Replay review – Apr. 28, 2017

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Source: Zeven


  1. John Asbjørn Innvær

    Thank u

  2. How do you watch 9.17.1 replays with the 9.18 client?

  3. Bradford Miller

    stats& tacts …

  4. Garrison Withers

    tough love.

  5. Sivert Haukedal

    When do you stream Zeven? I’ve wanted to show you a replay (it’s a win but it’s a very close game, and I wanna know if I could have played better)

  6. why do you stream such mediocre games, this guy Captain210 is obviously a noob so what can we learn from his gameplay ?

  7. Zeven u need to make more vid’s. they are really helping my game play and the way i think of what to do or where to go. thanks and keep up the great job.

  8. I have always been interested in sending you replays and i have had a few close games that would like you to do a review of but only issue is the time difference because by time you do these, i am in bed, so is there any way for you to do one for me one day?

  9. Why do I feel like I’ve already seen this video….

  10. Wargaming promoted ZEVEN on his last Friday video. But his videos are from month to month and he never interacts, replies comments. Have you been busy lately, sir? Because your reviews are awesome and we miss it

  11. I look forward to each video you do.  Quickybaby and Jingles started me out learning.  Your videos really expose people to team thinking based playing.  Sadly most people don’t get it and are only concerned with themselves like this E5 player who even sacrificed his platoon mate while he hid most of the game !  Still remember a game I played with you on Ensk where I had just seen a review of yours for Ensk.  We were both in meds and I held the field using your tactics and you cleaned up the enemies heavies in the town.  Worked just like you said it would in the video review !  Thank you !

  12. Jeremian Lastly

    Wow that first replay was fucking painful to watch. Basically not even worth including in this replay review. It just got me frustrated, and I’m not even a very good player. However, that performance made me look like a WoT god!

  13. Hello, I play scout alot and I noticed that when I early spot ennemies, many of our heavies stop, try to shot far away ennemies instaid of going where heavies should be. So it ends up being a bad thing for our team… any thought?

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