Rating ALL Tier 8 Premium Tanks in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I'm rating ALL Tier 8 Premium tanks in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Now you m8 are just copying skill4ltu?

  2. KAPPA.txt is still there

  3. Respectable Minecraft launcher in the background 😉

  4. Terrible list

  5. It’s so weird I agree with QB mostly on his choices the one thing I disagree with is the Panther 8.8. I dunno why but when I got a chance to play it during a rental week a long while back I had an incredible win rate and go so many great games. Now you’re going to say well yeah you did well but will anyone else ? I dunno I’m a really trash player. I mean I’m barely 50% win rate these days ( tho I was higher back then) it just preformed so well for me and I couldn’t have a bad match it seemed. So I was so surprised to hear people thought it was awful. Maybe if it ever become ps free or a mission reward I’ll try it out again and see how bad it really is.

  6. better watch skill4ltus HONEST review. so much trash tanks here, which are rated way to high

  7. great video QB !! now its time to class the tier IX 🙂

  8. Could u do tier 8 normal tanks also

  9. Nothing to be concerned about

    This would have been more useful before the advent calendar / end of year time where people spend money.

  10. I think the VK75.01 should have been at least in the decent choices. I mostly have great games in it and even aced it the first time in a loss:D

  11. How do you justify the skorp g as not pay to win? It’s the best premium in the game. It’s hard to respect your channel after this video

  12. For me, the Kanonen 105 goes in the super competitive as it has one of the highest win ratio on all of my tds and also one of my highest average damage on all tanks, surpassing even some t10s, so QB, you’re so wrong about this one

  13. Yeah I can’t watch this video. You just lost a fan quickybaby. Im unsubscribing

  14. Literally just copied skill4ltu

  15. All of those cw reward tanks belong to the avoid section. They are all trash.

  16. You forgot the M46 KR, my first premium

    • Piet de Kapper that was my first premium tank too, in those times it was ok but now its a garbage compare to the other mediums. I think most of the players want to forget this tank

  17. Skill4ltu did his ranking short time ago.
    I’m curious where the difference is. ?

  18. Skill4ltu in his video about rating tier 8 tanks: check others creators videos/opinions
    2 Days later
    QB: 🙂





  21. AMX CDC seems quite good to me? Good maneuverability, penetration, camo. 🙂

  22. Wow, its like original content, tho it really wasnt necessary since skill already made this video. :/ 😛

  23. Do regular teir 8s

  24. Cent 5/1 and Caern AX worse than IS5, Type 59, 112 and Turtle? You must be joking.

  25. Rate tier 6

  26. The t3 mtls should also get the double barrel mechanic

  27. Quickybaby you should review every tier 1 to tier 10 from a specific nation, for example soviet tanks.

  28. alluminati alma illuminati

    you should rate the tech tree tanks

  29. Me: *Steals idea for World of Tanks Blitz*

  30. Puts WZ-111 and FCM 50 t in the same tier as Lowe: Facepalm
    Puts FV 4202 above Primo Victoria: Double Facepalm
    Puts Turtle above S1: Had to pause the video
    Puts TS-5 above WZ-120-1G FT: Need a glass of water
    Puts SU-130PM above Skorpion: Quit.

  31. seems like QB forgot about the gold spam when doing this video.

  32. The T34-3 is at least a decent choice since it was buffed or better. I play this tank since it was released and only had 3 deg of gun depression and only 175 mm pen. It plays very well now with 186 mm pen and 6,5 deg gun depression. If you like the obj. 430 and call it godlike, this tank tier for tier with pref mm is better imho.

  33. Panther 8,8 got buffed and has pref MM on console and seems to do really well

  34. I never spend money on WOTs anymore. They power crept too many of my premium tanks into the ground. Basically screwed me for spending money on the game. Sooooo, never again WGing.

  35. Am I missing the M46 KR Patton?

  36. WoT is SOOO goood

  37. Hi, I think you missed T-44-100

  38. I just only dont understand the td amx why you put in the avoid class its not a horrible tank and the kv5 you think is better?Strange.

  39. QB pls do a 600000 sub special for QnA

  40. You should rate tier 6 and if kv2 is not god Stalin will send u to golag

  41. I feel like you are a little unfair to the 8.8cm Jagdtiger. Sure, it’s armour is not as good, compared to the TS-5 and Turtle, nor is the penetration, but the Jagdtiger has preferential matchmaking and comparable/better DPM. The Jagdtiger is one of my favorite TDs and is really great as either a hulldown Frontline brawler against heavy tanks or long range sniper for open maps. And with a 4 second reload, you can keep people tracked while you take away their hitpoints.

  42. Skill4ltu did this 2 days ago…

  43. Guys something good is coming. Look in top left corner… hmmm.

  44. Christopher Nissen Smith

    CopyBaby – copying Skill4ltu videos

  45. I’m acctually offended by the fact that you put m4 rev so low on the list.

  46. Come on man! AMX CDC was never a good tank. You just got lucky with a few battles in the beginning when you made the review of the tank. Since then you had only horrible battles with it. Just admit it!

  47. TOG 2????????????????????????????

  48. how to increase sales …..thewolfaman has a frend who has a frIend in WG…….and then QB just need to make video on it ……

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