Recommended Settings for World of Tanks

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Source: Taugrim

World of Tanks offers a high degree of customization with the game settings, so I sift through the ones that have been helpful for raising my gameplay.

I’m sure I’ve missed some good ones, so please share the settings you use and why.

I talk through how I’m reading the battle as it unfolds and discuss key decisions and mistakes. My hope that these videos meaningfully help players improve their gameplay.

“Road to Unicum” full guide and FAQs:

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  1. World of Tanks offers a high degree of customization with the game settings, so I sift through the ones that have been helpful for raising my gameplay.

    I’m sure I’ve missed some good ones, so please share the settings you use and why.

  2. Great tips. I wish I had seen this 4 years ago when I started.

    • @Taugrim Again I agree. What is the point of playing if I’m not matching my skill vs another players? Cheating is lame and weak. I’ve heard of illegal mods like laser beam barrel, auto aim crit and/or weak spots, etc. I should have mentioned what do you think about the legal mods. Mods WG advertises on with all their modifications to choose from. I mean there are at least 3 off the top of my head I believe gives an unfair advantage yet they are legal. I don’t get it.

    • @MolochZ You said 4 or 5 years ago you stopped playing right? The last 2 or 3 with 3-5-7 MM was BRUTAL. Back when you were playing was good. Higher quantity of above average players back 5 years ago or so I’ve been told. Tier 8 tanks were in tier 10 battles 90% of time om 3-5-7 MM. The massive OP power creeped tier 10’s were eating the 8’s alive. I agree that tier 10 is broken, completely broken for many reasons. OP tanks, players who have not enough battles in my opinion to be playing in tier 10 ( I’ve seen 45% winrate 50WN8 less than 1,000 battle players in tier 10) and it’s just a credit drain to be competitive. Need to bring more gold ammo, premium consumables and it’s usually a credit loss for me of course unless you are the great Taugrim. I love tier 8 and 9 now. Those are my favorite tiers to play.

      Have you noticed more all tier 10 battles now than before?

    • @allan kay I’m not sure really. Kinda yeah. Only had a handful of games so far though.

    • Relative to when you played, MM is much better, especially for tier 8 tanks.

      That said, as you’ve noticed, the imbalance between tier 10 tanks has dramatically increased. Tanks like the tech tree Super Conqueror are superior to others that play a similar role (e.g. T110E5), and reward tanks such as the Obj 907 are flat out broken – that tank has medium tank mobility, camo, and vision, but very bouncy frontal hull armor.

    • I totally agree with you – tiers 8 and 9 are blasts to play now. I enjoy them far more than tier 10, where I feel like the outcome of a battle is overly influenced by OP tanks.

  3. You’re an exceptional player and when I first came across your videos, they were so captivating and bursting work knowledge. The “Unicum” series also opened my eyes, and offered a massive amount of insight that I would’ve otherwise missed. Thank you for your content! Happy hunting, Brother! Keep on tanking!

  4. Hows the 430U grind going?

    • Good! I played the T-44 to unlock the Obj 430 and 3-marked the T-44 along the way, and I’m ~50 battles into the grind for the 430U.

      The 430 is simultaneously better than I was expecting yet also frustrating. But I’ve had an unusual number of pathetic teams (I won only 30% of my first 20 battles), so I think that’s colored my perception of the tank. And it’s hard to say how much my grinding the engine and tracks might have influenced my first 26 battles in that tank.

      That said, I have some *awesome* carries to share in my review of the 430 😄.

      On paper the 430U looks like an up-tiered version of the 430 but with far better hull armor.

  5. People say to use reverse inversion to be more logical when driving backwards, I haven’t found it useful. I autoaim with Q for convenience since I have a peasant mouse, and don’t really use the centre wheel. Finally, turned of dynamic camera recently, really helpful. Bloody camera shake really does get annoying, especially considering I only run the game at 60 FPS at low.

    • I also used to have autoaim mapped to either “Q” or to “A” but found it messed with my using my middle 3 fingers. I find aiming and “firing” actions with the mouse to be much more natural.

      Reverse inversion I use for flight simulators but nowhere else.

      I’m not sure whether I have dynamic camera turned on. I did turn off the gun recoil as I found it disorienting.

    • @Taugrim Dynamic camera is the recoil. Also, not sure if you’ve encountered this, but wasn’t there previously a range indicator for the crosshair? I’ve tried to hover over targets for distance and it hasn’t worked.

    • I don’t remember there being a range indicator, but you can guesstimate the range by looking where the target is relative to your view/spot/draw circles.

    • @Taugrim if your crosshair is on a tank is shows the distance otherwise no

    • OK, thanks for letting me know.

  6. Another weekly dose of Taugrim!! Thanks for the video on the UI.
    Could you please do videos on Skorpion G, FCM 50t, and 112?

    • I rage-sold the FCM 50t like 3 years ago – it was my first premium purchase and a lowsy one for my preferred playstyle. I don’t own the 112.

      I’m on the fence about covering the Skorpion. Paper TDs are somewhat boring to watch for the first half of a match. Although good Skorpion players know when to push up.

    • @Taugrim thanks for the reply. That’s too bad on FCM and 112. Looking forward for the Skorpion one tho.

    • @Taugrim As far as I know you can buy-back sold premiums at any time in-game. Can’t remember exactly if it is via Depot or Store but I’m sure you will be able to find it. That’s how I got back my Toldi after like 3 years lol.
      FCM got some really nice buffs not too long ago and it’s great for Frontline too.

    • I wouldn’t pay $1 for the FCM, or even 1k gold. It has no role. It’s too big/fat to spot, and it can’t brawl because the hull armor is weak.

    • @Taugrim For credits Taug xD
      It’s far from perfect I know. But it has a special place in my garage and I take it for a spin occasionally. It’s great for ramming and not too bad at hull down plays.

  7. I am not sure if you cant still lock your gun by long pressing RMB. That is a really useful for me, keeping my frontal turret armor facing towards enemy while watching other directions.

    • As a generation grown up with wasd as moving I did not find it annoying to use. Most ‘gaming’ keyboard now have some kind of ‘indicators’ (like those on F and J) on wasd.
      I use mouse wheel most of the times to switching between sniper mode, the wheel also controls the zoom.
      One thing I find really useful was to turn off the visual effect and grass in sniper mode. The ‘newly’ blown tank wreckage has flame and ‘hot air distortion’ on it, which is extremely annoy when used as a cover.

    • You can manually set a gun lock keybind in the preferences.xml file, which is located in C:UsersxxxAppDataRoamingWargaming.netWorldOfTanks

      E.g. I mapped gun lock to shift:


    • > One thing I find really useful was to turn off the visual effect and grass in sniper mode

      This is great advice. I just logged in to check and I do have “Grass in Sniper mode” unchecked.

  8. Its nice to know all this stuff and i’m happy because use the settings almost everything like you. I will test the very low sensitivity. Thanks for the video.

    • Adjust it gradually. I’ve been slowing reducing sensitivity for aim and sniper modes over the past 2 years.

      It got to a point where I had turned those too low, and I couldn’t move my reticle fast enough, so I raised the sensitivities to where they are now.

    • Yeah, low sensitivity is fine – until u become circled by a light and try to catch up.

      So indeed u need to find the sweet spot.

  9. Personally, I always have a manual fire extinguisher on my tanks. By default it’s on the key 6 but I changed it for the space bar. Bigger and easier to hit when burning to death.

    • Oh that was a good reminder. Putting repair kit on #5 makes it easy to repair tracks, just hit 5-5.

    • Just letting you know, since I changed to all auto fire extinguishers over a period of 4000 battles I have ended up purchasing 48 total automatic fire extinguishers aside from the initial batch. In credits that is just under a million. And I ran auto extinguishers in every single game(except when I ran my light tanks where I always run food on them). Fires are relatively rare and become even rarer with the auto fire extinguisher. In addition, they are handed out in a ridiculous number of events compared to the olden days and as such I have actually begun selling my auto extinguishers for credits as I almost never use them despite them being equipped on every vehicle I own. In my opinion, there is no reason to not use(ie equip) an automatic fire extinguisher as it pays for itself. I guarantee I would have used over 300 normal fire extinguishers in the same period of battles and easily taken double the amount of damage from fires.

      As far as repair kits go, I have always had mine bound to E in the 5 slot as it changes the mapping to the 5th module as well, so you can double tap the E button or wherever else is comfortable depending on your other keybinds.

    • > In my opinion, there is no reason to not use(ie equip) an automatic fire extinguisher as it pays for itself

      I 100% agree with this. Taking only 1 tick of fire damage preserves a ton of HP and modules.

      > As far as repair kits go, I have always had mine bound to E in the 5 slot as it changes the mapping to the 5th module as well, so you can double tap the E button or wherever else is comfortable depending on your other keybinds

      That’s good advice. For the same reason I put my repairs kits on 5, so hitting 5-5 instantly fixes tracks.

  10. Good video for those that don’t want to play with mods. One thing that should be mentioned is that the armor penetration indicator does not take into account the effect of spaced armor, just thickness and angle.

  11. Would love to see a map guide or battle of the big maps

  12. i feel like i been cheated out 14min kappa

  13. Server reticle when enabled the sniper mode becomes a little bit laggy… Please advice what it does

    • It syncs up your reticle with where the server thinks you are aiming. If you have high ping, e.g. >= 200 ms, you might want to turn it off.

  14. You should bind the fire salvo button to another mouse button(arguable). Everything else is definitely agreeable except for the dynamic indicator you ticked. The dynamic indicator selection only affects the size of the indicator based on the percent damage it does, which can make it much more difficult to pinpoint a specific direction of fire in the heat of fire enough to blind fire in return.

  15. Theres something about audio still, that way you can hear objects breaking before the tank is visible to you. So low vehicle sounds, who needs music and ambiance? and just have effects higher/max. Now you hear folk break things before you can see them come around a corner, if they break anything.
    Also Grass in sniper mode…. off! Otherwise your at an disadvantage against anyone who has grass off….

    • That is great advice. I turned down the music too so I can hear tank sounds.

      Truvoodoo did a video a while back showing how you can guess which direction a tank is coming if you have your audio tuned. I don’t have it tuned by it’s great advice.

    • What audio slider adjusts the surrounding sounds?

  16. Didn’t think about the ertf config, until now. Very good advice. As well of the sensitivity.

    • I think his was WERD. I don’t see the benefit compared to WASD, can you please explain?

    • @Mihailo Pisanjuk in a nutshell, it’s so you can have more buttons to bind to and not be as cramped or reach too far. He goes into more detail on his blog. I think there was even an MMO where he unbound the ‘move backwards’ button because he never had to use it.

    • Yea years ago I did a video on keybinding for MMORPGs:

      I’ve since refined my setup a bit, so that moving forward and backward are done with E and D with my middle finger. The rest is pretty much the same.

  17. Hey, why don’t you use the 16x and 25x zoom? I use them and really like them

    • I think I tried it once and it’s too zoomed in. The normal zoom I find to be sufficient. I don’t want too much tunnel vision.

    • Bogdan Mihajlovic

      I tried it a couple od times and grew such a hatred for that option.. Almost everything that I see and shoot will be pretty much visible enough and 16x and 25x just messes up accuracy since you need more movement of hand when hiting targets that are moving, so for me it happens to be counter-productive. Someone else might elaborate better on what I meant though.

    • @Taugrim well, if ticked it doesnt mean that u need to use it. It just provides an additional option for the rare cases u might want to use it.

      How do u switch between x2, x4 and x8?

  18. Do you use WERD bindings because you consider it easier to move the middle finger that way? I gave it a try after watching this vid and found it quite less comfortable. Could be because my finger is pretty long though.

    • You have years of muscle memory working against a new keybinding setup.

      What makes the most sense:
      – middle finger for forward/backward
      – index finger for right turn or right strafe
      – ring finger for left turn or left strafe

      Now the question is, where to put your fingers. For typing, our middle finger is used to type E and D, not W and S.

      So if you change from WSAD to EDSF, you’re able to use your fingers in the natural typing position. And you don’t have an issue with using your pinky for left turn if you also use your ring finger for forward/backward.

  19. i have joined WOT today. This was very useful

    • if you just joined wot you are watching the best wot guides already- taugrim i think is the best with explaining things. so you ll be a pro soon :))

  20. Try HP left without health indicator. Way less clutter and still clear.

  21. How did you put wotlabs stats in your garage

  22. I always have a tick for pressing the Alt button to know more things on the map and it has never occurred to me check the settings for the markers, this is from a player with a recent Wn8 of 1600+ lmao, your videos are amazing.

  23. Uh….WASD gives you tactile difference in secondary buttons. Its to take a layer of processing out of the process. You may be used to it by now, but extolling it to the masses – you’re just going to blunt their reaction time and cause them to mis-click secondaries like consumables. Not a good idea.

    • I disagree.

      Games have been moving to fewer abilities, not more.

      Years ago, games such as WoW, RIFT, or SWTOR required the player to keybind 20-30 different abilities or more. Most MOBAs, FPS, and even MMORPGs have a dozen abilities or fewer. The same goes for WoT. Very few keybinds needed.

  24. Oh god I miss the time when Swtor was about to release and following your videos. And now you got in my recommendations. Such memories! <3

  25. I knew mostly all of this but changing the key maping for movement seem like and interesting idea, probably won’t try it cause I am already so used to WASD

  26. Probably because I don’t type much during games, I find WASD easier for the pinky to reach Lshift and ctrl. But WERD might suit consumables better.

    • Yes, that’s been a common argument across MMORPGs.

      That said, most games have very limited # of keybinds needed. It’s not like games like WoW, RIFT, or SWTOR where you might need 20 different abilities to manage.

  27. Константин Кленков

    Btw, if you ever were in the situation when objects stuck to a gun barrel (e.g. wall elements, boxes and so on) while you were aiming in the zoom mode, this can easily be avoided by unchecking the box in
    “Graphics” -> “Advanced” – “Improved damage physics “. I know this was very annoying for me, when you were sniping in your UDES 03 and one box finds a place to sit no other than on the barrel of the gun =)

    • Huh, that’s a great tip. And yes I have had destructible objects stick to my barrel.

    • Константин Кленков

      @Taugrim WOT is becoming more and more friendly towards new or returning gamers. They will integrate a ton of new features that can help easily navigate through skills, settings and so on.
      Oh I wish I could translate all the info about the new things that will be implemented in future. Here, in our region, WOT developers spend streams (last one was a couple days ago) with the most popular wot influencers, and tell to the whole community what will be integrated (well technically not all, bcs of the NDA, but still). They also receive new ideas and hearing out about critical issues that occur in the game as well.
      That really helps a lot to look at the game ftom different angles.

  28. In sniper mode I keep grass and extra effects off. Arcade mode has low shadows and trees become transparent and terrain features or flora at medium. I find if there’s lots of shadows and clumps of grass it becomes distracting, especially because I am half color blind. In game everything is green and brown which all looks the same to me.
    Another setting I have tweaked is my monitor. It’s rated for 60hz’s so that’s a max 60 fps. Using my AMD gpu software I have “overclocked” my monitor to hit 65hz’s. So that tripple buffering and other similar settings that have a max of 60 fps now can do 65 fps.

  29. I have sniper mode on the MMB. Why? It is the same button which adjusts the range multiplier (x2, x4, x8, etc), so it gives some kind of synergy.

    Why do u use the RMB for sniper mode?

  30. what does the right mouse button do – switch recticla mode i have no idea what that is

  31. Thumbs up! Thank you for the info.

  32. Using max draw distance is also useful

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