Rating all tier 8 premiums! – World of Tanks

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People always ask what premium they should get or what i think about specific premium tanks, so here goes!


  1. I bought Maurebrecher twice 😀

  2. Yoo where is 58 mutz.. Or didn’t I see Cörc??,

  3. Panther88 gets way too much hate

  4. Watched the whole thing, and don`t play WoT, interesting stuff.

  5. Lowe is at least B tier

  6. Jag88 is better than Turtle

  7. This is triggering me tbh….

  8. I didn’t see the Renegade and you didn’t mention it. You mentioned the other missing tanks, the Obj 703 II, E 75 TS and the 112. Curious to know where the Renegade fits in.

  9. altough circon is an excellent player i disagree on half of the tanks

  10. I finished my first referral contract a few days before i realised they added the Patriot as a reward and took the FV4202…. God…Also, the 112. You forgot that one

  11. I would put lansen c on top 3 meds

  12. typing this up as I watch the vid, just my quick thoughts on a few.

    SuperPershing- down to C at least, the weak points are well known these days and fairly easy to hit at mid to close range.

    M4A1 Revalorisé- really like this tank on paper, but really don’t like playing the thing, it’s closer to a fast TD than a medium IMO but the gun handling feels wired.

    Progetto- just plain don’t like it.

    50TP- it’s low the ground so taller tanks go straight through the top of the turret, the top 1/3 of the upper hull is flat and only around 200-220, and right beside where the weird viewport section connects to the hull is less than 100mm , weak lower plate.

    IS-3A- the IS-3 hull is a real letdown in current WOT, the new double barrel completely outclasses it.

    STG- really fun to brawl vs-t8 and below, and can hold its own against higher tiers if you can get hull down, the hull can get troll bounces at times being so low and flat.

    E75 TS- This is another one that seems like it should be great but I feel like I’m never worried when fighting against one.

    jag 8.8- my first prem tank, and my first three mark, low win rate though, it’s nearly impossible to carry in a slow turret-less TD.

    WZ-120- really similar to the SU-122-44 which i love as well

    • The SPs weak spots were always known, you don’t sit there and aim you snap shot fremium ammo into people which is what makes it OP. It’s hard to hit its many weak spots when it wiggles around and only snap shots at you which is how you’re supposed to play the tank.

  13. 1 more please Maybe as there is less a Tier 6 and 7 do one vid for both , though I agree tier 6 is a bit hard. Cromwell B and T34-85M as a S not sure about others

  14. One for the algorythm.
    Good job, though the power creep is insane.

  15. sry, but wtf? “S-A-B-C-F-Garbage”…on top of that from RED to GREEN? that triggers the shit out of me lol….Btw, a lot of average and above average tanks for you usually complaining a lot 😉 (ELC f/ex)

  16. Surprised that the Panther 8,8 isn’t in the GARBAGE Tier, I heard that at some point WG even apologized for this shit tank…

  17. Where is E75 TS and obj 730 II

  18. I’m really surprised you didn’t put the Panther 88 straight into the garbage.

  19. I would bump the t-34-3 to C. It gets limited matchmaking which helps it out a lot. It pretty good when you are top tier.

    • I’d rather play the T-44 with the 122, you actually get some gun depression and it’s a T-44 that can flank better.

      Every 2nd to 3rd shot will ammo rack you or set you on fire so you can’t even allow people to shoot at your sides at all, and a large caliber hitting your side = instant ammo rack.

      You simply cannot defend that tank with the hull being that weak and self detonating. The armor is also trash everywhere except the turret. The gun handling is complete trash as well.

      Example being how my T-34-3 has a 1400~ DPG with a 53.6% WR after 180~ games while my T-44 which I only used the 122 on, has 1500~ DPG and a 55.4% WR. That’s a massive difference when you consider the fact that the T-44 had to see T10s and this was before the new mm patch layout of 3-5-7 was introduced. I could likely do even better now in the T-44 since the MM is much more favorable. Just not having my tank set on fire 24/7 and explode from the ammo rack was more than enough of a difference to cause this.

      IMO the T-34-3 is trash and no one should buy it until the parts under the hull get massively buffed.

  20. no renegade btw

  21. Krystian Olszański

    i dont think trading old premiums is good when there are this 5 times bonuses for first win you can make shit ton of credits and most importantly free exp if you are using personal reserves for credits and free explike 4 games and sure 1k i m making 1k free exp in like 3 battles, thats just crazy amount

  22. Was the 112 in this list if it was i missed it

  23. Hey Circon! I took part in the WOT salute program and I’d like to buy one of the bundles but I want your opinion on which is the best bang for your buck.

  24. I have 25 tier 8 prems. Started Feb 2012.
    How many do you have?

  25. I m surprised about the somua being good. I should have tried it I guess. Auto loader with slow speed felt bad on paper.

  26. I ended up trading in my FCM for a Lowe just because it was so useless now. I used to love it along with the CDC, T34, and a JT 8,8. 3 tanks that I’ve played a ton and some of the best tanks I do well with because I loved them so much.

    I can understand standard tanks getting powercreeped but premium tanks getting powercreeped just feels awful. The only premiums I even play now are my 703 II, the new Lowe, and the WZ whateverthefuck it’s called. I would say I have a lot more premiums than I need but they’re all literally pointless to play and will just make me want to quit the game because the gameplay is so bad now. Even the Revolver feels like crap.

  27. KV-5 secret S tier when you decide to not give a fuck and go play with mediums.

  28. Nice Work Circon…. I have the Majority of them for Frontline, found a Few more Useful than Others, but I do try and play them All at Various Times for Variety…. I think Video’s like this will be Helpful for New Players AND Olde like myself so I’d hope you’d keep them Going… I Considered the Possible Trades I might have, but there wasn’t anything in the Trade For List I was in the Want or Need of….

    I do Like my 4202 far more at Tier 8 than I did when I tried it at Tier 10, and my Lowe I find More than Effective when in a tier 10 Game, I just Set it on No Bullshit and have at it…. T92 I find the Gun nearly Utterly Useless as a Whole, so I’ve been Trying to use it MINUS the Gun except against the Walking Wounded…. I’d have likely rated the Chisler even Lower than that myself, I was even Unimpressed with the So Called Armor it pretends to Have and I found the 75.01K a far Better tank than it was with that Hammer it has for a Gun….

    As for the Emil 1951, it was the only one of the 4 Frontline Tanks I was Interested in… Even the Phase 1 didn’t trip my Trigger enough to Want it, but my Limited Schedule of Play with Work and all made even the 1951 Impossible…. We’ll see what they do this year to Frontline, but I do Miss the Original Concept….

  29. Now what would make sense is if you could trade in more than one vehicle at a time to use as much credit for one better vehicle, etc. That and if ALL the premium tanks were available. Hmmmm??

  30. Good to have the toys back from the Dr. Tankologist, healthy and shiny.

  31. You missed the opportunity to have the tiers be 1-10 and put them all in tier 8

  32. Ros Vincent Alvarez

    I’d probably rate the su130pm alongside the skorp since that tank plays like one w better camo and damage but less accurate and partial turret

  33. I guess I’ll just never agree with anyone’s positive feelings about the T34 Heavy. I don’t think it’s been good since the days of seeing tier 5s. I guess with Circ moving on to tier 8s, I’ll finally be able to see someone suffer through it who knows more than me about it, cuz nobody wants to fucking play it for youtube.

  34. Nameless and Elderwiess are missing.

  35. “slapping people for 390 whilst having turret armor “… ranks the t-34-3 in F

  36. Renegade if anyone else didnt notice

  37. I’m dubious about the 25 pilot but otherwise a very useful list.

  38. No Renegade tank?

  39. IMO the Lowe should be B tier, while the armor is just okay the gun is fantastic, most shots go where you aim so you can just whittle your opponents down quickly.

  40. Renegade is missing…

  41. E 25 should be on here at S tier even tho it’s not a VIII :^)

  42. I like how the lansen made it higher on the list than the stg.

  43. qb review was better. Just sayin

  44. I got the jagtiger 88 and completely loved it. 3 marked in 90 battles with a bunch of 5k dmg games on NA.

  45. Panther 88 belongs in the garbage. Also I’ve played 500 battles in my M4 Ravioli and it’s pretty bad, so F at best from me. TS5 belongs in S tier.

  46. *Cries in CDC*

  47. Patriot on S level? Damn, this one is hard to play for sure.
    Perhaps It’s only noob like me who hates t26e5 Patriot so much

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