Realistic Battles?! – April Fools 2021 – Armored Warfare

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Source: JustinPlaysYT

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  1. Graphics of this game are really interesting. I just love the sounds ans shell impacts

  2. One thing that keeps me coming back to AW is their PvE mode that is just so relaxing for a casual player. I just hope WT’s incoming pve modes are at least decent enough

  3. I’mma be Honest this game is so much better than WOT, but WOT came first, sniff

  4. Love it! <3

  5. I started playing some armored Warfare on my ps4. It’s actually quite nice. And don’t hesitate to do something else on here. I’m here for your content, not for WT.

  6. AW could be big if this realistic mode got advanced further and made into a normal gamemode KEKW

  7. do more armored warfare

  8. The graphics on the map and map design is waayyy better than war thunder

  9. Not gonna lie, if they keep that gamemode, i’d play the shit out of that game, its something fresh and seems fun to play

  10. Is painfull to watch, the game is crap , war thunder way better than this

  11. I’d like to keep playing this game but unfortunately the game is basically dead on console, I remember waiting 20min to just find a game.

  12. Covid-99 tank

  13. I don’t play Armored Warfare but I loved the video and if you dicided to keep bringing videos like this I would watch it!

  14. I like it

  15. If they add this as a permanent game mode I will switch over to armored warfare from shitthunder

  16. war thunder is looking a little different.

  17. play this boss

  18. Not WarThunder??? REEEEEEE!

  19. This is exactly what war thunder needs, a lil competition.

  20. Yeah I won’t play any tank game that has health points

  21. i hope the ones add update where its not april fools event

  22. If this game had the same damage models as WT, I’d move straight away. Wouldn’t even hesitate.

  23. This game looks interesting, but i have had enough WoT, and i can tell this is a 1-1 copy of that garbage.

  24. As a guy who played wot and wt i gotta say tgis looks rlly cool. Rn im sick of wt and gaijin itself so ima definitely try this.

  25. I only played this game Years ago for some Time after it came out of its Beta Test. I think i only reached something like the T62 in the Russian Tree, and had the American M60 and M60A2 unlocked with the Germans only freshly started, then i lost sight of it somehow ^^

  26. this game looks stupid just like world of tanks


    I love this game but US servers are shit and nobody plays PvP

  28. they can make a mode in the game..

  29. I liked the mode a lot but I kept getting hit by blue units because people can’t IFF, so I stopped playing it

  30. shaggy ultra instinct

    War thunder themed world war 2 and cold war armored themed world war 3 or future war

  31. If I want some arcadey fun I play armoured warfare if I want sweat realism Fun I play war thunder

  32. Hmm health

  33. We are with you Justin all the way

  34. Hey, if markerless mode stays I think I will give this game a try.

  35. The only thing I despise about War Thunder is the absolutely terrible map design… just compare the WT maps with AW ones… the differance is night and day… WT maps are just not tanky enough… or atleast most of them are not designed for top tier gameplay at all…

  36. Armored Warfare have a certain charm to it so when you play it you just want to play it again

  37. If this game tried to compete with WT instead of WoT, it would have alot of potential …
    I would play this game over WT if they copy WT gameplay like how you can bring with you multi vehicle into a match so you can come back when you die, personally i don’t have problem with HP bar.

  38. I have to admit tho with HP system you can have fun much longer than WT damage mechanic where one shot can bring you back to garage.
    And HP bar doesn’t bringing bullshits like in WT where a sharpnel from ATGM hitting a house penetrate a tank into ammo rack and killing you.

  39. What’s the grind like in this game? I think I might try this because its far more appealing than WoT and I am getting ridiculously tired of what Gaijin is doing in WT.

  40. i believe it is time for me to forget about that brain fucking wot.

  41. Random Videos Nathan!

    Why did they add update to PS4 the 0.33

  42. You should definitely make more AW videos.

  43. I want this gamemode to be permanent. Are you going to give us some arcade gameplay or this was just one time thing?

  44. Hey dude, thanks for the stream raid^^ <3

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