Replay review – Dec. 11, 2015

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Source: Zeven


  1. I am taking two things from this review: The chances of that unspotted
    opponent having narcolepsy and having fallen asleep are pretty small and
    doing anything but nothing is probably better for your team:)

  2. Hey Zeven, I am not sure how this works, I have a replay I would like you
    to review – do I submit it here? Just not sure how I could have beaten the
    WZ-111 at the end:

  3. How do you submit a replay???

  4. T-54 ltwt had a double bush position, fires and damages the TD twice, and
    as a bonus, he doesn’t get spotted. He then sees the SPG and rushes out
    into the open rather than continuing to use the double bush position…
    What? I get that he could have been worried that the enemy might blindfire,
    but 1) they might not (and he can afford to take a hit from the TD) and 2)
    there’s still a good chance they’ll miss as they don’t know his exact
    position. That seemed like poor decision making right there.

  5. Zeven, why did you suggest HE against Super Pershing (Erlenberg match)?

  6. Nice to see some pop tanks doing their stuffs. As always a pleasure to
    listen to you Zeven.

  7. Just started watching the videos and wow, thanks! I’m posting the link to
    your channel for everyone in the clan, because everyone can learn from this

  8. Another WfagOT replay… no thank you! unsubscribed.

  9. For some reason the e75 repetitively just wiggling and angling for no
    reason annoyed me to a ridiculous extent.

  10. Really appreciate your work Zeven. A huge amount of narration, editing,
    compiling, all for other people’s benefit. Your videos have helped me a
    LOT, and it’s always a pleasure to see a new video pop up. Please keep them
    coming, and thanks again.

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