RAREST TANK in War Thunder?

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder vk4501 P, Porsche Tiger Super Rare Tank!
War Thunder – Vk 4501 P Porsche Tiger

Win an E-100: http://warthunder.pro/en

Thanks for watching!


  1. What was once the rarest tank in War Thunder might now just have become the
    “Volkstiger” or the Peoples’ Tiger, since you are now able to win it during
    the Holiday missions.

    What do you think is the rarest tank in War Thunder right now?

  2. first

  3. Notice Me Senpai

  4. first comnent woot

  5. Oberkommando Der Wehrmacht

    *With the voice of Günsche*

    I’m here to inform you,that you’re playing the VK 30.01(P).

  6. I’m still confused on how to get this. The website says get 6 tasks or
    whatever but the task are just prem vehicles and an emblem

  7. It might help if you take off your winter camouflage on a desert map.

  8. I always use snow camo in the desert.

  9. Every other episode is “rarest tank in War Thunder” these days.

  10. Nice Baron?

  11. Most (if not all) Razer mice are good. Razer products in general are great.

  12. Pretty sure the T-123 is the rarest tank in my opinion.
    And anybody else remember when the T-34 sloping was meant to bounce shells
    neither do I

  13. i think E100 is the rarest atm

  14. I have a good MAUSE you could use.

  15. G402 or G502 by Logitech. They also have a good wireless mouse, the G602

  16. When you went into the water after driving around and being all muddy. The
    water washed it off haha. I didn’t realize that happened

  17. I’d recommend you the Steelseries Rival 300. It has 3 custumizable buttons,
    it’s reliable and fits perfectly in my hand.

  18. I’d recommend you the Steelseries Rival 300. It has 3 custumizable buttons,
    it’s reliable and fits perfectly in my hand.

  19. You can only help reparing a vehicle, when it is in your squad

  20. I just want to see a Churchill VII

  21. i have the Porsche tiger too it’s awsome xD

  22. Calling it the Volkstiger is pretty appropriate since Porsche is owned by

  23. Hey look, it’s me.

  24. 4m gaz aaa

  25. logitech g700 ;)

  26. not hte M4 German Sherman? I thougt that is the rarest tank ingame

  27. Razer Deathadder Chroma is an excellent mouse for gaming

  28. This reminds of the movie
    White tiger
    Pretty good movie in my opinion

  29. I would like to recommend the cobra mouse :)

  30. Tiger P dont made it to real life becouse of electric engine what was
    always broken.

  31. British tanks disbalanced ALL TIERS

  32. Buy steelseries sensei raw ,is really nice mouse.

  33. it’s purchaseable on EU server, I got it myself since it came out

  34. Baron. I actually have 2 mice. For the FPS and other games I use Roccat
    Kone XTD and games like WT, WoT and WoWs I use Razer Naga 2014.

  35. From what I know only one ‘normal’ person owned that tank before and that
    is Tiger_VI the famous skinner from WT.live. He got it by mistake…

  36. that moment where the sherman shot you in the engine reminds me of Fury

  37. “i’m gonna take the lower ground” Anakin Skywalker intensifies

  38. There actually is quite a lot of forest in Tunisia, but all in the north
    side. The south is where all the desert is at.

  39. If you search for good mice than check out “Roccat”. They make really good
    mice for Gaming with german presicion. I own the Tyon and those extra knobs
    really help me playing WarThunder.

  40. oh thats what that thing is i shot the bloody thing in the front armor like
    3 times with my 88 and it didn t do shit to it

  41. Mouse wise you want something with an optical sensor.

  42. MrJohnycomelately21

    That scene change though!

  43. if you buy a new mouse make sure it has a DPI-button so that you can change
    the sensitivity by the push of a button!

  44. Yay first time my name is featured in a video *(ツ)*/¯ Thanks Baron!!

  45. Win it? I bought one with eagles, months ago…

  46. The turkey turn slow?! Really no shit Sherlock ?????

  47. you cant assist in reparing a friendly tank unless that tank is in your
    squad baron.

  48. What the difference between that tank and the tiger Porsche


  50. Just sold mine in wot blitz… It’s not that bad

  51. Wasn’t that a premium at one point?

  52. I just started the vid but you can buy this tank in eu shop can you buy it
    on NA servers?

  53. This tank is hardly the rarest. I see it everywhere now :D

  54. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Kinda gave up on the missions, impossible to get 60 teamwork badges with
    randoms and there’s like 5 extra missions after that whitch are probably
    even more difficult :

  55. please play the Charioteer

  56. maybe the RBT-5 is the rarest tank in WT right now

  57. So how do you win this?

  58. Interesting how you got it already, even if all the missions aren’t
    available for it yet

  59. yeah i got one of those

  60. how to obtain it?

  61. If you’re looking for a new mouse either go for a razer deathadder or razer
    Deathadder has 2 mouse buttons that I use for the ailerons on planes
    The naga is good because it has 12 side buttons by default set to
    1234567890-/ it’s easy to change it in the software aswell.

  62. Kv-4 Plz

  63. and how does tier mechanic work in wae thunder liek in world of tank the
    tier mechanic sorting tank by tier from weak to strong liek from T1
    cunningham onto T32 then T110E5

  64. Baron do a full gameplay of war Thunder in first person pls, who agrega
    with me?

  65. mouse wise I would recommend something from Logitech, I myself use a
    steelseries sensei, only reason why I recommend the logi over the sensei is
    due to the fact that ss still have not moved support over to sse3 for the

  66. when baron talks of star wars after you have seen ep 4

  67. I use Razer Deathadder and love it

  68. what i see here this game tier system is kinda complicated

  69. G502 mouse is the best mouse you can get at the moment.

  70. I think a bullet (or a couple) from the plane bounced off the Panther and
    hit your tracks.

  71. mouse suggestion: genesis gx 44

  72. its not rare

  73. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    slow af

  74. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    try the steel series rival gaming mouse. alot of pro gamers use it.

  75. If you want a *good Maus* then I recommend the *E100* :3

  76. Das is nicht ein guten panzerwagen. Das ist ein langweilig ding mann.

  77. I actually won it during the test drive event, but I guess I didn’t know
    that it was super rare at the time and didn’t buy it (which I had the
    opportunity to do).

  78. Still not as rare as Pepe’s

  79. razer deathadder

  80. that’s tiger (p)

  81. I sexually identify as a tiger-p

  82. multi tasking is bad for your brain

  83. Baron for a mouse I recommend the Logitech G602 I have had it for a while
    now and love it.

  84. Volkdpanzer, lol that is a good one.

    You need improve on your Tuskun accent.

  85. Deutchess? No. Deutsche. Doi-che. Deutsche

  86. Lol, that chat in 5:20 😀 “Help, I flipped my tank”

  87. In the other Tiger, it uses the engine to traverse the turret…

  88. When are you planning to stream more fallout 4?

  89. When are you planning to stream more fallout 4?

  90. Starwars was shot in Tunisia, so it makes sense

  91. XMalevolentPandoraX

    I was expecting some tusken raiders in the background too lol

  92. Razer Deathadder! Best mouse imo !!

  93. The razer deathadder is a really nice gaming mouse I have

  94. Razer Deathadder. It hasn’t failed me yet, and I love it. Really ergonomic
    and lightweight with strong tactile feedback. I use it for every shooter I
    play from Battlefront to War Thunder.

  95. Killed one of those today with my M41A1 Walkerbulldog. But im not suprised
    i put a APDS shell into the back of it’s turret

    and a little side note i did the thing to get this tank. Didn’t get it i
    got some backup vehicles for like two of my brit tanks i was like um okay
    wtf lol

  96. I have seen one of these in RB i think the name of the guy was tiger_vi

  97. Hey Baron did you ever get to watching that anime?

  98. They should do something to make the e-100s gun special so it is not the
    same as the maus’ gun. They could add like a apcr round or something.

  99. Baron you did a mistake while showing the armor of this thing. The front is
    actually 200mm, not 100. If you take a closer look, directly behind the
    visible 100mm plate, there is another 100mm plate (like with the sherman
    jumbo). It’s basically the ferdinand hull with a tiger 1 turret.

  100. isn´t the rarest tank the rarest tanks is the t-35

  101. Jeffrey Krakowiak (ImJeffafa)

    I got a G602 and it is very smooth. DPI buttons and 6 other programmable

  102. The Volkstiger would make traffic jams very interesting

  103. do a good job

  104. basically porsche tiger but weaker armor lol

  105. do you get better games in realistic battles, cause i never get a win in
    arcade battles

  106. How do i get it?

  107. “Retreat you little shit!”
    I lol’d hard xD
    Funny vid, keep it up Sir Baron!

  108. how do you get it if it earnable in game

  109. Logitech has some really good gaming gear. If got the g502 mouse.

  110. I use Razer naga but since you don’t play rpgs much i would say go Razer
    Mamba but the wired one not the wireless you know for better control…
    Anyways that mouse can go up to 16k dpi if you so desire

  111. First time when I saw Electric Tiger I Said Hello to it with Patriotic AP
    round and it cooked its goose! Roccat makes good mouses atleast I dont have
    any complaint against Roccat Savu atm it is longest lasting mouse that I
    have had.

  112. @BaronVonGamez Razor Naga pretty decent mouse, i love mine

  113. Try the Corsair M45 raptor you can adjust dpi on the fly and has weights to
    adjust the feels.

  114. Can someone further explain how to win this tank?
    There are apparently 6 tasks and the next task comes tomorrow, but people
    have been saying they’ve done the 6 tasks already.
    Does anyone have any info on this?

  115. Baron! Get the M65 Corsair mouse it is rather fantastic. I have been
    enjoying it a lot.

  116. I could recommend Steelseries Rival if ze Baron has semi big hands/fingers
    and he is right handed. :)

  117. Mouse: CM Storm recon? Adjustable DPI on the mouse itself :)

  118. G700S or the Final Mouse are both pretty solid choices.

  119. How does he have every tank unlocked

  120. I´d get the G402 definitely, I know that price is probably not a real issue
    for you, but for 20 $ less it´s at least as good as the G502

  121. Roccat Kone Pure optical gaming mouse is by far the best mouse I have ever
    used. It is pricey though

  122. Anker precision laser gaming mouse. Model number- ds-2368

    Comes with 5 million colors to choose from, 9 button, plus a macro button,
    and weights. Yes, you read that right; weights for precision gaming. DPI is
    8200. Get it you will not regret it.

  123. Logitech g502, he has a DPI button who can slow the mouse went you hold it,
    it helps a lot for long range engagement

  124. Hj. Ramlee Hj. Md. Yusof

    good one and wow

  125. Ze porsche toger is not the rarest tank any more, i have blown up about 4
    this week only XD so…………. Yeah…

  126. Baron, I think it was that plane that strafed you and the Panther that took
    your track out.

  127. The Porche tiger was the first vehicle to have a hybrid engine ever, it was
    known to burst into flames so it was scrapped

  128. Anyone want to squad up hit me up on ps4 marinerecon1st20

  129. what a boring game

  130. Baron if you dont mind spending some cash get the Logitec Proteus Core,
    made for precision or something that I still use that is very cheap and
    very good the Hama Urage.

  131. I bet the unique KV-1 is the rarest tank, not this.

  132. I got a Mionix Avior 7000 and I love it. It is super expensive and it feel
    right in my hand. The best I suggest is the go to a store and try some

  133. I have this tank on ps4 platform 

  134. i love the logitech G400S mouse

  135. Kensington track ball. Once you go track you never go back.

  136. Trick with surviving inTiger is NOT to have all your ammunitions with you –
    you dont want to be rolling gunpowderbarrel.
    22 shells goes on floor section and keeps you alive when taking hits on
    those front corners & side parts (wich now are empty from shells). Usually
    got 24 shells and after 2 shot you are relatively safe from ammunition
    exploid death of your Tiger. Only Kursk target-range- shooting-fest takes
    more than those 24 shells. In Kursk you need 40-50 easely.

  137. Awesome video Baron! +1 :)

  138. i play this all the time , but i rarly see anyone else in it

  139. Quite a few of these rare War Thunder tanks you can just go to World of
    Tanks and play them.

  140. Baron,you should get a Logitech G602 gaming mouse.Just got one for
    Christmas and it’s amazing for War Thunder :D

  141. Baron, you’re always trying to be nice to teammates and help repair them,
    but you can only help repair if it’s a teammate in your squad, if he’s not
    in your squad you can’t help repair him.

  142. I recommend you the mouse logitech g502 i have it and i think its a really
    amazing mouse

  143. baron get the steel series rival, best for this type of games and fps games
    as it has no hardware acceleration, and has rgb colours, check it out man

  144. get the corsair m65 it is a really good mouse

  145. Baron we all should start a Tank/plane CHALLENGE SERIS. like for
    example I challenge you to use the maus with HE for the 128mm and Heat in
    the 75mm. and the only mods you can have installed is parts, FPE, and
    tracks. in RB and the use of the Hs.129B-3 with the 75mm (plane)goal
    is 1kill 1assist in the Maus and 2kills in the Hs.129B-3 o>

  146. far from the rarest tank. U do realize the german sherman is more of a rare
    site than this thing? also this tank one of the buyable premiums relatively
    speaking due to the alarming resemblance…

  147. I never see the m8a1 scott

  148. Baron, how can you complete 6 tasks? I just completed 1 tasks with 60
    teamworks :I

  149. Patrick Adams (Orion)

    There are forests in Tunisia….

  150. Connor Lydon (MegaSirReal)

    How did you unlock it, where are the challenges

  151. Alexsander Senaviev

    Can’t you buy that tank?

  152. G502 is what I use and recommend to everyone.

  153. Baron do you play on the dev server??

  154. A steel series rival is a good mouse that I would recommend

  155. You can buy the tiger P in war thunder

  156. About your sensitivity problem, I’ve been using the Utech Smart Venus
    mouse. There are two buttons where you can adjust your sensitivity on on
    the fly.
    I have a high setting for third person and a low setting for long range

  157. My tank battles r fcked up for some weird reason:(

  158. will it be worth it to grind for that VK right now?

  159. Baron
    I advise getting an “M65 RGB ‘Corsair Gaming’ Mouse With A Sniper Button”
    As i has a 5 option dpi changer on the top and then the sniper button is on
    the side and for “common people” who use their right hand its placed where
    your thumb rests it has lovely grip and has a rugged coating but that is
    smooth to touch for sweaty players to be able to grip it and had three
    customisable weight options by three weights located underneath also it has
    programable buttons and customisable dpi changes ranging from 8500 dpi to a
    low 100 dpi also you can customise its looks with 2 customisable lights and
    a customisable dpi level changer light identifier
    I personally went and sought out a mouse like this because my other one i
    had extreme costs because it was sticking to my table and then i’d put a
    bit more pressure to move it into the spot where i can pen but it would
    slide too much and would throw my aim of usually costing my tank’s life
    Now with this mouse i dont have the gripping problem

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