REALISTIC & ROTATABLE Gun Sights | Zeiss Optic (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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REALISTIC & ROTATABLE Gun Sights | Zeiss Optic (War Thunder Gameplay)


  1. I hear Sabaton, I upvote

  2. Wot=more fair for everyone. Uses a Hp system.But they nerf tanks 🙁
    War thunder= not as fair, but tanks are accualy realistic, no Hp system. Uses destruction of modules.
    Hmmmm. should i swich to War Thunder??

  3. Sabaton. nice

  4. The rangefinding aspect on this optic is actually fairly simple, but it requires some maths to use.

    Basically it works the same way foresters determine the height of a tree with their thumb, or modern “mil-dot” reticles determine range.
    The middle big fat chevron is 4 mils wide (or “strich” which is german for line but they’re exactly the same 1 mil = 1/3600) and you basically just check how many mils the target fills out on the on the scope. Then, using the width/length/whatever of the target you can determine the range by.
    In german it’s known as the “MKS-Formel” (Meters for width, Kilometer for distance and Strich for the number of mils) and you can roll it around any way you want.

    So you want to find the range to a T34 which is standing sideways to you.
    A T-34 is about 7m (yeah yeah, 6,75m and a blonde one but we all know those dont make a difference)
    and fills out 4 mils/Strich.

    You just slap those values into the formula and go 7m/4mil=1,75km meaning the T34 is about 1750m away. That would be exactly the same way your gunner determines the range in war thunder (unless he has an LRF, fucking wimps)

    It’s all just a simplified version of…some stuff you learned in math (or maybe not), dunno what it’s called in english. Don’t try to pronounce Strahlensatz or everyone will think you’re angry

  5. I’m sure it has already been said, but the basic idea is that the big triangle is 4 strich, the smaller 2 strich, and I’m pretty sure the gaps at the bases are 1 strich. Anyways, you calculate the strich of your target, then you calculate the width of your target, and the formula is width divided by strich times 1000. But, that would shoot the ground right in front of the target, so you’d always aim a little higher than your measurement. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure how they calculated the width… But, my guess is that they already knew the width of most enemy tanks, so they’d already have that preset.

    Source: Girls und Panzer, episode 3. It’s actually accurate too, have to love it when a show puts in the time and research to be accurate. Unlike some games we know, Call of Duty….

  6. Sabaton nice

  7. cool, WT added proper sights? Oh, no, they added the ability to add community generated sights. So now you’re going to have a clusterfuck of people who have it clubbing people who don’t and probably don’t know about it. I can’t wait for when my PC is fixed so I can jump into my tanks again and get magicshot by sights like this with range finders. Dope! WT should have added this officially or not at all.

  8. Phly, you can’t bounce an Is-2 at 5.7. It’s hard to bounce an IS-2 at 6.7. If you don’t get the first crippling blow off, kiss your ass goodbye.


  10. now machineguns sound fix and we have more realistic game xd

  11. More shit PS4 users can’t utilize…

  12. Im a simple man I hear Sabaton I press like

  13. VodkaIsJustPotatoJuice

    Flak 88 scope

  14. How identify range like phly in RB and SB ?

  15. Sabaton Intro…Love it friend!!

  16. Phly, which one do you prefer for new players? War thunder or WOT?

  17. I hear Sabaton I like.

  18. le mec masqué qui vend des sous

    Panzer battalion

  19. Do panzerwerfer with it’s custom scope!


  21. Love the tiger I, it’s just brutal looking.

  22. I’m constantly dying because I think “alright, this dudes got the right, i’ve got the left. We can do this.”

    One shotted in the ass.

  23. How do u even change the sights like that?

  24. How do you measure the range?

  25. Данила Герман

    Phly if you so in scope setting i suggest you to set sqope at least 200m for quick shots.

  26. I wish it was for other tank sights too.

  27. they need to just add these damn optics as part of vanilla….

  28. Nice Update.

  29. God dammed Phly I love when you put some Sabaton in your Video’s :’)
    But how about trying the Stock Vehicle Pain-Train Challenge my friend? 😉 Play the Jagdpanzer 4-5 with no modifications at all, this of course includes any other shells than the standart one! Make me proud and get at least 2 Kills ^_^ m/

  30. Т-64 А. Have that scope , my comrade)

  31. Beautiful, that scope. I sooo want this for WarThunder, but then again we PS4 users get the short end of the stick and it’s another thing we can’t have… sad panda…

  32. Three people in the german tanks calculated to aim, the fahrer (driver), the bordfuhrer ( tank chief) and the richtschutze (gunner ).

  33. The song used in the intro is actually not about germany at all, it is about the wars in the middle east.

  34. Wow that intro tough.

  35. Hey Guy’s how do I Rotate the Gun Sight on the Tigers?

  36. How to enable that scopes?

  37. fly why dont you guess the range? you know its at least ## away. that way you don’t have to raise the gun so much off the redicle

  38. Yeah Sabaton m/

  39. why Panzer Battalion and not Panzerkampf? 😀

  40. PANZER BATTALION! !!!!!!!!!!!

  41. if you want to now how to mesure using this scope watch this 1st episode of girls und panzer Miho Nishizumi will explain everyting need to now about the scope.

  42. Can you also get these sights on PS4??

  43. Marius Salvesen Meland

    Warthunder add this!!!

  44. *one second into the vid*
    Me: FUCK YEAH Panzer Batallion

  45. How i can reset the distance

  46. what buttons do you need to assign to make the sight work?

  47. Gunsight range needs to know what is the size of the target at a given “calibration” range in mils (found out by seeing what hits when the target fills up a certain known fraction of the space between the two outer triangles or from a document given out by the German Army for its gunners). Range varies linearly/directly with width — if the target is half as wide in the gunsight, it is twice as far away as the calibration range, and twice as wide means it is at half of the known calibration range (usually what it looks like at 500 or 1000 meters for the given target type and the direction it is facing you — front, side, or rear — is given in a document). Once you know the range for a given calibrated horizontal size of that target type compared to the three triangles in the gunsight in the direction you are seeing it from (front, side, or rear), you can immediately note how big it actually looks now in the horizontal direction compared to the same three triangles (say, about half as big — double the calibration range — or about a third as big — triple the calibration range — or about twice as big — half the calibration range — etc.) and use this to get a good first range setting for your gun (the closer the range and the bigger the target looks, the less effect small errors in range estimation will be). If you miss your first shot (too short or too long), you will usually only have to adjust slightly to hit the next shot. After some trial and error, you will get quite good at immediately getting quite a good first range estimate.

  48. is it in live server already? the new optics?

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