Replay review – Apr. 11, 2015

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Source: Zeven


  1. Oh….the wisdom floweth, as usual. Thanks and please keep the info coming.

  2. +Hans Kinki No one “deserves” to lose because of their perceived “skill”
    level. Everyone makes mistakes, whether they are really good or really bad
    at this video game. The key is to realize your mistakes and to try not to
    repeat them.

  3. My god the reroll from the first game… he did love those purple colors :)

  4. Zeven, just a thought but I think you would garner a bit more interest by
    mixing up wins and losses and not saying how it will end. I know it would
    add a bit of suspense and keep people to the end. I really like watching
    the games but at times I leave near the end because I know what happens. It
    would be awesome of we didnt know the outcome until its over. Sorry dont
    mean to be critical as you do a great job but I love suspense :)

    • +Tony Wiezoreck Lol, interesting point. I never thought of them as
      cliffhangers, really. The reason why I usually pick only close games (and
      mostly losses) is because it is pretty easy to point out decisions that
      could have turned the tide of the game. I find that people are more open to
      “considering alternative decisions” from negative reinforcement. Otherwise,
      the “well, it was good enough to win” mentality takes over a bit.

  5. Hey man, you plan on playing or doing anything in the future with Armored

    • +Eklektik Yeah, I will definitely play it a bit and see what it is like.
      Will look to stream those sessions, look for them on Twitch!

  6. The third game really was painfull to watch. Bad play, they deserved to
    lose even though blunicum platoon. Patton wouldv won it going up hill,

  7. Alejandro Rodriguez

    Zeven send me nudes 😉 

  8. I just discovered your channel from Wotlabs. It’s funny that the same night
    I watched one of your Redshire reviews I had a game on that map where my
    team crushed the east but then got stalled before they could cross the open
    field to the enemy cap. It cost us the game because the enemy controlled
    the center hill and outnumbered us in the west. Before your review I had
    the misconception that winning the east was more important than winning the
    west on Redshire, but now I know better. Thanks for the knowledge! Subbed
    and Liked. I’ll also be following your Twitch channel from now on.

  9. I love your videos, Zeven, but this one is very bury on my monitor. So, I’m
    passing on this one, and waiting for your next review. Thanks for the great
    work, though. I really appreciate your efforts.

    • +Gary Morgan It just got uploaded, so it will take a little bit (1-3 hours)
      before the higher resolutions are available.

    • +Zeven OK thanks. I didn’t know that. Good info for the future. I will wait
      a few hours and then try again. Have a great day.

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