Rating ALL Tier 10 Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m rating ALL Tier 10 tanks in World of Tanks!

is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Przemysław Stalmach

    STB-1 – it doesn’t matter how much alpha it had before and it has now when it comes to damaging tracks. Module damage is tied with gun caliber not their damage. So IS with 122mm gun and 390 alpha has better chance to knock out module (like tracks) than E50M with 105mm gun and the same alpha. Reduced alpha on STB-1 then has nothing to do with detracking capability in 1 shot. It didn’t change at all. Same with Tiger II with 105mm gun and 320dmg alpha and Object 140 with 100mm gun and 320dmg alpha. Module damage is slightly better on 105mm gun regardless of the same alpha damage. But object 140 is more likely to keep enemies detracked anyway due to much better RoF.

  2. Puts all Arty in Trash? Put EBR broken shit in Godlike ? Time to leave.

  3. quality content ??

  4. I think wargaming should buff the E-100 specifically its turret armor because if gold rounds go through 90% of the time then the armor it has is pretty redundant so if they buffed it by 40mm more or if that’s not enough maybe 80mm it would certainly improve the tank and sure you can angle the turret but in my experience that only works 60% of the time kind of i guess, but if it was 40mm thicker at the turret front then angling the turret would be significantly more effective and would still but a skillful mechanic/playstyle which should be rewarded, skill over pay to win should be the policy. Games need balancing or they die so i think wargaming should really step up their buffing and nerfing of tanks

  5. Oh and dont forget that the EBR’s wheels seem to soak up everything you throw at that thing

  6. Love this format. Would like to see this in premium tier 8, etc. Ex. Defender, IS-3A, 703II. All 3 premium tier 8 USSR. Good to have opinion on what is outdated. Keep up good work.

  7. QuickyBaby :- 20:57

    Me :- (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


    QuickyBaby :- 29:06

    Me :- ┻━┻ ︵ \( °□° )/ ︵ ┻━┻

  8. Do this for the other tiers pls
    Good videos

  9. I really wonder that QB took the STB to super competetiv… its my most played and favourite tank in the game and i even loved it back when it wasnt buffed. However, the most frustrating thing on the STB is just the bad gun handling… (and i was playing it with bond vents, and 6 perk crew)
    The last buff i recognised and played was when the introduced the hydraulik and the dmg buff… was there something new too? So a 2nd buff after it?

  10. Wtf, the Leo 1 is at least a great performer

  11. 9 and 10 EBRs ruins the Game!!!….nerfs it or out of the game with this stupid Tanks….Most people waste their tanks, but they spot you early and every second shot bounce on this garbage on wheels

  12. Well, maybe WG will introduce guided missile next year to deal with godlike EBR105….

  13. Var chat isi t light lol

  14. I don’t have a Tier X Tank yet, up to Tier VI so far, so this was absolutely helpful coming from you.

  15. just some prime terrible content

  16. Okay, on console there was three new premiums that were added foe this christmas event, they are all tier 8, one is a centurion 7/1 in tier 8 another is a caernavon with an itialian intraloader and the final is a t28 prototype with an autoloader, please take some time to review them and show off how overpowered they are even compared to a Defender.

  17. T57 Heavy bellow AMX 50 B?
    Rhm. Pzw. bellow Sheridan?
    Now how do those work?

  18. I currently have the AMX 30 and a lovee it it has all most everything that I want in a sniper except a litle bit worse accuracy than I would want but its still amzing… But I am really sad because the amx 30B is almost the same

  19. Wtf with all the ads QB it’s almost unwatchable

  20. Thanks soooo much for this video!!! I was just planning on grinding new line and where to use my 100% tier X discount from blueprints

  21. strv 103 completely situational. you need a bad team that gets over runned to make this camper work, because you can’t push with siege mode

  22. I would have put the Leo one step higher. It’s certainly not noob friendly, but for whatever reason I keep doing really well with it after the last buff. the HESH rounds are GOD-like, and combined with the mobility and accuracy, you can be a really effective light tanks/french tanks hunter.

  23. HOLY shit this guy is fucking delusional. Putting leo in the same section as 50B holy shit mate

  24. you have great voice, suited for professional broadcasting

  25. Yeah no the strv 103b is NOT an amazing or godlike sniper, it’s softstats destroy it, I swear the obj. 140 will snipe just as good but with a DPM disadvantage

  26. have 15 T10 tanks, none of them in QB Decent choises or abowe (beside Patton) , WG pls buff

  27. 18:13 that scared me

  28. The Manticore was putting way to high.
    It might be that it’s a little sneaky scout, but yot can’t fight back with it, due to its awful gun elevation.
    I mean that elevation is a joke!?
    It feels like a strv103 without siege mode! ?

  29. I love your commentary! Tromar[GNZ3]

  30. No doubt the 705a is trash tier. not gonna lie

  31. ——————— GODLIKE ———————
    EBR 105 – French LT
    T95-FV4201 Chieftain – British HT (CW REWARD)
    Object 430U – Soviet MT
    Object 279 – (PM REWARD)

    ——————— Super Competive ———————
    WZ-111 5A – Chinese HT
    STB-1 – Japanese MT
    Strv 103B – Swedish TD
    Kranvagn – Swedish HT
    T-100 LT – Soviet LT
    Object 268 Version 4 – Soviet TD
    Object 907 – Soviet MT (REWARD)

    ——————— Great Performers ———————
    TVP T50/51 – Czeck MT
    AMX 13 105 – French LT
    MAUS – German HT
    Progetto 65 – Italian MT
    60 TP – Polish HT
    Udes 15/16 Swedish MT
    Super Conqueror – British HT
    M48 Patton – American MT
    T110E3 – American TD
    T-22 Medium – Soviet MT (Rampage game mode REWARD)
    Object 277 – Soviet HT
    IS-7 – Soviet HT

    ——————— Decent Choices ———————
    113 – Chinese HT
    AMX 50B – French HT
    Batchat 25t – French MT
    Foch B – French TD (Only One Available in Tech Tree)
    Grille – German TD
    Leopard 1 – German MT
    VK 7201 – German HT
    Type 5 Heavy – Japanese HT
    FV 4005 – British TD
    Object 260 – Soviet HT (PM REWARD)
    Object 705A – Soviet HT
    Object 140 – Soviet MT

    ——————— Alright Situational ———————
    121 – Chinese MT
    121 B – Chinese MT
    Pz.Kpfw. VII – German HT
    E100 – German HT
    Jg.Pz. E 100 – German TD
    E 50 M – German MT
    Conqueror GC – British SPG
    FV 215b 103 – British TD
    Badger – British TD
    Manticore – British LT
    T57 – American HT
    T110E4 – American TD
    M60 – American MT (CW REWARD, Availabe for bonds)
    T95E6 – American MT (CW REWARD)
    K91 – Soviet MT
    Object 268 – Soviet TD

    ——————— Avoid ———————
    WZ121 – Chinese LT
    WZ-113G FT – Chinese TD
    AMX 50 Foch 155 – French TD
    FV 215b – British HT
    Centurion AX – British MT
    Sheridan – American LT
    T92 – American SPG
    T110 E5 – American HT
    Object 261 – Soviet SPG
    T-62A – Soviet MT
    IS-4 – Soviet HT

    ——————— Trash Tier ———————
    Batchat 155 58 – French SPG
    AMX 30 B – French MT
    AMX M4 54 – French HT
    Rheinmetall Panzerwagen – German LT
    GW E100 – German SPG

  32. GW E 100 is the best arty. Why? Its second best dmg, stunt, alfa, splash. A lot of ammo (not like obj 261(always empty in long battle). One of the best reload. Very good aim time… Great view distance (if you use bino). And yes, its have a armour. A lot of time I can block even BatChat.

    So if you a band on this, you just big noob who dont even try play the game

  33. Type5 is trash nowadays. Unless you load full gold and be okish….and pay too much for it.

  34. Poor is4
    Forgot and left to rot

  35. =====—GODLIKE—=====
    EBR 105 (LT)*
    Chieftian (HT)
    Obj. 430U (MT)
    Obj. 279E (HT)

    =====—Super competitive—=====
    WZ-111 5A (HT)
    STB-1 (MT)
    Strv 103B (TD)
    Kranvagn (TD)
    T-100 LT (LT)
    Obj. 268 4 (TD)
    Obj. 907 (MT)

    =====—Great Performers—=====
    TVP T 50/51 (MT)
    AMX 13 105 (LT)
    Maus (HT)
    Progetto 65 (MT)
    60TP (HT)
    UDES 15/16 (MT)
    S. Conqueror (HT)
    M48 Patton (MT)
    T110E3 (TD)
    T22 Medium (MT)
    Obj. 277 (HT)
    IS-7 (HT)

    113 (HT)
    AMX 50 B (HT)
    B-C 25 t (MT)
    Fosch B (TD)
    Grille 15 (TD)
    Leopard 1 (MT)
    VK 72.01 (K) (HT)
    Type 5 Heavy (HT)
    FV4005 (TD)
    T95E6 (MT)
    Obj. 260 (HT)
    Obj. 705A (HT)
    Obj. 140 (MT)

    =====—Alright Situational—=====
    121 (MT)
    121B (MT)
    Pz.Kpfw. VII (HT)
    E 100 (HT)
    Jg.Pz. E 100 (TD)
    E 50 M (MT)
    ConquerorGC (Arty)
    FV215b (183) (TD)
    Badger (TD)
    Manticore (LT)
    T57 Heavy (HT)
    T110E4 (TD)
    M60 (MT)
    K-91 (MT)
    Obj. 268 (TD)

    WZ-132-1 (LT)
    WZ-113G FT (TD)
    AMX 50 Foch (155) (TD)
    FV215b (HT)
    Centurion AX (MT)
    Sheridan (LT)
    T92 HMC (Arty)
    T110E5 (HT)
    Obj 261 (Arty)
    T-62A (MT)
    IS-4 (HT)

    B-C 155 58 (Arty)
    AMX 30 B (MT)
    AMX M4 54 (HT)
    Rhm. Pzw (LT)
    G.W. E 100 (Arty)

  36. Put batchat in trash tier after TVP and Progetto

  37. So you rate tanks based on how you like them during the play…

  38. 430u, 268 4 or 279 e Which should i go for and Why? Thanks to anyone who respond, it helps alot.

  39. I’m a bit butthurt with the 50Bs position that tank is fantastically godlike/super competitive. Im also a bit butthurt with the T57 as it is still a great performer. The kranvagn, however, should be in the godlike section….I 3-marked that thing in 68 battles.

  40. you really missed an opportunity with a “Weak” section 😛

  41. T10s have never been QB’s strong suit but come on…

    T-22 > Patton? Maus > 260?

    That’s ridiculous.

  42. Retarded vid, non ironically one of the worst vid on this channel.

  43. lucky leopard beat you to it haha

  44. Of course this is all subjective, but I play the 30B over the E-50m any day of the week.

  45. It’s a joke that QB put 279 e in godlike group. Tank is a trash.

  46. I lose the fun of playing and I think it is because of my garbage tank choice. Or maybe I´m just the worst player. I have the object 416, VK 45.02 a, P44 Pantera, Panther and a few more but they all fell horrible to play. Everyone plays the same Tier VIII heavies and spams APCR and HEAT perma. FeelsRainMan

  47. Skill and Dez makes this video a few days ago QB copies it. Poor fantasy?

  48. WTF Obj. 260?

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