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  1. *Here it is finally the OTOMATIC in all it’s glory enjoy fellas*

    • The saltiest Aussie

      Do is6 attempt 146+

    • +Miguel Turner yep, Italian and it was a prototype. The gun is actually a multipurpose naval gun, and the South African Denel GT4 uses the ammo designed for this Oto- Melara 76mm gun. Good thing Gaijin didn’t include it’s SAPOMER and Vulcano rounds.

  2. Mr phlydaily you should take the kv2 into a 8.0 and or 10.0 match

    TRY #2 I might as well as spam these now

  3. Mr phlydaily in shining spaghetti you should take the kv2 into a 10.0 match

    TRY #3 idk I’m just gonna keep spamming

  4. fooking helis, they are ruining the game

  5. Senpai phly pls take kv2 into a 10.0 or 8.0 match

    TRY #4 it’s probably straight suffering but I wanna see the memes

  6. Senpai phly pls take kv2 into a 10.0 or 8.0 match

    TRY #5 this gon take awhile

  7. Yet another single prototype secret documents vehicle.

  8. If a tank part is red in the Indicator dial, u can use it

  9. If they’re trying to make the game accurate, the TOW does have at least 3 and almost 4 kilometers of range for most models. I suppose it’s about time for radar or IR SAM launchers. The game already has the M163 Vulcan so perhaps its operational counterpart, the MIM-72 Chaparral. The range on those is about 9 km, although they’re tail-chase only systems. Depending on model, the missile could be anything from a standard dumb IR seeker to the modern Stinger missile seeker which can ignore countermeasures.

  10. But people will *still* complain about CAS


    I am proud of my rotored brothers for fighting the goodfight against CUKABLAYT

  12. Imatigor killed by tigerfear

  13. I love your editing / production value its so good <3

  14. Phly, please take out the ju-87. Attempt#6

  15. whats the songs name at 17:01 ?

  16. It’s FrostyyyWolf Gaming

    Abrams is now pointless to play 🤦‍♂️

  17. PurposelyPernicious

    Phly you need to learn to use the rangefinder for helis at long distance

  18. The otomatics can never kill you outside of 5km, they all rely on the radar as a crutch. Hellfire missile to the turret is like christmas but every game

  19. Fyi: TOW missile in War Thunder can shoot from up to 7km, meanwhile every radar SPAAG can only engage effectively within 3km(because 3km is the radar range limit)

    Gaijin.. we need SAM, its not like SAMs have 100% change to shoot down aircraft. Or just simply rework the spawn cost?

  20. I wish you could retract this things radars when in ground mode so its not a big here i am from behind cover

  21. Secretary Of All Things Pleasurable

    Music at 5:36?

  22. phlyDaily I want to thank you for letting me know about this beautiful game and I loved it from the first time when I watched a clip of you in YouTube by chance and thank you for renewing because you taught me to be afraid when I face any tank no matter what and to play calmly and coolly you have taught me that every tank has its strength and weak point before that I was fighting Nubian but you taught me where to shoot and how to kill every tank in front of me thank you

  23. Last Stand of the Reich combo – Tiger II (H) and Me 262 A1/U2

  24. OTO Melara 76 mm is Navel Artillery for for short-range anti-missile point defence, anti-aircraft, anti-surface, and ground support. It has FAR more rounds the the game has or uses. For example it uses a HE round for shore bombardment that can either be contact fused or ground proxi fused. PFF: anti-missile projectile, with proximity fuze and tungsten balls embedded in the shell for defined fragmentation effect. SAPOM: 6.35 kg (0.46 kg HE), range 16 km (SAPOMER: 20 km) semi-armoured piercing. DART: guided projectile for anti-aircraft manoeuvring targets.

    the truth is, using its time delay fuses, it SHOULD be able to range an open topped vehicle then fire with the shell exploding above it, detonating anywhere within 100′ would be crew kill and equipment damage for open top/open back vehicles. This was also supposed to serve as Rapid fire artillery, able to do solo area bombardments. Essentially it would fire several rounds at different angles such that, with its rate of fire, up to 8 rounds would land at the same time… after firing it was suppose to move to a new shooting position, meanwhile its target area would be saturated with 8 simultaneous impacts making the enemy think it was an entire artillery or mortar group firing.

    • Phạm Minh Thắng


    • +Phạm Minh Thắng Tell me about it, this gun is used on a TON of destroyers…

      The Super version of the gun, can fire up to 120 rounds per min (2 rounds per second)

      They mount these on small fast attack craft, gun boats, the compact version simply uses an internal feed system so its limited to 80 rounds, BUT can be mounted on anything… it just needs power.

  25. Gaijian: OTOMATIC will be fine
    Phly: *claps MBTs, jets, and helis*
    Gaijian: Excuse me what the fuck

  26. Can’t wait for surface-to-air missiles to deal with those ATGM snipers lmao

  27. not cool playing this thing

    edit: and the zsu-57-2 got nerfed, makes sense

  28. Even tho i don’t play warthunder that much anymore, i still watch your videos for pure comedy and enjoyment.

  29. this shit is giving me ASU57 flashbacks

  30. 10:37 stealth level 100

  31. GHOST-N-GUN gaming and outdoors

    That thing is crazy!

  32. You were killin’ Abrams like clubbin’ baby seals. Didn’t think that was possible. Can you say, nerf-bait?

  33. That Ericclaptoni guy has killed me before to with the chopper he sucks in his Abrams an ground unites only way he can kill shit is in that AH-1Z

  34. That sabot is scary

  35. Could you play the American spaa with the 37mm I don’t see any video on your channel about this tank?

  36. What nation

  37. lol those Abrams would be hating life

  38. That intro, if you only had a tool to measure distances with, like a rangefinder or something..

  39. *OTOMATIC*
    _When just one hole isn’t enough._

  40. Anyone else vote phly as main developer/ manager of gaijin?

  41. *O T O M A G I C*

  42. 0:40 SPOODER DANCE 🕷️🕸️🕷️🕸️🕷️🕸️
    ( Can i please get a like 😋 )

  43. The rage quit is real😂

  44. Where’s the soumd effect ?

  45. Miquel Escribano Ivars

    Being an Italian vehicle…

    7 Page MUDA + WRYYY

  46. This thing is classified as a SPAA.


  47. “I could blend in here for a little bit” – too close to the enemy spawn for that ;p

  48. That thing’s stabilized like crazy.

  49. I’m glad I’ve not played the past three months. This convinced me not to return.

  50. new t shirt otomatic and bagelpanzer holding hands and walking away from dead tanks, in my head this looks cool

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