Rating ALL Tier 8 Premium Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm rating ALL Tier 8 Premium tanks in World Tanks with all the huge changes in 2021!

0:00 Rating all Tier 8 Premium Tanks
34:07 Medium Tanks
54:38 Tank Destroyers
1:08:31 Tanks



  1. Completely glossing over the STA-2s superb HEAT round and DPM. Fuckin meme tier.

  2. Just wanted to say that u forgot to cover the borasque

  3. Borrasque?

  4. I thought the is5 and kv4k were reward tanks and not premiums, also og mutant owners should get a t50-2 like 3d style

  5. Not sure, but I could not find BC Bourrasque

  6. hmmm where is burasque ???? maby they droop to tier 7 now ?

  7. Where’s the Bourrasque?

  8. I miss the French Bourrasque medium QB.

  9. What about the Bourrasque?

  10. Where is barasque ?

  11. Bourrasque and ripper patton?

  12. t77???

  13. nice work 🙂

  14. E25?

  15. Love these end of year rankings

  16. Ngọc Thịnh Nguyễn

    Oh man, where is the bourrasque?

  17. A lot of work for this video. Thanks QB

  18. Quite a number of premiums seem to be missing. Korea Patton? T42? T77? Kampfpanzer 07 RH? Uncharacteristically sloppy; normally QB is very diligent. I also disagree about some of the ratings, but well, such ratings are always subjective, and besides – what do I know.

  19. Bourasque?

  20. nice list, with some mistakes though… swap the 50tp prototype with the lansen and put the object 274a two steps below… but yeah its your list, so ok from your side

  21. can we have a tier 6 version of all tanks this list?

  22. 13:43 Thats what she said

  23. Bourrasque!!!

  24. Strv s1 have one of the best camo.
    It deserve great performer

  25. The one and only Bourrasque..the best Tier 8 Med in the game 😉

  26. Still waiting for t-42!

  27. where is T-77 American HT?

  28. Well done

  29. I disagree on the Kanonen Jpz topic. In my Kanjpz 105 I seem to get the highest average damage on all my tds, simply for the fact that with equipment 2.0 you can get the tank to go incredibly fast and have outrageous camo. And let’s not forget one of the best penetrations at this tier.

  30. tl;dnw: WG-made powercreep on most old premiums, throw money at them to get latest flavour of op-premium.

  31. hector dias andrade


  32. T77 , T 42, Bourrasque and M46 KR, missed.

  33. IS-6 should definitely be in pay to lose, its completely trash, gold cant pen lower tier heavies, never gets tier 6 battles, where you actually could do something. Completely worthless tank

  34. Play world of tanks blitz i want to see

  35. What about the Bourrasque?

  36. that was stupid mingling all the tanks meds and heavies and others in a single video

  37. Worth it!!!!!

  38. Worth it.

  39. where’s the bourrasque ?

  40. Could you do the tier 10 ranking this year?

  41. Where is bourrasque???

  42. I absolut can’t believe that QB isn’t missing the BOURRASQUE -medium – but I’m sure he would rate it to PAY TO WIN ? GREAT content once more this rating – more then one THUMBS UP for this

  43. I always like this rating videos every year. It!s one of those traditions I look forward to.

    I was wondering, what about tier 6 or tier7 vehicles? I know these are not that popular nor relevant, but I’m really curious and it might help seom of the players, too.

  44. Sébastien Fréchette

    Where was the Bisonte ?

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