Rating ALL Tier 10 Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Today I’m rating ALL Tier 10 Tanks in World of Tanks so you can see what’s hot not with all the changes in 2021!



  1. I don’t know why QB rates the 60TP so highly. The gun is just horrendous, low standard and HEAT pen, derpy handling, bad aim time…I just can’t ever make this thing work.

  2. I would love to see some How to Guides for tier 9-10 tanks. As I personally have played quite casually for 8 years, I really don’t know how to use my own tanks and where I really should be most of the time. Now of course some are obvious say like a Hellcat / SPG but outside of some TDs and others which are very specific to their role and where they should be. The others are not very direct to what to do and when. For me personally I play Heavies, Mostly the Mauschen (as i have no silver for my t10 tank ever) I feel a lot of times my team is more annoyed with my position rather than happy about it and I do ask in chat quite often but rarely am met with helpful information. For instance, take us into how you show tanks on the charts and 3d models, but do it with top-down views of the map and actually show it like your just placing pieces on a tabletop game and walk us through when and where tanks should be. <3 You QB, thanks for everything you do! IGN : Lidean (For anyone who is willing to actually give me advice or talk WOT and how to do it properly)

  3. 29:40 Qb: This is my list
    St-II : Our list*

  4. Where is the VK72.01K

  5. E4 and t57 heavy and leo wrong place should be at second place

  6. Tier 10 made me realize I’m not as good as I thought at world of tanks lol. I did great in the su152, great in the isu152, great in the obj 704. Then i got the 268 and I rarely exceed 2 or 3 penetrating hits on my opponents in a game no matter the style I try to use it. Same with the t110e4. By the end of my run with the t30 I was probably averaging 3k plus damage a game. But then I get the t110e4 and while I’m on a 55% win rate with it, I only do 1500-2000 damage avg it feels like and the armor does not exist. It just feels like my win rate has nothing to do with my own performance in the 110e4. I’m not mad about this, it’s just perplexing me.

  7. Spg wasn’t nerfed it was buffed

  8. Why not review Chieftain which is breaking the game? Is WOT prohibiting it from being mentioned?

    • He’s never played it before, so he can’t rank it

    • @Kippers Delight of course he has reviewed it many times. It’s funny how WOT protects 279 and Chieftain bad reviews from happening. Worst CP is Skill which is paid by WOT to BS kids and say those tanks are not OP. Money machine 4ever

    • @g k He’s watched gameplays of it, but never played it… this is his personal opinion of it.

      You’re also just wrong about WG protecting the tanks, QB often talks about them being OP. He even said recently that he’d have them remove the tanks from the game if he could…

  9. So, we need to avoid all SPG? but we can’t hide from them LOL

  10. WOT nerfed the crap out of the SPGs because of all the whining bastards in the game.
    The fact is that the SPGs are no longer realistic in WOT whatsoever. If the SPGs were supposed to be realistic, they should be able to virtually one shot any tank if hitting it straight on the top of the turret.
    WOT has basically made the SPG class irrelevant because of all the whining cowards in the game who only love to sit still and shot while the armor of their tanks protect them.

  11. So change the name QB, this isnt all tier 10 tanks is it now, put CW reward tanks in

  12. But where’s the chieftain:) xd

  13. I remember buying FV4005 just for last obj260 mission. I made it in like 3rd battle, with only AP shells, did over 8k dmg which is my top dmg to this date.
    It was that short window when they buffed FV… before the big nerf. Good times 🙁

  14. CS-63 is not godlike… it’s shit.

  15. 5A is underrated these days, still manage to average 5k – 6k combined per game (even when the 2nd top player on my team only did 1.5k lol…)

  16. Clown cars are not real tanks

  17. Hey QB,

    Great video. As a mediocre player, I like it and in majority of stuff I agree (having in mind that I have all tier 10 in my garage (tech tree).

    Anyway, I liked all of your reviews like this one. Based on it, one question:

    Does it make sense to create one video related to tanks most fun to play with and for tanks which are very boring to play with. Does not need to include “tier filter”, just to have like top 20 for most fun and top 20 for most boring ones. Include all tiers or for example tier 6 – tier 10…I dunno….something like that. Just think about it….

    Best Regards 😉

  18. Great video and a great help.
    No way is the CGC the best SPG – I’ve sold it 3 times now……
    I keep going back to it because people like QB keep saying it has great gun arc – IT DOES NOT.
    Compare it to the FV304 – now that’s a great gun arc. Park under a cliff and lob shells vertically – now try the same position in a CGC – it doesn’t work. Also the aim time is truly horrific and the reload is criminal. It only works is Clan Wars games – there’s a great Claus Kellerman video that shows this in action.
    I’m very curious as to why all the contributors concentrate almost exclusively on random games ( apart from the Halloween specials etc) – we almost never see Clan Wars stuff…..
    The best tier X SPG ( IMHO ) is the Obj 261.
    I do keep the GWE 100 as it was my first Tier X vehicle and I do laugh when EBR’s shoot HE into the hull ( Spall liner … ) and then ram me – also it can take a few near misses in counter battery duels.
    I still play SPG’s because that’s all I’m good at and once you’ve got a handle on the changes you can still be effective.
    Also I’m older than the Mighty Jingles himself ……….
    To all SPG players out there – we are still needed and we still relevant .

  19. QB, will be helpfull to have type of tank writte on the tanks too..think 🙂

  20. 57:50 the Grille is pure trash it hits nothing. Has an aimtime of like a month and fully aimed you still miss. The Penetration is like 10mm better than a WT

  21. WG really did arty dirty …
    Instead nerf they should have limit it to 1-2 per battle
    Now op tanks like chieftain are even more oppresive since arty could focus them….

  22. Im going to be honest. I hated artilieries but not for a reason that most people hate. I hated it because of MM. If there would be single artilery every game it would be great. After nerfs it’s not enjoyable for both sides.

  23. come on Quicky – add some nice white text under each tank – after a while you can’t tell/remember which is which 😞

  24. I don’t think calling low win rate tanks being bad, they are actually the only balanced and fun tanks.
    I feel like garbage when i play with overpower tanks.

  25. Some day i am gona unlock 279e and the win rate will drop 🤣 you are welcome 😁

  26. Is it better to spend bonds on equipment or tanks?

  27. strongly disagree, obj279(e) has shit tier armor, everything is piercing it

  28. We got it bois, QB starts to like UWU tank.

  29. What about the chieftain

  30. can you make also a tierlist for tier 8 tech tree tanks, and compare it to the premium tierlist

  31. Chieftain mk6? I didn’t hear him mention it did pc remove it or something or did he goof

  32. I only play arty for the missions otherwise I dont play the class.

    I think you should have put Type 5 Heavy and E 100 higher. They are so underrated and can be really fun to play

  33. For me, Due to the armor and lack of frontal weak spots on the type 5, it’s the tank where you load the gold the minute you see it, simply due to it having no other consistent way of killing it from the front

  34. Where is the VK 72.01 (K). ??
    I love playing the Panzer VII and therefore want to know if it is worth getting the VK 72.01 (K) if it becomes availabe at some point
    It is rated suprisingly well in server statistics

  35. Players like QB were solely responsible for WG nerfing arty, because they made it cool to dismiss them. Now they are crying because the (all Russian) heavy tanks get a free pass and lights are also now pointless. I told you this would happen. Arty never did anything meaningful to you in game, you exaggerated all of it.

  36. RIP T57 and all the nerfs after it was released.
    jg100 is kind of trash; it shouldn’t be evaluated heavily based off of it’s ability to spam gold or this whole tier list should be redone. However, it is fair to evaluate it in being able to become swiss cheese from all the gold fired at it.
    LT100 = Ru bias cancer
    lol yes!! Armor meta = cancer
    Armor meta = WalletGaming’s way to get you to spam gold, OR LOSE
    Armor meta = exactly what WalletGaming wants
    The faster and more dangerous they can make armor meta powercreep cancer, the more gold they can sell (in some form)

  37. Hey QB, If it’s too much effort to do what Sebot does, why not break up your tier 10 review into multiple videos and add the missing table information, say by type of tank? That way you’ll get multiple videos out for just a little more time on your part. Almost 90 minutes is way too long for most subscribers, and it certainly won’t attract new subscribers. Just saying… (P.S. great job Sebot!)

  38. its Kran-Vagn not Kranvong

  39. Putting ST ii over T110E5, CS 63 over STB…QB, are you ok?

  40. Hi QB ! See my comments on your Medium Rating, I should say : great job again, many thanks and ….GO FURTHER in 2022. KR and happy New Year !

  41. Stb1 has an issue. The cupola. Unlike other tanks, you can’t go sideways on a Ridgeline because of hydropneumatic suspension. So instead of being a Ridgeline warrior, it’s something closer to a leopard where you act opportunistic. Another problem, really bad top speed

  42. The AMX 30 B is a beautiful tank. Bummer that it’s so eh now.

  43. QB is trying to create a church or a cult … “masterclass” ?! … why not ditch that hyper-super-have_it_all account and create such rating based on FreeToPlay experience … it wasnt that long ago, when QB learned how it feels, when RNG does not support you. VZ55 armor could be cheese, Centurion does very well anyway … AMX M4 54 is very decent tank anyway etc. Well, its just one persons opinion … conclusion on masterclasses (if you have 6-skill crews + bond equipment + food) 🙂 Regular/casual players should not take it too seriously.

  44. i think you missed the 114SP2

  45. I agree mostly with the list, except the obj. 140. The 140 for me is godlike, not ever, ever, ever a decent choice. Is at least Super competitive

  46. I was just thinking earlyer about a video of thos topic and then you have just posted it

  47. for me arty is just there to prevent me from getting my T55A
    why wargaming whyyy
    nerf arty mission or remove them

  48. I’d love to see reviews of some mid tier tanks (4-7) since a lot of has changed as well.

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