RENTAL Waffenträger, Chieftain and KTTS in Lootboxes | World of Tanks Waffenträger: Legacy Event

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of Tanks The Waffenträger: Legacy – The Return of The Waffenträger Special Event 2022. World of Tanks Waffentrager Auf E-100 Returns Random Battles. World of Tanks Waffenträger: Legacy Lootboxes (Engineer Gates) Tanks – FV4201 Proto and KV-4 KTTS. World of Tanks The Best, Most Dangerous Tier Tank Destroyer Waffentrager Auf E-100.

So, it has been confirmed that Waffentrager Auf E-100 is indeed coming back to the game, into random battles, but as a rental tank. Also, this event introduces premium tanks via lootboxes called Engineer's Gates, FV4201 Chieftain Proto and KV-4 KTTS.

What do you think? Would you like to see it back in the game?


  1. So potentially able to get 55 battles in total, right? 5 for completing the progression and 5×10 from the Engineer’s Gate.
    Progression reward should have been at least 10 battles tho as well… But hey, better than nothing, I guess…

    • yeah but you can only keep them till the 18th of October thats sad

    • I dont like that the respawns have a timer. Its just horrible content at that point then. I bet no one enjoyed those timers in Frontline if you got killed too much…

      To which I might add it mainly effects the bad players. They probably will die more either way, but not having a respawn limit they might do even more dumb stuff and die quicker. And I would imagine that mode is still kind of balanced around dying that ~3 times per battle. Because the harriers do also have to finish timer checkpoints by delivering the plasma… Sooo idkn, if WT kills the entire team in the ~2-3 phase, then that 30s away might just be too much. So I dont like it, but will see what happens.

      Also I do hope those crew member are NOT country locked. I still have the crew from last WT I think? or at least many crew that I probably dont have any use really.

    • Kinda stupid since everyone and their monke will be using the damn thing

    • @rexmexzilla Yes and no. First you need to complete the event thing unless you get some by bying. If they really are collecting data then it needs to be good and bad playing.

      It won’t be permanent either and if it would become. It probably would be balanced. The game has changed a lot since that was removed. There is things like Vz55 that clips in 2s. Dont remember what intraclip it was/is in Wt, but they may have balanced it more with that. So kind of same than Minotauro maybe? But no turret armor so…

  2. If someone is interested where the Waffentrager song came from, song name is “Bre Petrunko” it’s Bulgarian folk song

  3. 1) Based on the video it appears to be a near complete recycling of last year’s event (infinite lives is the only change).

    2) Gambling with gold, let’s see how many people bitch about that–spend no more than 12,500 gold to get a guaranteed new premium tank (heavy?) though, a bit expensive but nothing insane and that’s the worst-case scenario.

    3) The von Kriegers certainly have an appetite for destruction, this time it’ll be high-tier MM in randos, RIP tier 9 ans (especially) 8, better take a few weeks off with those vehicles (barring HE-launchers, *cough, cough* Caliban).

  4. Wargaming needs more money so they realased lootboxes

  5. Mirny event is that much better than this WT event.

  6. I am SPG player
    as it’s actual truth, we can not read
    so, I and rest of SPG enjoyer, we greatly appreciate that you do this for us, as we can not read

  7. Fuck this, just sell me the WT for 200 Bucks…

  8. By introducing WT E100 artillerys will get a small buff in games

  9. They get the community hyped up about the WT auf E100 just to put it in as a rental vehicle XD. They should really just put it in the tech tree.

  10. I’m wondering if they will use the data from the WT rental battles to judge whether or not it will be possible for a permanent return without ruining battles.

    • The battles are already be ruined by the current op tanks in the game, reintroducing WT will not break the game, he’s already broken.

  11. imagine gambling 50 boxes, getting only the 50th box guaranteed tank and that being the raumpanzer LOL

  12. so are you able to get e.g. all listed premium vehicles?

  13. High Explosive damage tanks would love to shoot the E 100, about 20mm of armour, in some parts up to 60

  14. Luís Augusto Panadés

    You play a video game and Wargaming pushes you into a fucking cassino. No thanks. Shit and more shit. While this any rebalancing.

  15. Immagine having 2 wt e100 as enemies in a hull down position with HE-Minotauro Clip *_*

  16. In my opinion i think the infinte life of the opponent of wtf is a bad idea it was better previous year

  17. Its 3 full skills and start of fourth

  18. WT Auf E-100 in random battles? Time to get a brake from wot for a while, or play lower tiers, Type 62 will do the trick, when I was comming back to play wot I met WT for the first time, and I turned away as fast as Simpsons grandpa from that meme, although I enyoyed last year WT auf event

  19. george triantafyllopoulos

    i just need t9 chief how much ?

  20. so if they reintroduce it, do people have to regrind or buy it?

  21. tbh I want the premium tanks, i dont really care about the chieftain prototype

  22. Too bad I quit this game for war thunder 2 weeks ago… what a shame… NOT

  23. just give us the waffen e 100 back war gaming stop fusing about an give us it back because i work my tail off to get it an you took it from me

  24. as a rental tank? man fuck them.

  25. can you do a week spot guide for reliable weak spot Guided for tier ten or good place to get a fire or ammo rack

  26. i want play the waffen e100 again

  27. why blow your bonds on a t8 tanks save it be a t 10 like the M60
    i got the fv215b form that store and now im like 1k from the m60

  28. Why women crew members ?? There is to much female crews in the game already…I dont Like that

  29. 2 Engineer “starters” being able to earn is really stupid…When you can get more harrier starters…

  30. 7:31 “…you are able to use all those girls in different positions.” lol

  31. Events are always good for rewards and stuff but I’m just disappointed the WT is a rental still gonna play it tho but I think we were all hyped up by the previous video and are a bit let down

  32. a bit of a downgrade in the Engineer’s Gate compared to last year. We used to be able to receive Free Gold in it.

  33. I would love to see this beast on the battlefield once again.
    This will be legendary.

  34. Hope they bring back the mirny event and that black gooey death stranding stuff. That tiger 2 skin makes that creepy zombie apocalypse vibe from another dimension. Love that Leo 1 skin i’m still using today.

  35. Hey dez! I know you won’t see this… But in the rare chance you do, maybe try to continue the hide and seek challenge from last year or something. I still want a chance to participate in something like that

  36. just anoyher shit event

  37. Yaroslav Bozhdynsky

    Need those bonds to amass 15k for the M60, or 121B.

  38. Free-2-Players are nothing but cannonfodder these days… Feels bad man

  39. I did miss throwing HE into that things turret lol

  40. 7:30 “to me it seems that you can use those girls in different positions”
    LOL 😀

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