Replay review – Dec. 9, 2016

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Source: Zeven


  1. Invaluable positioning advice. Thanks Zev

  2. Zeven , Great stuff.., clearly see the battlefield above and beyond
    most guys on YouTube. Big fan…..keep up the Great Work.

  3. Again, thank you. I see the power of that crater on the mid ridge.

  4. Not much to learn here. Just top tier Op tank play.

  5. I always get something out of your videos. If that second tanker was
    sitting next to you I think you would have slapped him up side the head.
    You sounded a little bit offended on him sitting in the back farming. I get
    it, everybody loves getting damage that we don’t see its going to cost us
    the game and you always get more XP with a win.

  6. my aigga

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