Redshire Changes

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Source: Rita Sobral

Morning lovely Warriors,

Redshire will receive a couple changes:

1 and 3- Nice buildings addition, most reason I hate to push trough that road is that there are always players waiting to snipe from the comfort of their bushes on the middle hill and it all seems pointless, this will add not only some protection but the ability to create some interesting fights.

2- Seems like they gave us more road options for arty to hit us. But to be honest is good they enlarged the area, you couldn’t go over one side of a Rock without receiving flanking shoots, again, from the players waiting to snipe you from the comfort of their middle hill as the ground elevates. The extra road should also fix the issue that often teams wont be able to push and the zone just becomes an arty death trap.

4- Riverbed extended, not sure if for appearance or to slow down the hungry wolfs who rush to get arty.

In General I’m happy with this changes, they are clearly promoting a more fluid gameplay, this will hopefully convince the way too many HT and MT’s who camp on the middle hill to get some cojones and go out and fight! Cant wait to be driving my Tortoise and experiment the 1 and 2 area in particular and DPM my way trough.

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