Reintroducing…The STARSHIT (War Thunder)

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Reintroducing…The STARSHIT (War Thunder)


  1. U cant polish a turd


  3. Hey Phlydaily plz try world of tanks

  4. “Oh shit on my nipples”

  5. man that tanks is slow like HELL

  6. Anyone else having problems getting into top tier matches

  7. thanks Phly, for your 290k SLs just to show us the different between M60A2 and M1 Abrams xD

  8. Ahhh shit on my nipples…. I cried haha.

  9. When you accidentaly spawn in a shitty ass tank:
    *Holds J*
    “Bail out!!!”
    *Ammunition load Burnt Down* (player kill)

  10. Can I get some tips on flying in war thunder phly


  12. Phly: “Cause we’re fucking Garbage.”

    Summary of the tank.

  13. Paid 290K just to show of the Abrams, that’s messed up.

  14. The standard HEATFS of the Leopard 2K cant penetrate the M1 either expect for the weak spot which is hard to hit with such a slow projectile at range.

  15. Phly: I got this MBT
    *Takes Round To Face*
    Phly: I’m Okay….

  16. So you’re playing World of war ships with my sister

  17. Your videos are awesome

  18. CronicHurricane FireFly

    Phly please play Far Cry 5 if you haven’t the intro is the best of any game! It’s absolutely crazy and awesome!!

  19. R.I.P Starship 🙁

  20. Plz do thw m551 sheridan pls and the p51

  21. wait, you dont want IR night vision in the game???

  22. dang this thing SUCKS

  23. Forgive me if the combo series is dead. IDK what to even call this one… American Bias? T28 and AD4 with 12 hvars 2 tiny Tims and a 2000lb bomb.

  24. Cool vid m8

  25. Useless shit 85% uptier

  26. Play wight PT 76 B

  27. Just wanted to say I really really enjoy your videos. You got the perfect sense of humor and also talk about historical facts and tactics, I watch you’re vids all the time and it helps me alot in battle. Subbed by the way! Keep it up bud – fox_racingXD

  28. phly, fly?

  29. Colin Thorneycroft

    The compression and everything in war thunder is fucking awful. 7.0 especially sucks ass, constant uptiers to 7.7 and a big “fuck you” from the game if you fight the russians

  30. Maybe you should try the Aluminum trashcan known as the M551 Sheridan

  31. Lmao I was just deciding whether or not to research this tank…then this video came out…. guess ill skip it

  32. Dustin Gagne Cleroux

    I wish I could like twice. I laughed so much watching this episode

  33. Wait, you hate night battle??
    I actually love it very much,
    It’s much easier for me to move around and flank.

  34. You see that big round thing on the top of the star ship? It’s a bag of salt

  35. Orlando Southcott


  36. Just starshit things

  37. But does the Starshit Phly(Daily)?

  38. “I think that Maus must be behind the building just up ahead”

    No phly, The Maus IS the Building.

  39. Play the Tier 4 American M36 Tank destroyer with 1 bush! I’d really like to see how you use it.

  40. I always leave when its night battles

  41. Foooooook!…. LMAO.. that was hilarious…

  42. Finally! Thanks for playing the Starship!!!

  43. phly make ZIS30 vs abrams video attempt one

  44. Benjamin Sliwinski

    That Leopard went “kaputt”! ???
    Sehr gut Phly ?

  45. Welcome to Poland we are going in hard

  46. Hay Phly have you checked out the Arma 3 KOTH gamemode that has US vs Russia?

  47. My soul is laughing ”Shpuck Yea !”

  48. you call this tank shit? think about Maus

  49. can you make a video with the b-34 American bomber

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