Reminder that this MONSTROSITY EXISTS (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Reminder that this MONSTROSITY EXISTS (War Thunder)


  1. Do another vid on the T-35, Tankdaily.

  2. When are you and devil dog going to work together again?

  3. Another great video! I would love to see you play the premium T-34-57 even though you’re not a T-34 fan.


  5. Darjeeling‘s 183

    To be honest…I hull breaks this thing so many times with the HE from the German short 75mms…

  6. the trinity we deserve

  7. TankDaily, take out the la-200

  8. I got ptsd when I heard the public announcement siren.

  9. Do the terror tank

  10. Hey Phly, love your videos! I’ve been watching your older videos and thought that making your tank a bush was the funniest thing ever. But, what about doing the same thing, only with the T95/Doom Turtle? Can be a fun challenge but I’m only suggesting it because it’s funny as hell to watch you fuck around and troll the enemy team. Anyways, keep up the good work!

  11. @PhlyDaily……you kill me …..Japan…im was the marder on the point..XD

  12. 絕對花陽推

    Hey, Phly, I know most of the request to you is tanks or planes……

    But please, really want to have some more cat vlog.
    Make the cats great again!!!
    CAT VLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @PhlyDaily take out the pz4f2 and the cl13a

  14. Caleb Cazmakillassassin

    Hey Phyly, love your vids. I’m getting on a bit in the British, German and American planes and was wondering if you could do a few tutorials for stuff like MEC, what vehicles are good and like a beginners guide. Something a bit more updated as all I can find are vids from years ago.

  15. 67,856th! And I meant to send that five minutes ago but WiFi derped, and 100+ views were there…

  16. Hi Phly, you can call me louis, can you play Panzer IV.H to take 8 kill over? I want to learn how to play Paner IV more best.
    Attempt #59

  17. Pzr III J1 game play?

  18. How do you get those neat hangers

  19. :Phly stops using planes :me gets sad

  20. Would they ever make the lvt with the short 75mm

  21. Isn’t the LVT literally the biggest tank before the Maus in War Thunder?

  22. How much stronk can you stronk when a stronk becomes too stronk to even be stronk anymore, as the stronk-ness is too much for it to be stronk, but it takes a nation of peasants to be stronk?

  23. Little chit is dead ????

  24. Enemy pilot:what is that?!?!
    Phly:Its just a Bawks
    Enemy pilot: Ohh just a bawks.
    Phly:u know what guys, I’ve never been shot by an aircraft(the ending).

  25. Phly challenge time! Rake out the almighty rare isu 122/122s and destroy 5 of those pesky jagpathers! To make it fair take any Russian bias with 1000kg payload. Happy bias comrade!

  26. Phly can you please take out the Chi Nu 2? Been asking for over a year since Japanese ground force release and you’ve done every other Japanese tank. NEVER BEEN FEATURED. 157mm penetration and 63g of explosives at BR 3.7

  27. Apostolos Krystallis

    Phly I have challenge: in order to test out new parachute, mother Russia orders you to fly the TU4 together with many others and then bail out at the same time!

  28. Now i want to see you in the Pz.III J1 xD

  29. Hey Phly try out the Pz. II DAK or the Pz. II C/F… 20mm with AT rounds at BR 1.0 shreds nearly everything

  30. RevengeHunter01

    Will you do a video on that Pz. III J1?

  31. i killed you and made you so salty you completely removed the stream video off ur channel
    =sfalc= jerimiahgodare

  32. wow… the PhlyDaily sexual innuendo compilation got some good audio this video…

  33. 4am for me, fair enough

  34. limescale onetwo

    your nasalosity wasn’t even close to Rugrats’ Chucky. you’re good man.

  35. psychologically unstable 2

    *G E L A D E N*

  36. Play the B1 franch heavy tank

  37. ნიკა არაბული


  38. ნიკა არაბული


  39. Phly the only video you have of the t95e1 was mainly about the starship, can you make one of just the t95e1?

  40. “normally one shot the zis 30” frontally yes. From the side it’s easily 2 shots which is the usual case because approaching a zis 30 from the front = death

  41. Geladin! Geladin! Geladin!

  42. Valentin Kovachev

    Did Warthunder copy that monestary in the middle from that Battlefield 4 map ? Its the same, isn’t it ?

  43. Kalidoscopic Duck

    *but it can float*

  44. omg lol “push this guys shit in” gay much? hahaha

  45. Phly take out the sherman destroyer su-85m with the mighty yak-1 support and you have to kill at least 2 tanks with yak-1 (attempt #6)

  46. Play panzer II H!!

  47. The Shaver Ranch + Wolves

    “Zut-butt” hahaha

  48. ‘ That sounded very ennemy’ Phly legendary 6th sense !

  49. kamrunnessa rahman

    Phly make a video on hvars and rp3s arter nerf

  50. Whahaha defcon 1 Sound in the begin?

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