Rating All Tier 10 Tanks Feat. Skill4ltu | World of Tanks Full Tier 10 Tanks Tier List

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Full Tier 10 Tanks Overview, Tier List together with Skill4ltu. World of Tanks Best Tanks, Overpowered Tanks, Bad Tanks, Worst Tanks.

This officially my longest episode ever uploaded to YouTube, not quite 2 hours, but I left myself a bit of room for improvements! 😛

Anyway, enjoy this MEGA episode, Podcast style featuring every single tier 10 tank in the game, listing them into different categories together with Skill4ltu.

As always, keep in my, this is OUR opinion, feel free to think differently!

Would you like to see more co-ops with Skill in the future

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– All Tier 10 Tanks!


  1. When we started recording this, we thought we are going to make a video, around 30 minutes long episode… it turned out to be a freaking Podcast! 😀 But oh boy, we had fun, time flew by and this is officially my longest episode ever uploaded, almost 2 hours! 😀
    Anyway, I really do HOPE you enjoy it, and let us know if you want to see more stuff like this, together with Skill and other guests. Let me know hitting the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down button!
    PS! This tier list is based on our experience in the game, on our opinion. Feel free to think differently! 🙂 And the end we were thinking adding something like 10 more categories, but hey… It’s our first pancake! 😛
    Check out Skill4ltu: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWsfGABc3RaJxKeE-VcYYGA

    • Foch 155 with HE is broken. Great episode.

    • Yay.. bout friggin time

    • @Ivo Ruest not rly. it’s good only in few maps where you can go hull down.

    • I’m not saying that ebr is not a good tank… but broken?? come on!! on half of the maps u are useless …. seems like more and more ppl hit you on the move… including arty… sure it can be very good tank in good hands… but again broken?? without full 4-5 skills equipment on bonds and ratio it dose not have max view range… 260 only good tank?? t95/fv is just broken….wtf did u smoke ?

  2. Full HE Foch 155 is broken. Was thinking of what to do for two hours while waiting for a game’s vendor reset. Then I thought what better to hear Dez and Skill for two hours. Great video there. 🙂

  3. I honestly never expected for foch 155 with full he to literally make 279e look like an absolute joke

  4. make one episod whit tier 8

  5. Holy shit this is an insane video!!!!
    I can’t believe you made a 2 hr video!!! :O
    Ty for making this video; I can now rebalance tanks for WarGaming with my T92 lololol
    Too many tanks to keep up with.

  6. I hate powercreep in WoT and WG should think about it because Obj. 279(e) and Chieftain are just too OP…

  7. Rip bought 155 for 25 mil. And can only sell it for 1.000 credits 🙁

  8. The only tank I think I really disagree on is the E-5. Yes I know it has been a victim to power creep and WG screwed it over by nerfing the commanders hatch but I still think the armor is very good, especially the frontal armor. I have eating a LOT of rounds side scraping in this tank, but you can’t over angile in this tank. I think the gun, gun handling and DPM is very respectable. I think the E-5 should be a solid tank. While I love my E-100, I don’t have any issues defeating an E-100 1v1.

    I haven’t played WOT for about a year because WG has been trying to kill the game and have switched to PUBG, but I played WOT for at least 4 years and was really good. I am thinking about coming back but I would love to see WG buff some of the older tanks like the E-100 and E-5 to make them more competitive against the overpowered tanks they are selling.

    PS. Dez I still watch your videos even thou I don’t play WOT anymore and I wish you continued success because you just sound like a great guy and your content is really good!

  9. Excellent! Dez n skill

  10. 9:11 this tank and whole line should be removed without any compensation
    58:52 no. arta hit you for ~500. that was the reason why i took chieftain, 907 eat for 1.4k (ask anyone from skil1 who was in last campaign) + chieftain is situational. it”s good hulldown, and it’s fast. and have good dpm. that’s it. frontally in let’s say ensk even tier8 tank can penetrate your “op” tank without any problems .

  11. full he foch 155 is broken

  12. It would be awesome to have labels on those tank icons, not all of us are experts to recognize tanks by their silhouette..

  13. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves


  14. I was listening to this on the background, but something about AMX being broken? 😛

  15. make america great again rebalance t110E5 – – – foch155 with HE is broken

  16. Full HE Foch 155 is OPPPPP

  17. Skill is the best for obvious reasons! 🙂
    DEZ is a solid banana out of 10!

  18. Oh man 2 hours of aural erotica, thanks for the time you guys put in to make this! I agree with everything except ONE point : Everything you said about 705A is true, BUT if you are in a 705A you can shit all over nearly anything in lower tiers – and it has beast HE that just wrecks SuperConqs and anything hull down. She is great for sidescraping but if you take one out of cover that armour holds up! Keep up the amazing sexy work guys, much love from Australia, kangaroos and kisses

  19. remove clown cars please

  20. Loved the vid, u should do another one rating the t8 prems in the game

  21. Foch 155 HE IS BROKEN ???
    Very good episode easy to watch ?

  22. I knew it….. Dez release skill from basement I know you keep him down there ?

    P.s. amx Foch 155 full HE is broken

  23. made it too the end, full he foch 155 is broken lol XD
    thanks a bunch i will definetly recommend others too at least watch the end of this vod 😀 i think you too compliment each other 😀

  24. This was very informative! Aaaaand of course Foch 155 with HE is broken 😉

  25. In my opinion the 54 is better than the pz.kpfw.VII because its more mobile, doesnt have such a big weakspot like the vii’s turret ring and the gunhandling is great.

  26. Wachira Narongsack


  27. Simeun Jakovljevic

    This is epic! Gods decided to work together!

  28. Christian Chirillo

    Foch 155 with HE is broken. Nice video. Cheers Guys !Now Ranked Battles is back it’s nice to know. I played i few battles yesterday and all you see is Chieftains and Obj 279e’s.Not fun if you dont have a reward tank. Also i saved alot of bonds and WG opened the shop for bonds yesterday. Is it worth 15k Bonds to buy the M60 or 121B ??? Dez and Skill pls answer.

  29. Bernd Michael Lukoschek

    This is the equivalent to the Bonner Durchmusterung!!!

  30. foch 155 with full HE is BROKEN!!! I did listen to your 2:11 H:min video. It was a good video and i hope some WG staff was or will watch it too and maybe they will do something about those tier 10 tanks, at least.

  31. Dez and skill my favorite youtubers hmm good job

  32. Making Stuff Awesome

    They could fix the German T10 light tank by giving it the Fosh155 With HE is broken gun… problem solved.

  33. shout out from Dublin ,Eire .
    this collaboration is very good for the community , great idea , id go as far as to say this could be the start of WOT Bible .
    great job Dez and Skill .
    Irishman01 EU

  34. Foch 155 with full HE is broken

  35. AMX 50B rulz over da world and Foch155 With HE is broken

  36. Foch 155 with HE is BROKEN

  37. Foch 155 full is BROKEN ?

  38. Foch 155 with full he is broken, this was good to listen to doing the dishes

  39. Why put the word situational? If we are real almost every tank is “situational”

  40. U forgot about obj 268 v5

  41. Grate Video, btw full HE Foch 155B is Broken 😉

  42. 155 is broken w he??

  43. @DezGamez & @Skill4ltu , listening to you guys for two hours in work, sometimes scrolling back to hear those comments again and again making is making my worktime so ENJOYABLE <3

  44. Nice to see you working together. I just recived my own Obj279 but I don’t play it very well. But it is indeed toptier broken. I agree with you list except for Maus and E100. They are situational at best. Oh, and Foch 155 with full HE is broken as F*. 🙂

  45. I actually like the brittish lights. Maybe the hit-n-hide playstyle fits me. Also the I have a lot better dpg in brittish lights this than any other just because the gun shoots homing bullets.

  46. *WOT conversation street* [btw full HE Foch 155 is broken]

  47. fv215b only 12k bonds! LUL

  48. Full HE Foch 155 is broken and i am still waiting fór E 100 buff.

  49. I watched till the end, but foch 155 full HE is not broken 🙂 hehe . it is fun but I will not say it 😀

  50. Not only foch 155 with HE is broken, but I’m also waiting for naked pics of dez and skill

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