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  1. 𝕞𝕠𝕖𝕞𝕠𝕖 𝕪𝕦𝕦𝕜𝕚

    Those jet sound effects on ground are amazing

  2. Thank you for the higher level game sounds <3
    Seriously, too. As a non-WT player, I enjoy the audible game sounds, really puts me in the game with ya!
    Which I concur, those jet sounds are **kisses fingers** perfect. Spending every summer in Alaska at my grandpa's in Anchorage, I heard plenty of Jets zipping around from Elmendorf, which those game sounds do take me back to there 😀

  3. Hey phly can you do a video on Amx 30 BRENUS since it sits at 8.3 now and it’s a direct upgrade from the Amx30b2 with great optics and thermal.

  4. Phly, Beaufort Mk IA Battle Pass wi the TWO 40mm!!! Each from a different manufacturer lol how british! Take it out in Air RB or Ground RB

  5. Russian bias still rules. Swarms of them…most accurate armor even though every other nation gets cucked. Yeah play Russia win and rake in the spoils of war.

  6. When they did the update for jest it broke the sound for xbox so im hoping i can move back to pc soon

  7. For the Saints Phly, why didn’t you use the main reason why the type’s 90, 90-B and 10 are build on. Use the hydropneumatic suspension that the tanks are known for so many times you could have had a shot before them coming up the hills/slopes.

  8. PhlyDaily can you pls make video on Mi-4AV?

  9. I wish i could have as much fun as phly does playing this game. Im so tired of getting bombed over and over in GROUND rb. Cas spam is out of control. Why isnt there a dedicated ground mode where you know its just ground vehicles?

  10. I love how Steve is always loves seeing and hearing the planes and them dropping bombs and stuff, even when they are on the opposite team.

  11. God those jets sound great

  12. day 30 – fly the he – 51 C1 with the air dropped flashbangs.

  13. “You play Japan because your a weeb, I play Japan because I like war crimes, we are not the same”

  14. #68 Loving the Unloved: Play the lovechild of a Spitfire and a Mustang. The MB5 that even you hate.

  15. I’m Japanese. Thank you very much bro 😀

  16. The composite armor on this tank is just ridiculously weak, I’d rather play the Italian arette

  17. Not going to lie I was routing for the M1 Abrams

  18. Gaijin should have a premium add-on where laser warning indicator also indicates the direction of incoming laser👍

  19. Phly: scouts for enemy
    Enemy: shoots death lazer

  20. Day 8 of asking Phly to play M551 Sheridan air dropped meme machine

  21. Hahahahaha hey bro I’ve been not even looking at youe GE count 😂 I’ll cry

  22. Day 27:
    Phly, play the Panther F in Combo with the Amerikabomber and show the allies how real War Thunder Suffering feels

  23. “The Type 90 doesn’t have the best armour…”

    I’ve got bad news for you about the Type 10 then, Steve; it’s got lighter armour IRL than the Type 90

    • lighter in terms of weight yes, but its a composite that offers about the same protection as the type 90. it was one of the goals of the project if i remember correctly, they wanted a lighter more mobile tank for rapid deployment across Japan, including the dense urban areas which have some smaller bridges that can’t hold larger tanks. pretty sensible since they don’t have an offensive force, specialize into your home field advantage.

    • @Void Traveller It’s modular, so the protection level is variable. The underlying armour, however, is lighter and the physics don’t lie: it’s just not as good protection as the Type 90 has. They’ve made a judgement call (probably correctly) that they could lower the overall KE protection but keep/improve the overall CE protection, all while saving weight.

    • @iatsd I disagree statement of weight equal protection level. but whatever it is type 10 has more armor on front. hull frontal ceramic armor is twice as heavier than type 90. from 1249 kg to 2520kg. turret frontal ceramic armor also heavier from 1381kg to 1960kg. almost all of other parts is lighter than type 90.

  24. Meanwhile grinding STB-1 at blitz: *suffers all the tank from T1 to T9*

  25. Mistakenly saw the title as “Type 10 Glassified( meaning the armor) MBT”

  26. Why Type-10 slow than Type-90 ???

  27. Day 55: We want the whole “Phly Album”, its almost done (Long Range Yeets, The Missile Knows Where It Is, The Final Countdown…), just put them all on one LP and I will buy it.

  28. Day 19 of asking Phly to play the British Crusader III and Hampden TB I for 5000lbs of destruction at 3.0

  29. I miss the face cam bud, bring it back for christmas

  30. Its war thunder it wont be classified for long

  31. Day 4 of telling Phly to play Ultimate Admiral Dreadnought so he can create his cursed ship ideas.

  32. I have a question for my fellow war thunder players, i have played war thunder on pc for past 3 years , now i want start playing it on PS4 , will my progress in pc , can be transferred to ps4 account ?

  33. From my experience having russia on your team is allways an advantage

  34. This is the most up-tier ebr

  35. Did y’all know that in reality, tanks are actually quite good at traversing terrain? I love how Gaijin completely ignore that aspect in their little tank game.

  36. I hope they wont go over this with t 90m nd t 14 because Japan doesnt have any new stuff.
    Also other minor nations dont.

  37. “REJOICE, Japanese mains, also known as weebs!”

    Yup this is gonna be a good one

  38. TheBeardedReaper Gaming

    PhlyDaily is a myth. DriveDaily is here to stay and sometimes we are graced by the presence of PhlyMonthly.

  39. The jet sounds are nice but if u get killed by one its so loud my headset breaks

  40. 5:05 – mm, delicious ^_^

  41. It’s sure to be a pleasure for this tech tree, but it certainly won’t last.
    A 4s reload only exists on paper, already at 5s accidents can happen with the autoloader, so the same thing will happen for this tank as for the Leclerc and it will be nerfed at 6s (or 5.5sn in order to keep the spirit of the French bias / bashing alive.
    Same goes for survivability or ammunition, nothing that can threaten the sales of the three favored nations can be kept after the launch is over and the sales cap is reached.
    You have to be happy while it lasts but not put money into it I think.

  42. Day 187: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  43. Oh hey, saw you on that Karelia match. Shame you died right away, we went on to win it pretty nicely :/

  44. Day 172 of asking phly phor an m47 patton tank

  45. Phly you must play the P-59 it turns better than most props and has a higher top speed and a reasonable climb rate with a 37mm cannon its got to be one of the best planes in the game for its tier

  46. @PhlyDaily Why no use the hydropneumatic suspension? 🤨

  47. Phly when spends over 1200 dollars on GE

  48. I love this game

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