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Source: OddBawZ

The BMP-2M buff has been live for over 24 hours now. I felt a little guilty that players have to put up with it so I decided to bring Balance to War Thunder with the German PUMA AFV and the G.91 R/4!

The PUMA in a German AFV which is one of the most modern vehicles we currently have in game. It’s equipped with a autocannon that fires a similar APFSDS round to the BMP-2M but with an extra 20 of penetration at 122mm!

The thing that sets apart the PUMA from the BMP-2M is that it’s actually one of the most survivable vehicles we currently have in game. It’s absolutely covered in armour panels and composite blocks that overlap causing issues not only for HEAT-FS and other Chemical Rounds… but even APFSDS too! The crew are also insanely spread out and there is no crew in the turret either!

The PERFECT tool for taking out the Overpowered BMP-2M!

We fight Fire WITH Fire!



  2. Stephen BARTLEET

    Hey Odd can you do a video on the weasel at 9.3 because it does a very good job at killing Bmp2s

  3. Nice Video… but how the heck you kill them so quick? even with these ap darts i struggle to kill bmps or mbts…..

  4. TangiersIntrigue

    Man I absolutely love making BMP-2M players’ life a living hell with the PUMA. I feel no guilt whatsoever.

  5. Ok, second only to the Russian E-Z mode is the German E-Z mode…give those Russians a real stompin’ !!! It also shows just how cancerous the PUMA really is as well…second only to the BMP-2M.

  6. barbarianpenguin


  7. “The ultimate balancer” that which is unbalanced

  8. I always go after the dudes with Z’s it’s a great please kill me emblem.

  9. As someone that has been playing the ZLT-11 a lot recently (9.3 armored car), I can’t decide if I hate the PUMA or the BMP more.

  10. Why there is so much hate towards the little bmp2 m?

  11. stick that 1200mm pen tandem up your ass, bmp2m

  12. I wonder if Russian bias will go away if all the Russian IFV’s keep self destructing irl.

  13. The intro couldn‘t have been better, except for the WW2 Puma to show up

  14. 0:20
    That got me good 😂😂😂

  15. BMP2M APFSDS: no u

  16. People chilling in a CV90 just killing both of them 😏

  17. Damn I thought this was going to be a video about removing Gaijin

  18. Why the hell are your rockets on g91 automatically aiming on target??? And how does that not work for me and most important how can I make it work for me???

  19. 7:55 – ya cheeky wee shite ye 😂

  20. Joshua Williams

    this vehicle is fucking dumb as shit.

  21. Gokul Muralidharan


  22. Love your vids but at 6:18 you cut him off and it’s somehow his fault? Why not just cross behind him?

    • Exactly, slow down and go BEHIND your teammate instead of trying to go in front of them without enough speed. They shouldn’t have to slow down because you drive out in front of them and feel you’re more important.

  23. dude puma will be a beast once 2 missiles get aded

  24. I hate this. The most bullshit tank with the most bullshit plane and an entire video of fucking smug really sums up germany in wt. I especially love the fact that german players at this br cry about bmp 2ms having the ability to shoot missiles on the move whilst crying that their puma doesn’t have its spike missiles.

  25. That thing is disgusting how much money do I have to spend to get it

  26. Z on a tank in a computer game supporting a real life invading army murdering children at the command of a criminal dictator. Russia…

  27. Luke Whitehouse

    Autocannon meta…There is just no counter to it and then you get nations that don’t even have a meta autocannon vehicle France, UK, or China. makes 8.7 and 9.0 above unplayable

  28. Fear the Germans xD

  29. how did you get a triple kill with one nord? since the nerf I can only get a kill with a direct roof hit, and thats only if the missile cooperates and goes where i aim it

  30. Alpharius Omegon

    The PUMA is easily a lot better than the BMP-2M. It’s a lot more survivable, the breach is tiny and almost impossible to hit, the crew are all 5 miles away from each other, and it has the speed and mobility to reach good flank positions. The only thing the BMP has better is the thermal sights and the ATGMs, which can be a coin toss as some take the AA missiles. There’s also the fact that as a squadron vehicle, a lot of less experienced players use it along with the TURMS, without any back up, whereas the PUMA needs the Grind.

  31. Oy, you can’t be clapping my moms cheeks like that. Now I have to clap yours be default

  32. Thise BMP 2ms are great, Russia should have sent some to Ukraine

  33. Using the thing everyone hates to kill the other thing people hate

  34. It seems like the Puma is even more tankier at higher BR.
    It was easier to kill a Puma in one shot with IS-3 and T10m

  35. Kim-Harald Johansen

    The incident @6:21 was actually your fault. You tried passing in front of him without having enough speed to overtake him. When you’re out driving your car, do you cut people off like that?
    I find it rather annoying when players do that to me, but I don’t do like that player. I at leat try to get free so I can get on my way.

    • Yeah I thought so as well, sure the other player could simply just have slowed down a bit to let him pass, but that’s quite literally what cutting someone off is. You’re forcing them to slow down to let you pass in order to avoid a collision you would’ve caused. Odd could have slowed down as well or turned to the right and drove in behind that guy. Could have and should have in my opinion.

      That’s the issue with players in WT in general, what they’re doing is so important that everyone else should slow down or stop to let them pass rather than the other way around. It is annoying because the other player is cutting into your time to get somewhere faster, when he should be cutting into his own time if teammates are in the way.

    • Kim-Harald Johansen

      @Reaper Exactly!
      OddBawZ didn’t have the speed to pass in front of that player and should have slowed down and gone behind the player.

      What I reacted the most to on that was the fact that OddBawZ got annoyed at the other player over a situation that he created himself.
      Shame on you OddBawZ 😐

  36. I took this thing to 11.0 and still slapped some ruskies no problem.

  37. כפיר לייבה

    we need bmd-1 bmd-2 bmd-3

  38. 6:18 You can’t drive out in front of them and expect them to slow down because of your actions. Just turn to the right and go behind them instead.

  39. This shows how ruined this game is in terms of gameplay and balance. At this point it just seems to me that the player base of warthunder are all those people who are either addicted to the suffering or those who are a big fan of military tech. I’ve been on many war thunder discord server and I have never met a single person who is enjoying the game. Everyone hates it, but they still play it for some reason… War thunder was fun before when all the vehicles were kinda balanced and the game modes/maps made sense.

    I’m glad I stopped playing this game an year ago. One of the best decisions I ever made.

  40. replikvlt YouTube

    The Z remover

  41. Devlin Plantenga

    Day 93 asking for the best 5.7 fighter, the American spitfire!

  42. Fernando Vasquez

    Hi bro, nice videos, saw a lot of them, but now i need to ask some things-.. Like why u never use the Arty support? Also, why u get that motor red teams going from 99 to 0 sometimes ?

  43. Horatio Scale Models

    Been away for a bit and catching up on my favourite YouTube Ubers. So glad to hear you sounding so up and hyped for your games again, great games, good laugh 🙂

  44. the most complete Cancer player I’ve ever seen… attempted spawnkill (karma successfully delivered), using cheat in tank battle (plane with self-guided missiles), voluntary teamkill… soon he won’t there will be more than plane players on WT, tank players will be tired of being pissed on by the devs… helicopters that shoot at 10km, planes with self-guided missiles, the tank him, all he can have at best is a poor turret roof machine gun that often doesn’t have much elevation or not much ammo, or he just often has nothing to defend against. aerial threats… whereas what flies has the freedom to make a dozen passes if it misses its target 9 times, the tank generally only has one chance and it needs an enormous skill to succeed in smoking a plane with a cannon. #BalancedThunder

    • afterwards… the players are not totally at fault… the devs make cheat tools available, the players use them… personally, I don’t intend to play planes and helicopters… I intend to keep my honor and my dignity

  45. i hate the puma the most~ unlike bmp-2m which can be killed by .50cal, puma is too survivable

  46. I Unterstand nothing

  47. This is the lowest I’ve seen OddBawZ, talking to himself

  48. People who put “Z” on their tank – 🤡🤓

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