Rasha – SU-101 – World of Tanks

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  1. 24 seconds booooiiiis! :O
    WOW, Me fast AF. 🙂 Glad to see videos back.

  2. first haha

  3. Balans tovarisch

  4. Hey @circon so I was wondering does my fv 183 get nerfed in the HE nerd?? Please I need to know because I wasted 22mill for it then and I want my coins back if it gets nerfed

  5. Oh, yes, definitely, td’s need more hp. Especially 268/4.

    • @Blur 410 most of the players don’t use td’s as heavies, they kemp bush, even in t 30, even in tortoise. Now imagine winning your flank just to realize that there is still some dude out there, near the classic bush+stone position 5 meters away from base and he has camo of td, weapon of td and full hp. What are the chances to outplay him in that scenario? Now imagine that said td has a lot of hp as well. Yay.

    • @cr0ssed00 you can say the same exact thing about a camping heavy tank 90% of the time. Only certain tier 10 tds have hiher alpha and assuming you are a one-shot against that alpha then you don’t hve the potion of trading and ssliding behind the td to outplay. The fact that almost all TDs dont have fully rotating turrets invalidates your point.

    • @Blur 410 td’s have significant bonus to camo while stationary fyi. Also, only 3 lvl 10 td’s have less than 500 alpha damage – strv, and badger, both having 3.5k BASE dpm and foch b with 2.4k clip damage, ffs. Td’s are broken as they are. Hell, ts-5 is the most broken tank since t-22 medium pre-nerf.

    • @cr0ssed00 tds and broken don’t belong in the same sentence, go buy a turret. And yes, any tank camping in the back of their base has a viewrange advantage while being pushed.

    • Алексей Сафронов

      cr0ssed00 every tank has a camo bonus when stationary. TDs are not broken and not OP. There is one good tier 10 TD, 268/4 and only because it has armor and can move around faster that a paraplegic.

  6. I see SU-101 play I like. I see Circon playing with SU-101 I like and comment that I liked.

    Overall great reply ! 😀

  7. Thats SU for you, 101.

  8. 3:55 captions: and now I bounce the egg printer looool

  9. dunno why you hate the south ridge…that seems like the only decent part of the map…

  10. I had a game today in Foch 155, did 6,25k damage and 5 kills, still lost.

  11. 6 arty plus tds= non stop camping and draws… Why they dont limit arty to just 1 per side I will never know

  12. Russbot Apocalypse 2020

    The line to the 268-4 is pretty good except for the tier 9, but the 268-4 is god level.

  13. This tank actually has a glorious gun and USED to be difficult to pen, but has suffered badly from power creep. I used to love grinding through it on my way to tier 10. Its like a mini Object 268-4.

  14. The one map i have blocked because of north and south flank.

  15. Marthijn van Oorschot

    Hey circon, I uploaded a game in my WZ-132-1 on your replay site. It’s an interesting one and you might find it worthy to showcase, after QB just called the WZ trash lol

  16. Omg, I love this tank so much. And yea, it’s basically a turretless Medium with an IS-4 122 and no gun depression; those are some steep tradeoffs. Cautiously aggressive gameplay is the way to go.

  17. always learning something watching you…

  18. That fireplace is Unreal engine 1.0 quality. Really nostalgic, takes me back.

  19. I’m all for those TDs having more health…need to get my medium 15 mission done for the t55a. ?

  20. Playing the 263 to get the Bobject right now. Fun line.

  21. One sided games are boring ..

  22. I blocked 3.1k in my SU-101 in worst possible MM by sitting behind a train bed. Only thing that penned me was a T95, and only with gold

  23. Sounding a bit sick Circon

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