Replay review – Feb. 12, 2016

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Source: Zeven


  1. How many ppl NA server watch these replay reviews just to see if they are
    one of those tanks on the opposing team? Zeven is too nice to trash poor
    play… I just keep watching to see if I’m one of those other tanks where
    he says, “Well this is what you don’t want to do…” Nice vids, Zeven; wish
    I could take 10% of this advice into crucial moments in-game…

  2. SuperPershingProductions

    Zeven, where can I find a XVM set up like yours?

  3. Been loving these matches in my IS-3A and Mod 1, they can’t or don’t know
    where to pen.

  4. Watching that 1400 WN8 player play like that in the first game.. Wtf..

  5. Your sixth sense mod is totally annoying.

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