Rarest Tank in War Thunder? War Thunder Tank Request

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Source: BaronVonGamez

Rarest Tank in War Thunder?

Thanks for watching!


  1. 1st view

  2. Which tank should I play next? The rules are that it has to be tier 1.
    And what special rules should we use next episode? Keep being awesome!

  3. 1st like

  4. Can this tank still be found?

  5. First non homosexual comment

  6. any 6.7 tank

  7. show your subsctibers the true state of the game

  8. play the neubaufahrzueg or the rusian panzer3/ TIII

  9. sup baron

  10. Hello I’m early.

  11. stop shunning the truth please

  12. play the neubaufahrzueg

  13. @lucasswenson likes donkey dick

  14. Hi baron

  15. christina stellato

    Who wants baron to play ze mighty Maus tenk?

  16. so cool

  17. Can you do the M5A1?

  18. Yoelvis Hernandez

    wow 22 place

  19. T1 Cunningham!

  20. Nyet T-60 or gulag

  21. The Tier 1 Hellcat. The M8A1

  22. Play the t 26

  23. The German Gepard, Why not bring some more AAA into the series

  24. The rarest tank in War Thunder is the VK 4501 P.

  25. Don’t more Lego ww2 tank builds

  26. Neurbarfaursig? Spelling idk

  27. I mean do more I’m sorry for auto correct

  28. Play the tank with only the 50.cal and the 30.cal it’s American just don’t
    know that name !


  30. Could you show us a pic of all the planes/tanks you have

  31. m4a2 german sherman then the t34 proto

  32. thegamerhunter and blaze

    a cool rule u can use is tank destoyer only

  33. go the Neubaufahrzeug VI the german t35 ;)

  34. play the hetzer damn it havent seen this on ur channel yet

  35. Damn this thing is rare? I remember running into them all the time when
    Ground Forces first came out. They fucked up my day.

  36. Neaurbalabalabawagon! Play it! I’m not gonna type this message again!

  37. thegamerhunter and blaze

    American 75mm half track

  38. legoguygunner 1945

    Panzer 2H

  39. M4A3(105) , The ‘Merican derp gun

  40. the german kv1b, which now isnt avivable any more, since a while, a long
    time, beta? …

  41. m2a2! 50 cal of freedom!

  42. use sherman 105 as aa

  43. AirBajan - The Airman

    Play USA “M2A2” Light Tank !!!

  44. You never said it couldn’t be rare planes…
    So, the A-26C needs flown

  45. Panzer 1!

  46. BT-5!

  47. I wouldn’t hate to have a Panzer brigade 150 group of German tank premium
    or otherwise.

  48. T 26 E plz baron baby derp

  49. please show the final shell, that killed you more often, I love seeing how
    you were destroyed!

  50. t 50 please

  51. 35T Czechpanzer

  52. 16:10 Phly? in the background – “awhhhh”

  53. It would be cool if you could play with the Panzer VII Maus. You can’t
    though. (obviously)

  54. t-60!!!!!!!

  55. Play something that’s not a tank, play something that has machine guns like
    the Russian anti-aircraft truck or the American m13


  57. Who else heard phly yelling at 16:00 ??

  58. Baron do a rare planes series!

  59. This is a Beutepanzer

  60. Please play the Panther 🙂 Panther master-race

  61. Kobalt Richardson

    Can you do a rare plane request series? 

  62. M13 MGMC!

  63. Play the M3 Stuart, in my opinion, it is the best Tier 1!

  64. accumbularate DoP

    Stalin’s Snus can; the T-26 standard. You’re made of paper but…yeah
    you’re made of paper

  65. Play the m3 gmc tank destroyer

  66. the nooberfuckzoid German tank

  67. The T-III russian premium

  68. Play the multi turret German tier 1, The Neubrfaghr! I think I miss spelled
    it but you know what I’m talking about!

  69. i hate the way RD workds no if you see the fucking tank it should be marked
    the holl time

  70. i was just in a game with someone with that tank i had to make sure i was
    playing germans not merica

  71. Jacob Dunbar (PrecastOrc8601)

    what was that noooooooooooooooo at 16:00

  72. ROBLOX Security Chief Executive Officer Isaaccm

    15:59 | I think a fan broke in his house and now loves him :3 [Joke]

  73. Play the T-34-100

  74. I have this tank, and I’m sure lots of others do as well, I stopped using
    it since American tanks came out, and I think that’s the reason most people
    did too.

  75. Does any1 know what recorder software he use?

  76. PZ VI E please

  77. t-34 prototype

  78. Or the neubonfauzenurg

  79. play ze mighty kraut Sturmgeschutz III A, such tier 1 derp, many wow.

    why didn’t I just say the stug 3 a……

  80. Alex- RockHeadGaming

    T-60 with Yak-1 with 100’s in realistic!

  81. Alex- RockHeadGaming

    Also I live in Florida too!

  82. Colorfastknave6 !


  83. stug A… wobblewobble mr baron von, its good first tier boomstick

  84. How about the Russian Sherman next :D

  85. Pz38t or pz3j

  86. M2A2! Machine gun madness!

  87. Getsuga Tsunentaiga

    C’mon Baron, the T-26-4, Baby Hand of Stalin!

  88. You should us the m3 lee

  89. Pz IV C!

  90. The next tank should be the German reserve tank!

  91. T-34 Prototype. For the motherland

  92. Morten Andre Bergheim

    Zis-30 altho at T2 now but still fun :P

  93. i have no idea

  94. T26e, baron. Stalins specialty spaced armour

  95. Play the Pz. 38 t reserve with it’s caped shells

  96. Next play the panzer I and watch as you get rekt by everything, and can’t
    penetrate anything

  97. M3A1 usmc

  98. M2a2 pls

  99. 77th_artillery_division

    Play the m6a1 I have never seen one before

  100. U should play the Stug 3

  101. The Gaming Fantic

    Zis-30, Mr. Tier one, one shot

  102. The m8a1 scott. The first american tank destroyer in WT

  103. Do a lumbering beast episode (heavy tanks)

  104. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    Baron take out the 10.5cm tiger [attempt 8]

  105. run the m2a4 still able to rek and be reked

  106. run the m2a4 still able to rek and be reked

  107. ZIS-30

  108. 50 cal half trac

  109. Who else heard the guy at 16:00

  110. Sir.HanzVonPanzerlied

    Please play the T-80 or T-70.

  111. How do i get that tank please tell meh ?

  112. The German Gepard

  113. xJAYDINx xJAYDINx

    Pz 2 c ?

  114. m2a2 grind plz!!

  115. The Mighty GamerFTW

    pz 2 dak says Hitler

  116. heh I have one. it is very neat.

  117. panzer Czech pls

  118. For the next tank, do the most op tier one, the T-60

  119. T-34 Thunder

  120. did anyone else hear phly at 15:59 bahahahaha

  121. It’s Herman the German Sherman!

  122. Nahfuanbzerg or what ever how you spell it.

  123. pazer-f1

  124. Ze Geopard!!!!d

  125. US Navy Seal Sniper

    I have a new rule with tier 1 tanks only AP rounds

  126. m2 a4 I believe is the machine gun based tank

  127. T-35

  128. before they changed sim battle I would take this out n try to fool the
    enemies n communicate with allies so they don’t kill me. worked wonderful

  129. Russian SMK is really rare, you should try it sometime.

  130. yayyyyy I have the rarest tank!

  131. Hugo Roy-Bouchard (Battledude3)

    The T80! I challenge you to not die in it!

  132. M2 Medium Tank.

  133. How about the tier 1 Russian spaa

  134. Russia stronk! Shoot ammo and fuel tank and no explode!

  135. T26-4 with the 76

  136. the neubaufahrzeug tier 1 tank is pretty nice and pretty rare

  137. Why not the tiger II (p)?

  138. Oh cool I got to be on the front of Baron’s video. Neat-o!

  139. War thunder needs to add the Mark IV rhombus tank.

  140. I didn’t even know there was a German sherman.

  141. M8A1 if you even have it

  142. PZ. IV E with HEAT rounds. Goddamn nuke gun.

  143. Do a simulator battle!

  144. I’m a newbie in war thunder and I need to know how to fire rockets I press
    space and it says no bombs but has a straight line with more out the sides
    that is the crosshair

  145. I really need to know other wise I’m no use to my team

  146. M2a2

  147. Use the M2A2, I have not seen that tier one in a while.

  148. Fifty call freedom tank
    M2A2 Reserve

  149. There is a german sherman???

  150. kv1

  151. Zis 30 or gulag

  152. Play the t11 if it’s called that

  153. yay glad my suggestion made it even though I didn’t credited!!!!

  154. the stug 3 A with its a 100 mm pen heat rounds

  155. Is the German Sherman a real thing?

  156. if they add France I hope they were to add the super sherman

  157. How bout the Panzer IV C, it does a lot of trouble in its tier

  158. I didn’t even know this premium existed

  159. panzer 3j

  160. Drive out the M2A2 Struggle Tractor

  161. T35 in RB, because Stalin commands it!

  162. Maybe a T-35 Land Battleship

  163. Maybe a T-35 Land Battleship

  164. T-50 plz!!!

  165. T-35 never see it

  166. 75mm GMC M8A1, plez!

  167. It would have actually got captured probably in Italy, France or Belgium.
    And maybe during the battle of the bulge.

  168. With the first T-34 I snapshot-killed an IS2.

  169. hey i have one of those cewl

  170. hey I looked in dis list but there are only about 3 or 2 Russian tanks
    mentioned so if not t 50 try a diffrent Russian tank :D

  171. Play the t26, needs moar love

  172. Why do you play Arcade instead of realistic?

  173. I think you should ask for tanks with bs battle ratings, like the Zis-30 or
    something like that
    2.7 my ass.

  174. T1 Cunningham

  175. Tier one m13 gmc aa

  176. ze pzkf 2


  178. Here’s a rule for the next one… but this one’s for Baron! Enough with the
    restrictions! No restrictions 2015 campaign!

  179. Um the German open cab tank destroyer I’ve only scene one of them before

  180. NASCAR T50 or BT-7

  181. This match was bitter-sweet too much.

  182. I know it’s not tier 1, but could you play the M8A1? It was only available
    during a mission a LONG time ago, and I’ve only ever seen one

  183. John Cena

  184. Vk4501p!!!! Please

  185. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    Noob tank!

  186. can it be a pz 1

  187. 15:59 lol Phly in the background “OOOOH!”

  188. play the russian sherman

  189. Bt7 :3

  190. Lucky Seventh (AceofSpad3s55)

    Pz. II DAK?


    ,Russian maus

  192. Take out the T-126 with Phly! The ultimate seal-clubber

  193. derps only

  194. darkninjacorporation

    Baron playing arcade again? Derp

  195. T-35 for muti turrets

  196. The rockhopper penguin aka the M2 medium tank!

  197. the rarest taml pm war thunder has to be the VK (ealy tiger p prototype).
    all the rest of these can still be bought or earnt in events iirc.

  198. the only tank iv got a 10 kill streak no deaths the panzer 4 f2

  199. U should play the US sniper the: 75mm M3 Motor Carriage

  200. Random Dude Gaming

    Try to get a kill in the m2a2 machine gun tank

  201. ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

    StuG III A

  202. neubelhaufzeug plz

  203. The reason the German Sherman is so rare is because it cost something like
    30-45 munnez. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

  204. bt5

  205. What about the dual turret kv-1 looking thingy

  206. the neubaufahrzeug

  207. Play the Gepard tier I sealclubber

  208. That Tank is cool in War Thunder, and i think, Its the M4, And in World Of
    Tanks, It sucks..

  209. T-35 Premium Soviet Heavy Tank; for the next series, you should do one of
    these: Need 4 Speed Tanks, Brick Tanks, or Derp Tanks.

  210. Play little babbie KV-2!! T-26-4 or gulag for you!

  211. imastalker - something :D

    VK.4501 P

  212. After the next video where you do Tier 1 tanks, you should do a video where
    you play strictly as AA vehicles. I have a lot of fun in arcade battles
    supporting my team by trolling the enemy bombers and fighters.

  213. Try the M8A1 Scott “The tier one hell at.”

  214. Baron, play the Neubaufahrzeug!!

  215. TelclivoGaming HD


  216. Do the gepard with Pz gr its so OP with the br it is tier 1 troll

  217. Play The German multi turreted tank. Neubaufahrzeug next

  218. T-34-85?

  219. I remember this thing in Beta, would kill all of us reserves and tier 1s.

  220. American gmc halftrack

  221. m2a2 !!!

  222. Lets make baron shooter, an american 90 mm of bis preference.

  223. pls panzer 35

  224. For a rule you have to use all types of your ammo

  225. Derp 76mm t26_4!

  226. the germans should have added the long barrel high velocity 75mm to the

  227. Flakpanzer I
    The beast of Tier 1

  228. No a rare tank is the vk4502p

  229. The next tank should be the T-26-4 AKA The Baby Derp

  230. T-50’or Gulag

  231. Wait… How do you get it??

  232. the Lamborghini!!/ BT-7 drift master

  233. German t-28

  234. The M2A2, the driving 50cal.

  235. the nauebaufarzueg! do it!!

  236. I didn’t knew the german sherman was a thing. Is it impossible to get now?

  237. roman smatana (stratos57)

    do flakpanzer tier 1 baron that 20mm close range wreckes people

  238. play the VK 4501 P. Rarest war thunder tank!

  239. THE GAMER TV 2500

    baron i know is 1 is not a rare tank but please make a vid with it and say
    “is 1 which shoot armor penetration vodka bottles at the enemy ” (sorry of
    there are some mistakes i cat speak english very well)

  240. Ayyyy baron! Why not do a reserve tank vid

  241. This shows one more time how the t34 are totally OP 😀 16 kills yeah he
    must be vvveerrryyy good x)

  242. M2A2 light tank. i drive it like a bee out of hell

  243. kv6 land battleship mk 2

  244. stug

  245. do the T 35 because its tier 1, premium and has 3 cannons

  246. do the T 35 because its tier 1, premium and has 3 cannons

  247. ZUT37 please this is my third time asking

  248. Play NEUBAUFAHRZEUG multi turreted monster mit deutschem Stolz !

    and after that maybe a series where we pick not a tank that´s rare but one
    that everyone spamms?

  249. M2a2

  250. stug 3 a

  251. I play warthunder on the PS4 and love it. still grinding out to top level
    on Germany but these videos remind me of home much fun lower tiers were

  252. lolz, the Matrix references continue.

  253. stug III A

  254. I play that tank!! 😀

    fighting US Sherman’s of the same type is just awkward most of the time,
    bouncing shots off each other.
    i’m just so so gutted you cant use it in sim battles blending in with a bit
    of that German covert ops!

  255. pz.iv c plz plz!!

  256. Pz II DAK

  257. T-60

  258. PzKpfw II Ausf. H

  259. I brought this tank to get into the closed tank beta. It used to be an
    amazing tank.

  260. Hate KVs

  261. thanushan rajendram

    He 51

  262. PZ 38t F panzerczech for the win!

  263. Look how much Golden eagles he has @_@

  264. M3 lee

  265. M2 tank?

  266. I hope only Britain gets the new British tanks :/ We needed them for the
    war effort so we couldn’t really give any away.

  267. diesel is love diesel is life

  268. potxman007 “unaitian5” wot/minecraft


  269. With KV you have to aim below the gun mantlet. Instant kill you you are
    lucky enough.

  270. Play the Neubaufahrzeug please.

  271. T-80 or T-26-4

  272. Panzer IV C? The most spammed tier one German tank.

  273. The American Prenium Tier 1 Stuart

  274. BT-5 or BT-7 :)

  275. The PZ II C!

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