Rare Tank, WTF is This? War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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  1. who else has noticed that the description is the same as the last two war
    thunder videos?

  2. please no more aa guns

  3. Did you just say “ST KFC”?!?!?! No wonder it has that kind of grill/sieve
    on top

  4. Have Baba pick the next tank!

  5. That thing used to be a fun little thing and a great credit earner before
    the game got all grindy and OP ‘murican tanks got put into tier 1/2. Bought
    mine to get into the ground forces closed beta and loved rippin’ around in
    it. Not so fun any more. It’s good for shooting down planes though.

  6. Baron drive the t35 land battle ship

  7. Patrick Lee JackOfAllBlades

    Don’t forget that the gun oppression on this thing is really good, you can
    totally shoot down planes with this beast. +BaronVonGamez

    Edit: Lol 10 seconds after I paused to comment you went for a Yak

  8. Idk if it’s rare but I’d like to see the T69 if it’s in the game

  9. How about the M3 grant? That’s pretty rare (it also has the classification
    ‘Cruiser Tank’ :D)

  10. Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. H

  11. M3A1!!! For the frustrating driver’s port insta-kill! Tier 1 is fun!

  12. Su100Y stalins landship

  13. Can you do the M3 75mm GCM?

  14. play the t34 prot

  15. forgot what it was called but how about the russian ship

  16. sherman m4 germany premium tank or the t34 prototype

  17. Can u get into a costume game on the ps4

  18. Panzer 2 H please i don’t see that often. love your vids

  19. The German Sherman!!!

  20. I think the American T 28

  21. I vote the T-80…I dare you to get a kill in it!

  22. how bout the Porsche tiger. its available but i never see it

  23. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

    IS-3 Stalin’s bounce tank, I think they were only used in combat at the
    Egyptian or Israëlian army.

  24. I was the someone in the $m Gaz named vamsam!
    this is the first time i was in a youtube video and in one of these custom

  25. premium su-76m

  26. play the vk1602 “baby leopard”. they say the Germans only made 2 of this

  27. Impossible to choose between russian destroyers and german cruisers, have
    to play em bouth

  28. Do the German KV-1B!

  29. if u want rare then the Zut-37 is literally the rarest cuz it sucks ass and
    no one wants to pay for it

  30. do the stuh 40 not the stug

  31. ZUT-37 Baron !

  32. Half track !!!!!

  33. I know for certain that the rarest of all tanks is the *VK4501 P*, only one
    player has it. Tiger_VI got one as a reward for best camouflage in a
    contest back in late 2014 where he could pick any premium vehicle as reward.

    The second rarest tank I believe is the T34 prototype, the one you could
    buy to get access to the tanks CBT soon two years ago. I saw one in a match
    today and was really surprised.

    Read more about Tiger_VI’s VK4501 P here

  34. I’ve never seen gameplay of the t26 E

  35. mause tank
    you dont see this often

  36. do the flakpanzer 1 i never see anyone play with it

  37. M18 Hellcat

  38. T-34 85 with chicken wire gulags barn

  39. ey b0ss pls gibe de KV-1E

  40. how do you now it’s a is4 player because I play pd2

  41. id suggest the coelian. it’s rare. it has high br. it’s crap compared to
    other aaa at its br but its gorgeous tho.

  42. A rare tank you say? how about the german premium sherman hmm? :3

  43. Play the 75mm Gun Motor Carriage M8

  44. M8A1 rare tank the tier 1 Hellcat

  45. M8a1 m8 do it

  46. thats not rare it’s a common shitty infantry fighting vehicle

  47. this Tank was used in poland and was front

  48. I think he should play the Panzer 4/70 or the ZuT-37

  49. take out the German capture M4 Sherman

  50. how come 1080p is still kind of blurry

  51. ST-KFC? Does it have a chicken frier?

  52. Play the hetzer please

  53. Fernando Palavicini

    There’s a german DAK tank, with a sort of net on it’s top.
    Tier I
    Very nice!

  54. Either one of the Russian milk trucks, or the original Battleflak, yeah I
    remember those videos, the Flakpanzer one!

  55. 11:24 fuck you slick 🙁 I called you “slickdick” in chat because you are
    stud :(

  56. Mr. Popo the overlord

    not saying you need to play them but I think the rarest would be the Maus,
    the german T35 looking one with 3 turrets, or the T35

  57. Russian Sherman 76!

  58. the rarest tank in the game is the VK45.01(p), remembre on the devserver of

  59. apparently I own an extremely rare tank…

  60. The M8A1 its so rare I only saw it once :D

  61. Use the ZUT-37. I’ve never seen one of those things ingame.

  62. That is a turret from an sd kfz 222 armored car. The germans produced a lot
    of armored recon vehicles during the war. The 222 and the 231 were wheeled
    vehicles that saw use throughout the conflict and were the most numerous.
    The Germans found that while these performed well on the roads and
    countryside of Western Europe, the fact that they were wheeled meant that
    they could not handle the muddy environment of the Russian step and got
    stuck quite easily. The Germans then started to stick that turret on a sd
    kfz 250 halftrack and called it the 250/9. This was slower than the 222 but
    was a halftrack and had better cross country performance. What you are
    playing there Baron is the last development in this project to produce
    better armored reconnaissance vehicles. The Aufklarer 38(t) and the Panzer
    II L were late war attempts by Germany to give their reconnaissance units
    the cross country capabilities and some armored protection of a fully
    tracked tank. Both had a 20mm cannon and were based on old light tank
    chaises the Germans had laying around in depots. Please play the Panther
    tank baron, it is my favorite.

  63. How abt playing the Belgian T-15 or French made ACG :)

  64. Tiger Patton!!!!

  65. Use the Hetzer tank destroyer

  66. German Sherman


  68. M8A1 American tank destroyer for all the glory of America

  69. Rare tanks…I have never seen the German Sherman or German KV-1B at 4.3 BR

  70. Finnish KV-1B

  71. baron what are your thought on gaijins RETARDED move with the MM

  72. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    Time for some German firepower! Baron take out the 10.5cm tiger! (Attempt

  73. I don’t think you have ever played the T 44 in this series! PLAY IT!!!

  74. I vote for the T-35. Because it is quite expensive and pretty useless you
    don’t see them very often, actually I can’t even remember the last time
    I’ve seen one. It is also a historical and iconic vehicle for the Soviet

  75. Kurt “OberstReinhardt” Reinhardt

    Baron, you totally need to do the T-34-100, it’s relatively rare because of
    its price. Or the Super Hellcat.

  76. T-III the captured Pz III
    Other than mine I never see any, I think because the T-126 is considered a
    better tank
    I like to go RB or SB and sneak into the German lines and shoot em in da

  77. The 75mm American half track would be pretty cool.

  78. ETZER!!!!please

  79. Panzer VI Tiger H I

    SU-85M, the front is 75mm and sloped, about 100mm effective thickness

  80. Play low tier Russian bias prems! LaGG-3-23, LaGG-3-4 and the I-301 :3

  81. the gentleman troll

    Dive the German Sherman.

  82. i forgot exactly what we its called but its the German sherman

  83. ive had this for like a year now and i was wondering when someone was
    actually going to review it :D

  84. Think we could see the KV-1B 756(r)?

  85. Rarest tank? hmm i would say the T26E with the modded turret :P

  86. Oi that’s me little mate from Beta bundle. Had heaps of fun flipping it, on
    rocks and wooden stumps.

  87. Sd.Kfz.141/1 Aufklarungspanzer aus Pz 38 (T)

  88. No SPAA Baron it’s a Recce Veh

  89. I have this tank. I just don’t use it every battle I go in I am against
    T-34’s up to 1942 series. A little tuff to survive

  90. How about this Baron, one time we get to request a tank, than next video
    you pick the tnk and we go so on…

  91. Baron look at the T28 concept tank and the VK 72.01D

  92. How about Herman the German Sherman?

  93. Quote of the day, “What a bunch of titty sprinkles.”

  94. I remember the day when you covered it Baron.
    And now it’s on a segment called Rare Tank.

  95. *** Sdfkz. Not Pz

  96. Baron you should pick the 75mm GMC M8A1.

  97. potxman007 “unaitian5” wot/minecraft


  98. anyone else on ps4 cant rotate the camera in the hanger anymore?ive never
    seen this tank in the game

  99. how can you tell ps4 players?

  100. how is it Rare if you can spend money to buy it Starter Pack – SdKfz 140/1
    and T-26E

    SdKfz 140/1 premium tank (Rank 1 Germany);
    T-26E premium tank (Rank 1 USSR);
    500 Golden Eagles, 7 days of premium account. pack that you can buy from
    the store right now

  101. Rarest tank I know of is the German M4

  102. Play the
    Panzer.III Ausf N
    I have never seen this tank since it came out

  103. Tiger P :))

  104. will this tank ever be up for grabs again? and if i was to suggest
    *anything* rare it would be the D.521. love that plane.

  105. Panther m10

  106. How about the KV-85? I’ve never seen one in a battle.

  107. It’s sad when yoy remember this “tank” was like 300 golden eagles, and
    later on (insert bad word) Gaijin put it in a pack. :c

  108. Premium Russian half track with the 57mm

  109. german sherman it was only avaible for a really short time

  110. M8A1 scott, never seen one!

  111. Pz. II Ausf. H

  112. I’d say the M8A1 or German Sherman. If this one gets voted the most, you
    can decide.

  113. KV -1E

  114. German sherman

  115. How bout German kv1?

  116. Drive the SMK I have only seen one once

  117. play the panzer btw. lV with phly and slick!

  118. if you have it the pzII ausf H the one with the 50mm

  119. The M8 or M8A1 I don’t know

  120. Objective 140

  121. M2A3! Fear the Twins!

  122. Panzer 2 H, please. The German camping tank

  123. the T-III!

  124. T-34! RARE AS FUCKK

  125. Alessandro Cattabriga

    baron i saw an m8a1 can you use it it might have been a glithch but what

  126. German Kv-1

  127. the Marder

  128. not sure if you have it cause it isn’t in the game anymore but please drive
    the grant it was basically a M3 Lee but the British changed it a bit.

  129. How about the KV-85? I still haven’t even seen a single video on this, and
    rarely see it in game

  130. it looks sort of like a 222 turrit

  131. TheOnlySillySausage

    Play the Rare Premium Tank: Ausf N it is very nice troll tank, have not
    seen many around.

  132. Sherman is extremely rare, right?

  133. German Sherman :F

  134. Hey Baron, since you asked, the turret on the 140/1 was taken from the Sd
    Kfz 222 Armored Car. Same gun and machine gun too.

  135. Guys quick question how do you know someone’s a ps4 player ?

  136. The captured german kv1

  137. The russian Panzer

  138. How about the 75mm armed M8 in Tier 1? Never saw it ingame

  139. Plz do the m8a1

  140. Rare tank you say? Drive the SU-76M of 5th Guards Cossack Cavalry Corps pls

  141. Porsche Tiger

  142. the ugly duckling

  143. play the SU 100Y on the next video its pretty rare right?

  144. baron play the T 28 not the russian 1 the american TD plz haven’t seen you
    play it ever

  145. the panzer III n, i have never seen it in a game.

  146. Lol he said “SDKFC”

  147. I say the captured sherman for germany

  148. M3 Grant!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. Why not Quad 20mm AA as tank destroyer ?

  150. T-34 prototype (rare, only given during ground forces beta test)
    Premium Porsche Tiger

  151. Su-100y I don’t see it very often and it’s a beast

  152. If it has KFC in its name, u know its gonna be awesome

  153. Why not use this tank’s counterpart, the T-26e?

  154. Play the SU-85 M, it’s in the tree normally, yet not many people have the
    patience to get it

  155. German Sherman

  156. Love this tank! Just had a string of good matches (16/0, 15/0, 18/0 + 2
    air) in it!

  157. Rarest tank has to go to the m8a1 m80y

  158. the t-26 with spaced armor!

  159. the m8a1 scott!!!!

  160. baron sorry about that last coment I posted onthe rainbow six vid

  161. how can he tell it was a ps4 player. just wondering because I play on the

  162. Landsverk AA

  163. the double turreted Russian tank premium

  164. german sherman or t-34 prototype

  165. A tank that is very rare?
    A spitfire.
    Don’t think that’s EVER been used as a tank.

  166. Forgot the name, but how about the Halftrack with the 37mm cannon and the
    .50 cals?

  167. Hey Baron, play the SMK Land Battleship 2.0. Haven’t seen it since the
    update it came out in.

  168. i say you should play the calopea

  169. turret from armored car sdkfz 222

  170. Prem american tank destroy with the 75mm

  171. play pzkw VI auf E he is good

  172. Play as the T-60

  173. M3 Grant.

    Brit tank hypeeeeee!

  174. The T-34-85E with the mesh screens remember that one? Id love to see it and
    I dont think I’ve ever seen one in the wild.

  175. Hey Baron.. play the P1000 Ratte!!! XD

  176. Play a Sherman firefly

  177. t35 or 4m gaz aaa oh and the doom turtle

  178. Panzer II Ausf. H

  179. Lucky Seventh (AceofSpad3s55)

    Panzer 2 DAK?

  180. The 105mm Sherman

  181. T26E4 Super Pershing!

  182. did someone say KFC

  183. you should play the is1

  184. hey baron you should play the Nb.Fz german tank i think thats a rare tank

  185. german THE RAT Largest war machine ever built by the fuhrer actually a
    monster tank… its main gun was a twin barrel of battle ship, 2 panther
    main cannon at the rear and 3 quad 50. anti aircraft gun

  186. I’d love to see a look at the
    German Captured M4A2
    It’s been a while since anyone has made a video of it, would like to see
    how it’s come along since its introduction.

  187. That’s weird :-/

    In Heroes and Generals (you probably know this),
    That turret can go all the way up :p

  188. I have actually never seen that vehicle in all my time playing. Anyway try
    the Russian panzer III. I never see it cause I think everyone else just
    uses the regular German ones

  189. if they have them any of the japanese light tanks

  190. Pz 2h

  191. Erik “Rabidlemur” Montoya

    That’s the derpiest of the derp tanks, love it.

  192. how about the neubelhaufzeug i never see that monstrosity but i do have it

  193. T-26E

  194. “Let’s jump out before anyone gets the kill”…. Someone got the kill….

  195. What about the double firepower of the SMK?
    Multi-turret never gets old lol.

  196. im not sure on the name, but it’s the only premium Russian SPAA, i have
    never seen it in 400 hrs

  197. The M8a1 is the rarest tank in the game.

  198. Pz.II H. PLZ!!!!!

  199. Su-37 or the 50 mill panzer 2.

  200. i must admit the panzerkampfwagon (tiger 1 porsche) is a damn rare tank to

  201. Neubaufahrzeug

  202. the land battle ship

  203. Rare eh..I’d say the Zut-37 or the Su57.You hardly see any of these two.

  204. Probably the T-III is an rare Tank, never seen one of them

  205. the german m4 sherman

  206. T-34 Prototype. ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

  207. the hetzer only two left in the world and i never see anyone using it in
    game !

  208. IS 4M you just don’t see these beasts anymore.

  209. Просто коммент на русском языке.

  210. t-60

  211. at least its too rare unfortunately its too slow to used and the firepower
    was enormous

  212. The T34E

  213. Baron, it has an sdkfz222 turret not a pz1 turret :P

  214. Julian sinoradzki (Texasax)

    What do you think about the new BR. they removed (8.0)

  215. Porsche Tiger
    Its a tanks that you rarely see in videos or in game.

  216. The M8 gun carriage. I think it was a prize tank earlier in the year. (I
    didn’t get one!)


  217. When I buy this thing I thought this was SPAAG not tank.

  218. richie thach (KidBricks 45)

    I actually use this tank quite a bit

  219. Lol wrong description, Baron!

  220. use the KV-1B finnish tank

  221. M18 Hellcat in realistic. Welcome to Tiger hell.

  222. play the supah hellcat for abe lincolns freedom

  223. German premium M4 Sherman. Does anyone remember that?

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