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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

‘RED SKIES’ UPDATE: https://wt.link/RedSkies

Hello everyone! this summer, we’ve prepared another large update for you, and this time it’s called ‘Red Skies’. We’re adding two new maps, a whole range of updated gameplay mechanics, and — but of course!— a fresh batch of new vehicles. The cherry on is… the long-awaited rank seven the aircraft!



  1. Maybe fix the perfect game performance u had before covid and ruined with patches

  2. Chicken_Sh1t_420

    Add the a10 and f14 please

  3. Where is the logic of a Sherman hit and destroy a TIGER, and where is the Bismark?

  4. I’m here to help struggling players! Just reply to this with you Username on War Thunder and I got you!

  5. Louie George Destreza

    Update>>>more vehicles>>>longer grind


  7. wow the battlfield theme

  8. For everyone in the comments remember this game is free, they could charge $50 dollars for a game like this so stop being ungrateful

  9. The best thing this update was fixing volumetric shells.

  10. With this update guns sound like cheap firecrakers and russian bias is stronger than ever.

  11. Improve bomber cockpits please!!

  12. more Soviet vehicles! Surprise and shock…

  13. Did they fixed the hull aiming?

  14. Can someone tell me what happened to that huge map available in custom battles on the dev server?

  15. How long do I have to play to get these vehicles? 2 Years?

  16. so a nice chinese update with some gimmicks thrown in here and there. Caused a a lot of problems too. Great job gaijin. We still only have 647 issues left to deal with that have been there since 2015. And oh by the way lets cut some SL gains too while we’re at it

  17. They need to add the ability to shoot bombs and or rockets/ammunition with planes, so if you shoot a bomber in the right place they just explode

  18. It would be really cool to detonate individual ammunition storages of AI controlled ships again. It’s been sooooo long since that feature was removed. MAKE AI CONTROLLED SHIPS BLOW UP AGAIN.

  19. Thanks for not touching the Swedish and buffing the already op nation trees

  20. jejekxjxkanrctc djdjdhdhh

    danteh alihiery


    Next update pls be migalovania

  22. The brainlessest in this update is american fight with american in AR

  23. OfficiallyTheMostRandom

    Too bad you have to grind in order to use any of these

  24. Add submarines

  25. This intro music reminds me of the bf4 Warsaw theme

  26. give back research points and silver gain percentages

  27. It’s been 3 yrs still can’t play warthunder🤧

  28. Can we get an update called “Fun” where you actually fix the game main issues ?

  29. 3 strikes strider 1 Trigger

    That’s cool but when is the aardvark coming to war thunder

  30. If you guys add the F-15 ima get premium till i unlock that bad boy

  31. how will this help me get a girlfriens

  32. Russianess intensifies

  33. Человек в квадрате

    Музыка из батлфилда в самом начале

  34. Uh… when are we gonna get the F-14?

  35. The planes that I think that they will add in next update is F-105, T-22, and some more planes from the 1960s or 1970.

  36. They need more lower rank airplanes and tanks because they’re kind of focusing too much of the high rank airplanes and tanks.

  37. And they should make it update called German forces and have a whole bunch of experimental German plants. Or just have supersonic planes in the next update. It will still be cool.

  38. Κωσταντινος Παπαδοπουλος

    WT Official or somebody can answer to this question? Which are the best lpremium vehicles that can be purchased with GE (non-jet – not modern – cheap)

  39. Κωσταντινος Παπαδοπουλος

    And like we are speaking about tanks and that stuff some of the low br tanks that are having the driver and on the side of the driver a gunner the guns doesn’t work

  40. Gaijin I hope at least one of you has spent 1 full month of a few hours per day doing World of Warships Legends on playstation or other console, because you’ll find what turns a good game idea into a game that does little more than piss its players off to the point of quitting. I love that Gaijin has picked up on the defunct state of naval warfare gaming and is working to breath new life into it, with contemporary graphics and more realistic physics. World of Warships Legends literally is 20 years behind on graphics relative to gaming platforms; the only good thing I can say about it is the in-game controls are nicely simplified for console gameplay compared to the pc version which is so complicated that it takes the entire keyboard to accommodate every command and remembering that many commands for game is just retarded. Having said that, I very much would hope Gaijin looks closely at what makes WoWS and WoWS Legends so infuriating and stupid Cramming too many players into a small area with so many navigation hazards that often players can’t play the game because all they’re doing is smacking into each other, tripping over each other, and smacking into islands, making everyone unable to score points or attain a feeling of having a good battle, and that on top of everyone stuck feeling like they’re mostly just fighting over scraps for points because too many teammates to split the points among and battles frequently ending prematurely and often without the high value targets being attacked or sunk, further diminishing anyone and everyone’s point scores, and further pissing players off, making progression and growth far too slow, and all of it removing any fun or enjoyment from the battles. Add to that the extremely infuriating ship cost per battle, a cost which escalates ever higher with successive ship tiers and with quantity of shots fired, and at the upper end of the ship tiers, there ends up being not progress and growth but rather losses mounting with every battle, making the ships that everyone wants to get and strengthen impossible to get and impractical to play even if a player is lucky enough to someone get one, because using the ship does nothing but drain resources and rather rapidly. Friggin retarded, stupid, infuriating, and definitely making me want to just delete the game and forever forget it, which is not conducive to its developer’s goal of me spending money on the game, but the developer is too stupid to get that they can’t get me to spend on their product if their product is designed so as to piss me off to the point of avoiding their product. I would hope Gaijin is more thoughtfull, intelligent and considerate, and genuinely wants to make a fun game. I hope you do.

  41. Mike's Gameing and History k

    Who wants War Thunder to ad the Willes jeep with the 2 bazookas in the back>

  42. You have ruined the game with the new fuel tank explosion mechanic ,Leclerc is full with fuel tanks is like you have hull break, every hit on fuel tanks results in explosion and death ,so this mechanic is equaly stupid like the old hullbreak mechanic when a hit on a wheel on the tracks results in hullbreak for light tnks

  43. JugggerNaawwt !

    I swear we dont need updates just fix your game or world of tanks is going to be better

  44. Among all games I played, Warthunder is the shitest.

  45. War Thunder can you add a rewind button to replay files?

  46. Hey Gaigin maybe you could add the Btr 90 with war thunder with 2 atgm pods on each side it would be fair like the bmp2m and it would be fair because their are other armored personnel carries that are wheeled with atgms

  47. Jeb Jacobi #1nOnly

    Kay, love the new effects, love the new maps, Where the hell is my Yamato and Where is my Bismarck? Like seriously Gajin, you keep us hyped and I advocate for people to play your games and these are the reasons why people don’t like these games, I like it but seriously, when you do that, I’ll make sure Laffey from Azur Lane gives you the thumbs up, say hi to Enterprise for me will ya ;D

  48. Jeb Jacobi #1nOnly


  49. Jeb Jacobi #1nOnly

    Yaaay there go’s all my bombing runs out the door

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