Real Life IS-8 Ball, Object 780, BONUS CODE, Marathon, Winners! | Random World of Tanks News

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks IS-8 Ball in Real Life, Object 780 (Объект 780) Preview, Not Tank, Special Bonus Code for Free Premium Days, New Winter Tank Marathon, Mirny-13 Event Bugs + Free Gold and Premium Tank Winners. World of Tanks Doze of Random News.

about Object 780 from @RagingRaptor – Check his channel out!

Today I am going to show you something new, well old concept in new coating. I have put together one episode featuring random World of Tanks news, which are funny, interesting, but most importantly RANDOM at the same time! 🙂

Also, going to announce all the winners from my October giveaways! 🙂

Enjoy the show!


  1. Would you like to see more episodes like this in the future, please let me know in the comments/hitting like or dislike!?
    Also, congratulation to all the winners, do not forget to accept your gift from the Premium Store! ❤
    ⛔EDIT: Seems like the code works for EU Only? It was part of this news:
    ⛔EDIT 2: There is one for NA: TRICKORTREAT102045

  2. 真做出来了可还行

  3. This is n’t wot anymore….

  4. Wtf…

  5. You’d think they bring the marathon earlier then the 27th ( if its the progetto ) because that mean the italians we be dropping the same time as premium, and that’s no fun , no time to train crew

  6. It better be the Progetto 71 or i’mma be mad, been waiting to get my hands on that tank for a year.

  7. Aufklärungspanzer Panther

    the is8 ball actually looks quite easy to create if its a bigger scale, but small scale would be hard

  8. I want my 8-bit Karl back!

  9. I reinstalled the game for 2 weeks then uninstalled again. Game is completely unplayable for me now even with 8 years of playing behind me. Such a shame… Could have been so much better

  10. bruh it doesnt work

  11. Pepo sad I didnt win ;/

  12. When you gave a shoutout to Raging Raptor, it was like when you gave shoutout to skill4ltu and I was like “Oh …. here we go again.”

    P.S. I like your vids Dez, yoz are making very good content 👍

  13. I was hoping the next marathon would have been the GSOR 1008 but the timing does say it’s the italian fake tank, disappointed.

  14. Thanks for the 5k Dez 🙂 .. Never thought I would win anything. But here we are 🙂

  15. Andrew Schoenfeldt

    The 2020gohome code doesn’t work

  16. Load the Skill rounds

    The fact that they built that ball tank is absolutely ridiculous lol. That IS-8 ball tank mode was so much fun I wish it would come back!

  17. code does not work in Asia either

  18. @RagingRaptor

  19. Just for translation what I got from the clips in the video, this tank(is-8 ball fan made version) worth 150k-210k CNY, made from more than 10k components, and the room inside fits 3crew members, one loader at the back (the clip actually said it’s the person who takes control of the machine gun, I’m not sure how to describe the position), one gunner and one driver at the front. The rest parts are just some general information about these people talking about why they did this and how the tank works:)

  20. I can translate pin me pls
    Oct 24, Henan district, Xingxiang City
    Lately, a expedition factory copied and restored ball shaped tanks from the soviet era
    Manager Hwuang of the factory:
    “This machine is actually just a copy of soviet’s ball tank, of course ball tanks where not very useful on the battlefield because of it’s slowness, so it was cancelled, but the reason why we remade it is to commemorate this item”
    The cost of the tank is at around 150k-210kCNY(22.3k-31.3k USD). The tank contains over 10000 parts
    “This used a motor engine, it can seat 3 people, the one in he back is the machine gunner, the front seats the driver and the main gunner. 3 people can allow it to balance properly while driving forward. The normal standard cost of this is at 150kCNy” then the video abruptly ends

    Pin me and give like pls this took 10 minutes of my time

  21. I miss the space event

  22. How stupid WoT will get to grab money?

  23. Was this a “Daily Dose of WoT” episode?

  24. I want IS8 ball back 😀

  25. Hand up 🙋 from a Chinese

  26. CODE(2020GOHOME) not working on asia server. dafaq.ANY iDEA WHY?

  27. I’m glad you did this kind of episode even though all the WOT stuff you talked about is stupid and I don’t want to see it in the game.

  28. Code for Rus sever fuckyouputin

  29. Thx for the codr

  30. I like the random WoT news!!!! Keep it up man!

  31. how do i play that gamemode??

  32. So you’re telling me lS-8 is a ball?

  33. I tried the code and it doesn’t work.

  34. From 0:50
    Recently, a equipment manufactory in henan (a province in China) recreated the Soviet Union sphere tank.
    The machnic of it is just a copy of the Soviet Union sphere tank.
    The efficient of it was not high and it was also not very flexible. Due to those factors, it was eliminated.
    To commemorate this tank, we recreate it.
    Quote ends.
    The tank costs between 150 to 210 thousands RMB (money used in China). And there are about 10 thousands part to put this tank together.
    It is powered by motors. There are 3 crew members in this tank. Machine gunner at back; driver and gunner at front. With the operating of those three man, this tank is able to go forward in BALANCE.
    The manufacturing price of this tank in standard configuration is about 150 thousands RMB.
    Quote end.
    Video end.

    Damn, not until do I try to translate it. I notice that how un-grammatic Chinese speaking can be when said casually.
    Anyway, if anyone gets the sauce. Show me that and I might make a full translation to that video.

  35. Code for asian server is ASIA20201111WOT (This is written in highlights: “Play 11 battles to get a random drop of 1x, 4x or 11x 11.11 Gold Rebate token(s)!” :/)

  36. DezGamez: one of the few things I miss from WOT!

  37. They did not say how much time they spent on that IS-8 Ball. But they said it took 150,000 to 210,000 RMB (USD$23,000 to $31,000) and around 10,000 components to build it.

  38. What is love, baby dont hurt me dont hurt me no moo

  39. what? harassing winners? why? is their luck…everybody has a chance here…soo, yeah, more news, more winners, less harass…big wet kiss

  40. Translation of the Chinese video:
    This machine is a copy of the soviet ball tank. At the time it was created, the tank in combat was not very flexible and it was also very slow, and because so it was eliminated from the military. But in memory of this tank, we created it again. They used between 150 thousand and 210 thousand Yuan, which is 22 thousand to 31 thousand us dollars. There were over ten thousand components in this tank. The tank used a motor for power, it can fit three people, the driver is in the front with a gunner, and there is a locomotive in the back. Three people in the tank can assure balance when the vehicle is moving.

  41. 6:32
    Yes i want to see more

  42. Nice episode, I have nothing against them from time to time.

  43. So the Is8 ball is no fantasy tank, at least something


    3х Emblem: Skull 2
    3х Emblem: Ghost
    3х Emblem: Pumpkin
    3х Emblem: Skull 1
    Style: Pumpkin Head
    5х Personal reserves: +200% Xp for 1 hour
    5x Personal reserves: +200% free XP for 1 hour
    5x Personal reserves: +200% crew XP for 1 hour

  45. Gary #314159265358979323846

    I miss the old world of tanks events, they were more fun and way less pay-to-win

  46. can’t play this game anymore due to so much lag because the internet shop does not have its own internet connection anymore..instead just connecting on public wifi..

  47. I like the object 780 news.
    Personly i do not care about events.
    Just random battles

  48. I really like this kind of news, litlle bits from everything about wot, but very helpfull

  49. I remember 😀 that was really cool

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