Replay review – Apr. 17, 2015

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Source: Zeven


  1. 32:24 i think he made a good decision. If he did unload some shots on that
    Waffle amx could easily clip him.

    • +Masal S. I disagree, I believe this was an error of target selection. The
      AMX 13 90 was clipping and just wanted to run away. Regardless of whether
      the waffle was clipped or not, he was facing away from you, towards your
      teammates, and would have taken three shots to kill. If he is clipped, he
      is the most significant danger/impediment to your team on that entire side
      of the map. If he turns towards you, you can easily move behind the
      building. If he is not clipped, you have no reason to fear him.

    • +Masal S. That was me in the replay. I agree with Zeven that the waffle was
      the better option. However, it was actually worse than either of you give
      me credit for. I didn’t choose the 13 90 over the waffle… I tunnel
      visioned on him and didn’t even notice the 2nd Waffle. Still a lesson
      learned though (don’t tunnel vision!).

    • I can raise some questions but i guess you guys are right. 🙂

    • +Masal S. Questions and reasoned arguments are good. Anyone who tells you
      otherwise is not really interested in getting better.

    • +datalink7 Easy on a replay… MUCH harder in game… as long as you
      realize it though.

  2. Marquez Clerveaux

    First one!

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