remove is-7 the british way…with 183mm gun (War Thunder Is-7 Removal Service)

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remove the way…with 183mm gun (War Thunder -7 Removal Service)

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  1. the IS-7 is weak it can’t resist my 50cals of my p40e1 kitty hawk

  2. Could you please fly the FJ-4B Fury since you’ve never shown it on the channel??? Attempt #6

  3. Phly- I just love how before the loader dies he literally ejects the round out of the breech…. Just leave it in there!!!!! Lol

  4. The 906 rekt your breech just before you fired then bewm you fired and breech detonated

  5. Try using an m56 to kill is7s. I do it multiple times a match

  6. Check the nieuw update of call of duty WW2 with dogfight

  7. Sturmpanzer vs is 7’s

  8. British KV-2 vs is-7

    Love your videos your the reason I play warthunder

  9. That white flag 🤣

  10. bananas

    there are a lot of them

  11. DO NOT buy is7 coupon from marketplace if you have done stage 1 but cannot grind. It is much cheaper to buy is7 parts. Right now parts are going for 0.10-0.13 gaijin coins. If you buy all 516 parts its going to be about 50 dollars which is much cheaper than what those goons are putting their price for.

    • iftikarrot you have to buy all the rare parts too which might add another 30 to 40 dollars. Still cheaper than buying the vehicle.

  12. Mdr 6:48 français

  13. Good ol shit barn

  14. LeGuitaristeDuDimanche


  15. Komrade of Stalin

    Well you see comrade our is-7 are blessed by Stalin himself

  16. When a glass cannon hunts down some IS-7s 😀 well done phly!

  17. Long Time Been Fallin'


  18. Ah yes, the Shit Barn.
    I do still love it.

  19. I remember a T30’s 155mm HESH blew off the target M36’s turret in a ballistic test.

  20. Just for news, it is a 160 GJ$ right now, and it was thinked as an event tank as the e100 (gaijin employees’ words)…. Right now everyone can see how it is going….

  21. All about the Cent AVRE. Highest quality bias-remover.

  22. You know the FV 4005 got the biggest bullshit HESH round in War Thunder?…

    I mean… Type 60 SPRG still got a better HESH than this…

  23. 13:36 nut worthy

  24. I was in a game earlier in a Leopard 1, I shot the IS7 and I bounced but the sturmpanzer did kill it.

  25. Russian Milk Truck Mafia

    Imagine paying a thousand dollars for a tank in a game and then getting memed into oblivion by people spamming a rolling barn that doesn’t even have the BR to fight against you.

  26. Such realism in this game. I did not know tanks have third person veiwing.

  27. Take the ISU-152 into top tier with HEAT shells only. >:D Attempt #17

  28. Let’s see the AVRE vs Bias 7

  29. cool I guess since im on ps4 ill never get a phly symbol

  30. How bout Le Foch! 7.3 OP IS7 trollmaster !

  31. Well it was built to remove russian tanks

  32. Leopard 1 is the real IS-7 remover. Just need to stack up on those HEAT-FS rounds (1k silver chicken a piece).
    FV4005 is oneself remover from battle.

  33. Hey I used the code but did not receive the logo is there a delay when you but to receive

  34. can anyone tell me what the brits are good at. i mean ive made it to the centurion mk10 but i still havent really found a good playstyle with them. i know they pen a ton and people say their more defensive but i have shitty luck with them regardless. I mean i have some good games but overall their bad and losses.

  35. You should try to kill it with the 2.3 BR Sturmpanzer 2 now.

  36. I think the conqueror can do it slightly better

  37. Autism is Uncontrollable

    Shitbarn! 😀

  38. i think the banana system is better than metric and imperial

  39. Too bad it takes a freaking naval gun to remove an IS-7

  40. 😂😂😂

  41. Seeing the IS-7 being rekt’ed by the 183mm was so satisfying…

  42. snail dollars… barn house… walk down stairs to grab a round… stalin meme, french white flag… This video is hilarious. IDK how you do it phly but keep it coming. TBH this is more entertaining than playing the game itself.
    EDIT: “I love how just before the loader dies, he ejects the round. Just leave it in there!” OMG LOL that’s so true. I never get that but the way you put it… it’s hilarious.

  43. In today’s episode, Phly takes the Shitbarn for a spin.

  44. Haha perfect map design….

  45. I wish they didn’t let you make multiple IS-7s, I’d be able to get one for cheap if they didn’t lol



  47. games and drandom stuff

    phly u know in ur old logo icon thing u had the little white plane, u should have that plane on the forehead of the pilot in the red diamond

  48. 13:38 that was less of the being crew knock out than it is the tank being turned into swis cheese

  49. Thats a lot of bananas to get hit by

  50. BOI THAT GUN *T* *H* *I* *C* *C*

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