Rating ALL Tier 8 and 9 Premium Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm rating ALL and 9 Premium tanks in World of Tanks including the new additions and in 2022!


0:00 Rating all Tier 8 and 9 Premium Tanks!
0:40 Heavy Tanks
29:20 Medium Tanks
48:22 Light Tanks
55:46 Tank Destroyers


  1. Chapters:
    0:00 Rating all Tier 8 and 9 Premium Tanks!
    0:40 Heavy Tanks
    29:20 Medium Tanks
    48:22 Light Tanks
    55:46 Tank Destroyers

  2. The M4 Revalorise does not have preferential matchmaking.

  3. Hey Quickybaby, can you tell me wtf happened to experimental equipment? Didnt WG say we oldschool players (11 years) would get some of those with the well deserved rewards and also in christmas event and/or boxes? Where did it go, I havent seen any of it, eventhou the header is in the game. I am really confused WG making a big announcement for that but then not delivering.

  4. Little correction: M4 Revalorise doesnt have prefMM.

  5. bz sucks
    75 sucks
    viper sucks

  6. The Bisonte, wonky gun untilyou go vents, stabilizer and aiming device. Then it will still be wonky from time to time but also snap some shots in.

  7. Ok calling the BZ pay to win is a bit overboard, Like you said you have to be a half decent player to even use it to begin with which is the letteral opposite to pay to win. Come on dude it’s not a PZ 1 C of tier 8. I have one and I’m not that impressed with it, All I do know is it’s getting mega annoying hearing people complain about the thing all the time. In game and out, Iv been trolled by my own team just for driving it in multiple matches or I get random hater comments giving it large being toxic. But sure big boom stick and rocket boosters therefore auto OP so lets all cry about it without being objective for a moment. only played 59 matches in it over 2 sessions but that was enough to put me off the tank, People just start acting daft on both teams when they these things.

  8. Absolutely Scrumptious

    Do you still beat your wife, “Quick to cry like a baby”?

  9. i can see you dont know anything about light tank game play.

  10. The T77 is fun i like it, i am def. not a pro player

  11. 54:08 Or just do campaing missions with it! I have completed most of my campaing LT missions with the HWK 30!

  12. WZ-114, you high boi?

  13. Ciprian Dumitru Hrubariu

    Kan jp 105… i have 65 win rate with him.. its super competitive.. yaa donth have armor.. but i uset like a e25 .. it have verry good camo .. and too have a td like e 25 at tier 8.. with 46%camo on move .. dammm you ca uset like a scout .. sow for mee its a competitive tank

  14. the problem with “camping TDs” like Skorpion, STRv1 is that everyone have now 450+ view range with other eq boosting spotting so they are not sneaky like they were before
    after everyshot you HAVE TO hide behind the rock or mountain and loose time. you can’t just stay at one spot and shoot
    thats why they loose they power …

    Also WG changed many maps and added new maps that are unlikely to play as a TD…

  15. I don’t know how much the opinion of a man who has been playing this game professionally for 12 years and only once did 10k dmg and placing viper in the pay to win section would explain everything

  16. M6 is amazing for damage blocked missions. Wtf is this clown talking about weak spots being annoying. Preorder topic, true. Anything else is total bs what he says.

  17. what about Obj 777 II, Astron Rex and K-91-PT?

  18. Sorry no Astro Rex, but AE Phase I!

  19. 112 should be in a lower class, maybe at decent choices ! Mutant is same good like Patriot( little bad gun handling but far better armor). It should not matter if you consider a tank toxic, it should matter only it’s value on battlefield so ELC eleven 90 should be at same level with EBR-75.

  20. wish qb had acces to wg and balance all tanks in the game

  21. Personally I don’t think the BZ is as OP as everyone claims it is. Some do good, obviously, but a vast majority of the time (I’d say up to 80%) I see idiots unable to do anything but deal 150 splash damage 2-3 times before getting destroyed. My average damage blocked skyrocketed since that tank came out. I’ve also played it a few times and I find it underwhelming despite having an average of 2.5k damage in it…

  22. Where is the IS-6???

  23. BZ 176 is pay to win until january, its aim even without closing the reticle is fantastic, i saw a BZ hit an ELC 90 at 700 meters without closing the reticle completely, the hidden stats that make shots almost always go into the crosshairs are surely going to disappear when lootboxes stop being sold , this is all about money and there are plenty of cows to milk yet .

  24. Char Futur 4?? Did u miss that?

  25. Revalorise has preferential mm? Oh wait…

  26. i kind of disagree with your placement for the raumpanzer, although what you say is true, i find that it can preform really really wel if you spice up its DPM and dont bother with the mobility. and if you use bond equipement and support your heavy’s. this thing absolutely slaps hard. maybe something you should try out.

  27. You left out the tier 9 obj 283. 90% agree on the list tho.

  28. Your thoughts on the JgTig 8.8 surprised me. That was the first ever premium I purchased and I’d stopped playing it due to horrendous power creep. May have to give it another try.

    Would love to see a tier 10 list as I am looking for a my next few tier 10 and would appreciate your input!

  29. Holy cow! QB is a legend!

  30. putting the progetto in great performer is criminal

  31. Great video. Would like to see one for tier 6 and 7 also.

  32. qb is on drugs

  33. With all these o.p. heavies I think it’s time for an arty buff…

  34. I think progetto 46 is at least super competitive. The only thing it doesn’t have is armor which it doesn’t need anyway. When you shoot only the first round in the clip it has over 2k dpm, 4 secs to do 720 dmg makes it a great ambush tank and the mobility and camo allows you to survive after ambushing someone. And on top of all this the gun handling is excellent and you get 9 degrees of gun depression.

  35. Where is AE Phase 1????

  36. I disagree with some of the choices, namley the strv s1 and tvp (i think thats the name i forgor) I think they shoule be ranked a bracket higher. the even 90 to maybe but I cant really say much about it. it seems to be better then it is maybe.

  37. Warrant Officer Schrodinger

    The gsor 1008 loses 101mm of pen at 500m so it only has 220mm of pen quickybaby was just saying there’s a big difference between a gsor firing 220 and 321 pen… yet at the ranges you want to fire from with the gsor being a stealthy td you literally only have maybe a little better than 220 pen. I hate that this gets overlooked on these videos and reviews i find it hard to believe no-one has noticed the subpar penetration. Most reviews i watched say it has great pen but correct me if I’m wrong but wot pc does not get the iron mace crew skill which decreases penetration drop off at range or anything similar to it? Fyi consoles gsor with iron mace has 251 pen at 500m not great but its usable even if its a hidden stat and not everyone knows to use iron mace.

  38. interesting take on the 114. as an average player the 114 trolls me
    so hard it is painful to play

  39. Progetto 46 in great performers? Ok, that’s where I had to stop watching. Absolutely ridiculous.

  40. Can anyone please tell me the names of the 2 vehicles at the bottom not added to the list the ones that would have come after ISU130? Loved the content and a great eye-opener to the games power creep

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