REENACTING FURY In War Thunder | also tank torture (War Thunder Jumbo Gameplay)

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REENACTING FURY In Thunder | also tank torture (War Thunder Jumbo Gameplay)

Beautiful Screenshot –


  1. Phly’s mom: Don’t play with your food.

  2. *phly cyber-bullies a defenseless panther for views*

  3. I only got about 3 minutes and 30 seconds before I had to make a comment. I play World of Tanks. One of my favorite tanks is the Sherman jumbo. And I could understand every single thing he said about it just because it’s a bully in either game

  4. I’ve destroyed many jumbos by firing a HE at the mantlet and exploding down the roof

  5. Cowerdnerd Despacito

    At least that panther got his revenge

  6. Just quit wot started playing WT any tips?

  7. I like to charge right into the fray of half a dozen other tanks, taking every shot and returning them as I fight down a narrow alley way, climbing over an enemy’s disabled AA truck.

    All of this leading to a glorious ending of me calling down 3 artillery strikes on myself at the main objective. We lost, but I was more than satisfied with my berserking moment.

    I. Was. Fury.

  8. All u did was torture a slowing firing Panther. Oh how sad ?. Shame on you. Now go to your room without supper.

  9. Phy my guy. I would like tips on how to play the arl 44 tank destroyr I love it and don’t know how to play it. I worked so hard to get it and all I do is die. I almost quit the game. So if you have any pointers I would be great full. Thanks

  10. RIP Panther, he could have just J out 🙁

  11. Phly: Did you guys see that?!
    Me: no
    Phly: *skips replay*

  12. jumbo is perfect for what manymilesaway calls ball deep mode

  13. I have a question. If you research a vehicle but don’t buy it with lions, do you have to re-research it??? I researched the M4A2 but was low on lions, went back to buy it and it says it needs to be researched. All 40k points of it….. Again.

  14. Are you still taking video requests phlpo ?

  15. Pls do the 40mm combo take out the crusader mk2 and the hurricane with 40mm

  16. god fury was fuckin cancer

  17. 16:40 Phly: Trees are bad mmmkay.
    Greta Thunmberg: How dare you!
    The Poor Panther: You’ve stolen my dreams… ?

  18. Phly no mercy next video you’re too nice

  19. Phly we can be friends?? (I would like if someone wants because I have literally nobody to play with. because everyone I know say WT sucks and WoT is best).

  20. Like a cat playing with a mouse. Just kill em Phly!

  21. Phly why you bully, why you bully Panther? XD XD

  22. Quarterpoundering Ur mom

    Lol yes it is kinda op but I’ll tell y’all a secret….. Machine Gunner port is usually a one shot if you aim good.

  23. Gunner port is the weakpoint?
    Me: *Laughs in Sturer Emil, Nashorn and Waffenträger*

    Only intellectuals will get the joke.

  24. 2:15 Phly prefers to manscape his bush & drive around exposing his dangle?

  25. lol that poor panther

  26. Poor Tiger Ruh in Frieden hast dich gut geschlagen. Ja

  27. M36 You got a Panther engine? 19:39

  28. this might be a dumb idea but try using arty only for clearing out trees or other destructible objects and you’re not allowed to use it to spot people

  29. Phly wanted to recreate Fury, instead he recreated, how to torture a Panther to infinity and beyond.
    I often wish to do that very thing to SAV players, just keep their barel and tracks dead…

  30. That poor Panther.. I feel sorry for him/her/it

  31. You got a kill on snow map every 10 second

  32. At a slight angle I’ve penned that through the front drive sprocket into the hull.

  33. Роман Ежуков

    All “Greenpeace” on you now, m’ kay))))))

  34. I was playing 5.3 for the first time yesterday and got up tiered. Ran into this thing in a stock T44-85. Had a lovely time

  35. [PBG] PointBreakGalaxy

    I like the movie
    but I don’t LOVE it

  36. I hope you sent that man some golden lions. He needs recompensation for that torture XD.

  37. You want to know a hill that you never get over? That rape hill that is playing German tanks as you have demonstrated.

  38. LitlBlackDragonNinja

    Why you bully me?!

  39. Fury , 2020 BDSM remake

  40. Phly you doof you forgot to censor the F word. Time to lose your youtube bucks

  41. Phil your just and Arse xD that poor Panther xD and yes im laughing at that because its hilarious^^

  42. Eashaan RAJEBHOSALE

    I like how somehow his crew got deleted even though he’s in a Jumbo, honestly, he gets penned but for some reason, I can’t kill a jumbo from point-blank with my panther A, this is some yeet *30mm GAU noises*

  43. All these Anus attacks

  44. I saw the sceen but its was a panther is the sceen it was a tiger

  45. What Phly writes: Friend?!?!!?
    What Ply means: Hostage!

  46. Don’t you think you went to far at 10:40 ???

  47. i wish this panther was fast repair and f**k up Phly game recording for this video

  48. Mr Beast: we gotta plant more trees!
    Phly: trees are bad m’kay

  49. I’ve witnessed war crimes :'(

  50. Holy shit. I watched that film last night for the first time!

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