here if he had missed the last shot and the Kunze-Panzer killed him I’d say he deserved it…
    I usually would think much of it but taking risks such as this one loses battles in other situation.

  24. Its a rare tank until WG decides that need money.

  25. I really like this tank. If I’m not mistaken, it is the tank that I have the highest average damage on at the moment. The gun is fairly reliable and the alpha damage is sweet. I’ve found that using shock and awe tactics is the way to get the most out of the Obj. 780 and that is also when it is the most fun to play.

    • Highest average damage is chieftain, amx m4, vkk, 279 and 260 wdym? 780 might come after those but I think even the carro is above that

  26. 2:24 “Soviet nation” C’mon Quicky, did you not learn history? 😀

  27. With a great risk comes a nice loss. That’s all you gain. I never won a game when I took a risk.

  28. You do realise that the YT in his name stands for YouTube, right?

  29. Did you played Chinese tanks in wot? I have T34-3 and with automatic extinguisher, driver and loader skils…plus equipments it still burns and ammo racks.

  30. Very nice looking tank

  31. damn! 7 points short of 10k

  32. Ytudorel is romanien

  33. Proud to say I’ve gotten a real Fadins medal. Sad to say it was in the grille artillery

  34. I can’t blame the VK 100.01 for camping because he is just a low tier he play like a support rather than being a meat shield ….

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