REALISM CHALLENGE – Sherman VS KING TIGERS (War Thunder Gameplay)

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REALISM CHALLENGE – Sherman VS KING TIGERS (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. PHLY take out the XP-55

  2. Peter ohne Nachname

    This reminds me of Fury

  3. Omg the fury referance xD

  4. Have you tried to take a valentine I into 5.7

  5. 007-goldeneye-N64 James Bond

    play the T-70 the master at low tier bias and the SB-2M with the 500kg
    Russian bias Nuke ATTEMPT 1

  6. Shermans versus Germans, heh?

  7. yo phly hope you can even live through this I know I did take out this
    combo for the fuqin
    queen order that british tea wuv Cromwell V with the 3inch gun carrier with
    a spitfire any I don’t fuqin care lad just make it count :D

  8. KV-2 zis 6 and Tu-4
    Our great leader Stolin demands it
    #attempt 1

  9. M4A3E2+B25
    Pattons boisssssss

  10. Use arty only!!!!! xD

  11. RadicalKattastrophe

    The plane at the end…… >.< why Warthunder ... why.

  12. u know what i dont like about this game ? its look peacefull u know its
    suppose to be about ww2 and look at all the trees and grass and the sun
    light and all they need to add some stuff some sounds in the back ground

  13. Марк Миримский

    I am still killing tiger Hh with Sherman 1

  14. Марк Миримский

    I meant H1 with first Sherman

  15. Марк Миримский

    I didn’t have that ammo

  16. Love Joe in this. #lovejoe

  17. Realism Challenge Panzer IVs vs KV-1s

  18. Cesar antonioquiñonez

    he mention ammo. . . her rommel hear it and he said its too much fer’ ya

  19. lol , “get out of here bitch”

  20. PhlyDaily, i have something for you – the “Hit&Fun”!
    Have you ever played as a sneaky rogue in RPGs? The fun “appear out of
    nowhere, stab your opponent in his weakspot and disappear before anyone
    notices you” type of rogue? Well then, here’s my challenge for you.

    …Mtuff? Are you ready for the simulation? This time we are putting you in
    the yeah 19xx. Your job is the usual: get the intel, hit the targets and
    get out unnoticed. Remember your training – stealth and movement are key in
    here, don’t take unnecessary risks if you don’t have to… *static* … ah,
    it’s already starting. Well, good luck out there soldier, we hope to see
    you still cooperating with us in the nearest future after all of this is

    M2A4 + M22.
    M74 + M74B1 shots.
    1. You must always flank, be sneaky, take the path around the main area of
    conflict and be the first to get to the enemies. You must reach at least
    the second nearest square next to the spawning point of your enemies to
    “acquire” the intelligence.
    2. You are allowed to attack the targets, that are UNAWARE of you.
    3. You are allowed to shoot the target only TWICE, before being forced to
    3.1. UNLESS the target has not turned its sights on you. Then you have one
    more additional shot on the target.
    4. After assassinating 5 targets (not necessarily destroying them, but at
    least doing critical damage and leaving them for your team to finish off),
    you have to get out of there and transport the intel to your team’s point
    or second square next to your team’s spawn. Whichever is the furthest.

  21. I was thinking of fury the whole time until you showed the clip omg im so

  22. The germans first heavy tank theres a challenge for you because its
    fricking slow the one whit the weird tractor wheels

  23. Do the best you can with a Ha-Go! and a Ki-27

  24. Play t29 or m103 “kaboom” combo

  25. hi Ferdinand i’m a bot!

    1.HO RO TANK- Only engage allies within point blank range!
    2. G5N1. Dive bomb them capitalists with 800kg bomb

  27. Anyone agree that the m36 should be 5.7 Br not 6.3

  28. What button activates the over head binoculars???

  29. The beginning footage just showed us how stupid it is to follow historical
    accuracy when playing war thunder. Tanks that are insanely difficult to
    kill is no where fun for non German players who don’t have all that
    engineering technology to even damage them.

  30. Should have used m4a3 with 76mm apcr

  31. so funny when you are in such a low BR tank and this happens i killed an
    IS-3 with my Chi-To today the guy was so angry it was one of them one in a
    billion lucky shots :p

  32. Phly, take out the deadliest tank in the russian arsenal: The BT-5, and
    take out a tiger I

  33. t26e1 and the ad-2 skyraider give those germans the 2000 POUNDS OF BOOM

  34. take out the Leo A1A1 and Arado with 20mm show that beer is more bias then
    vodka! attempt 10

  35. Notice how all the maps in this game do everything they can to eliminate
    the Germans strengths. Almost al encounters are at close to point blank

  36. Hi PhylDaily, can you talk about decals in war thunder and in-game skins?
    these are a great rare topics that nobody even talk about, i can share via
    email the War Thunder collections of decals and im also a decals and
    in-game skins collectors – having collected more than 90% of the decals &
    in-game skins (not counting the flags) :(

  37. 12:25 lolXD

  38. play heavy tank no 6

  39. Nice using the fury clip ?

  40. Idk if im wrong but didnt allies use the sherman firefly instead of the
    normal one against tigers and so on?

  41. phly that was a very fun video!!! The videos that seem to be challenging
    seem to be the best ones. I watched an older video of you playing a locust
    in a higher tiered battle and it was a riot!! This one also had me laughinh
    good job!

  42. Try killing a Maus with a machinegun. Also, I’d love to see more like this,
    REALISM FTW!!!!!!!!

  43. GG

  44. Impossible challenge :
    Crusader mk. III vs ATGMs

  45. That ME-262 ground bounce tho. XD WTF!?

  46. The American spy combo. Your mission infiltrate the Japanese army using the
    jap sherman, and b17. Tell us all known tanks they have

  47. Panzer IV E and JU 87. Operation Barbarossa combo.

  48. I’d like to see a realism custom battle.

    You’d get the right tanks and have the teams with appropriate numerical

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