RARE WW2 FOOTAGE of Russian Boyy (colorized) // (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

I'm just running around with IS-3 and trying to survive 😉
War Thunder official website https://warthunder.com/en

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Intro song : Da Tooby – Disco Italia 2
Outro song : Da Tooby – Disco Italia 2 https://player.epidemicsound.com/search/?search_query=%20Disco%20Italia%202


  1. 0:10,a 122mm round goes into the balls,and then the round splatters on the way out.This seems like something I don’t want to experience

  2. I thought being a YouTuber is easy but after uploading a lot of videos, I got 32 subs

    Youtube : ha gaiiiii

    • maybe its because you play games that are overplayed?

    • +The Ch33f bro everyone wants to see that shit , I tried other games but no one saw those videos so I deleted them

    • +IMMORTAL BEAST trust me dude when people search “pubg” or “fortnite” theyre gonna have to scroll alot to find you. its the same with my videos. lol my first video is a fucking dog with a gun and that has the most views out of all my videos. its got like 260 views lol.

    • +The Ch33f thanks for the advice

  3. Christian Fischer

    6:05 best use of this meme i have ever seen

  4. Orshon Williams

    2:40 looks believable

  5. how about World of tanks ?

  6. Muhammad Firman

    Hey bro.. Im new subs.. Ur vid are quality vontent.. Keep making them.. Im waiting for ya upload another video like this.. ?

  7. Honestly first time seeing your vids, class work man

  8. I know this video three days old but fuck man, I love watching you during and out of work ?even though I play war thunder (Germany/U.S) I love watching other people play to ?

  9. Fernando Contreras


  10. You got a discord server boi?

  11. Was losing my shit the whole video lmao you earned yourself another sub

  12. Your edits are the only WT edits that can make me laugh. Thanks for the good vids keep it up

  13. Hey, whats the decal you use on your Leo 2A5?

  14. You play as a Russian, rename your channel to RoublePlays then :3

  15. Well…he definitely not having children

  16. 5:20 it’s cheat ????


  18. Is this a Replay or is this a Meme Collection…..nvm im loving it! 😀

  19. Alfred Conqueror

    The IS3 with a Talisman got me the t10m, IT1 and the big ass Zsu

  20. 5:19 just this reaction? Bro I would be like “OMG I DKDOSEDPEKELLESLSLSL” ALT+F4 the game

  21. I can’t believe it…


  22. Its a op tank

  23. 5:52. This shoot in site destroys every german tank

  24. Pls dont say that maus is op. Pls play it once and you see that its the worst tank in game…

  25. You also cant destroy a is 3 with maus so stfu

  26. this nani and speedup was magical

  27. 3:18.i thought my pc was getting locked up…

  28. just another weeb

    0:07 name?

  29. Really nice vids! One thing I’ll note though, somehow there’s really noticeable Screen Tearing going on with your vids. Usually Tearing doesn’t translate to videos, as with usual settings they’re essentially VSynced, do you have some settings like variable frame rate or so enabled in your video editor?

  30. I don’t think there was black people on tanks or anything in ww2 just cookers…..

  31. Saint Militarist

    Ah, those nuke sounds from “Alien”

  32. Sir Crocodile !

    pure comedy gold!

  33. 0:00 No more fathers day for him.

  34. Mikołaj Obuchowski

    I have a is 3

  35. +respect from a headphone user

  36. 9:50 what is that flue tune

  37. if is3 is 7.3 than jagdtiger should be 6.7

  38. yes sir know the feeling 1:23, but yeah boi 1:17 but this was LULz 3:38

  39. ? “he’s not stupid”

  40. Omg rangefinder……yeesh

  41. Milan Stevanović

    using memes is fantastic bro you just earned another subscribe ))))))))

  42. Some editings are funny. But your editing makes me laugh at the PC man. XD

  43. much better without ear rape. very funny video!

  44. You Just didn’t know the power of russian tanks armor, they blocking the shots with foil and magic (From this and made armor Russian tanks P.S. I Russian)

  45. CRAFTY Gameplay XD

    Bro , I like your videos its so funny !

  46. Just discovered your channel , deadass good content you got there .

    I’m in , +1 sub .

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