Replay review – Apr. 11, 2015

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Source: Zeven


  1. +Tony Wiezoreck Lol, interesting point. I never thought of them as
    cliffhangers, really. The reason why I usually pick only close games (and
    mostly losses) is because it is pretty easy to point out decisions that
    could have turned the tide of the game. I find that people are more open to
    “considering alternative decisions” from negative reinforcement. Otherwise,
    the “well, it was good enough to win” mentality takes over a bit.

  2. +Eklektik Yeah, I will definitely play it a bit and see what it is like.
    Will look to stream those sessions, look for them on Twitch!

  3. I always thought the same as well. Will place more focus on middle and west
    going forward.

  4. +SuperRaeth Yeah, but remember that it is probability, not an absolute.
    Sometimes you can win by winning the east. However, the way the map is set
    up, the guys who win the center/west have significant advantages.

  5. +Zeven
    Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind.

  6. +Gary Morgan It just got uploaded, so it will take a little bit (1-3 hours)
    before the higher resolutions are available.

  7. +Zeven OK thanks. I didn’t know that. Good info for the future. I will wait
    a few hours and then try again. Have a great day.

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