Repair Factory

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

Soldiers! Right as we speak, there is a fierce raging in War Thunder, a new type of battle where troops use never-before-seen advanced weapon systems: combat exoskeletons. There is end in sight to this conflict, which means that every day countless damaged exoskeletons are brought back here for repairs: they are amazing pieces of equipment, but they are not indestructible. And it's you, and only you who can repair them so that they can be used once again. It's time to bring in machinery and apply every bit of engineering knowledge that you have, because we're opening a Repair Factory! As usual, you'll only have to play War Thunder to prevail… and we'll provide you with all the information you need right now!

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  1. War Thunder. Official channel.

    Achtung, Panzer-Kommandanten!
    This voice transmission is now available in German: Click on the gear icon to tune in!

  2. This is the most confusing Crafting event ever!

  3. This is why I stopped playing this “game”

  4. slight chance^

  5. Manuelito Noveda

    Is it only in normal battles can we get the mission scores or we can get that to the april fools event too

  6. do i need 12 of every component to make 1 exo suit? or 12 components in total?

  7. WOW, can Gaijin make an even worse event.

  8. Hi gaijin please Q can you add the T-55 Enigma and researchable additionnal Armor for mbt’s like (tusk2 or Armor like bunker Sherman and fishnet for other tanks it could increase survivability and customisation day 25

  9. This is the most confusing event yet.

  10. i got 12 of these parts but where do i make the skeleton now? its nowhere shown lmao

  11. I was kind of hoping this was an April fools joke that they uploaded late.

  12. 5.39 rip sherman

  13. Emergency Broadcast System

    Can’t wait for another US event vehicle that’s dead on arrival

  14. do i need to play the event or can i play normal battles?

  15. Until when is this?

  16. Can Gaijin once make event completable with working people, who have like 3-4h play time in day or two. It’s just unfairness, and gaijin market flooding to make money.
    And how A WORKING MAN can even get 75k exp points in 3h time in a day?

  17. OMG this is so scammy! 4:00 You are only providing 4 crates total and in order to get a common prize we have to buy a crate to complete. In order to get a rare we have to buy 11 crates WTF!

  18. Do the points add up from each battle or do you have to get 2500 and 7500 in each battle to get the crates

  19. guys, “mobile infantry” event also drops crates and in far bigger amount. just play that

  20. soo Crossout System

  21. 7500 points and you need that multiple times, really..

  22. How long does the event last for?

  23. I have all suits repaired yet I can’t put them Into the crate..what do I do

  24. SuperNoobProGamer

    Snail, when do we get starter events for tier I and II to get modern vehicles and stuff like this?

  25. Worst and greediest event ever !

  26. Emmanuel CinemaTXS

    I will say my most sincere opinion about this.
    This event is only conducive to the sedentary lifestyle of the players and mental health problems. Here I explain why.
    This event is to be playing and playing for hours and hours. I did some calculations and I saw that you would need to play 70 times (depending on how many points you earn) per day to complete this event. And it is not fair to those who can’t spend their money to complete this event since they have to be in front of a computer to complete it.
    I am not yet a doctor who can tell you exactly what health problems this may lead to, but we all know there are.
    I don’t hate video games but I hate companies that don’t care about the health of their users. In the United States of America we have obesity and general health problems. And this is not only here.
    I hope you take this into account.

  27. Accolades to my doctor ( Dr Ofenmu YouTube channel ) I have so much respect for how much positivity you put out while curing my HSV1/2

  28. Des anyone think that this is the worst April fools events?

  29. Make this game easier to play and I download it again.

  30. Can it be done with a duplicate? Like 2 legs and 10 of whatever?

  31. Furiouszainedestroyer9161

    moment when 12 = 1

  32. When does the event end

  33. like 250 games to get a single 3 contract item

  34. woah

    7500 point for the Crate module Jesus

  35. The only possible reason the crate modules accumulation to be separated in days is to lose the round downs of the day, which can top up to 9 crate modules in total… and that’s when I thought GaiSnail finally decided to stop shitting on us and made a proper event!.. Thanks GaiSnail, thank you veeery much!..

  36. *I just want the A7K but this is just made way to difficult*

  37. Please someone convince not to complete this challenge. I want that Russian Cruiser so bad.

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