Replay review – Feb. 26, 2016

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Source: Zeven


  1. Doberman Puncher

    Much appreciated!

  2. Great, thank you!

  3. Zeven, I’m sure you’ve heard this countless times before, but I just wanted
    to thank you for all of the hard work you put into these replay reviews. As
    someone who picked up the game not even a month ago, these videos have
    helped me immensely as a player who just wants to learn all they can, and
    become better as a player and a teammate – one who can be counted on.
    Shooting reds is easy, but paying attention to team comps, being
    situationally aware, and keeping an eye on the mini map were huge pitfalls
    of my noob self.
    Even with only 1500 games or so, now, I can look at my progress trends and
    see my winrate climbing slowly away from what it should be (above 50%
    nearly, even in tier 10 matches), and I have you and a few other
    knowledgable teachers to thank for that.
    I rushed toward my VK 45.02B, gained within my first 1100 matches, but
    quickly retreated to the lower tiers to practice tactics instead of being
    dead weight. Though I know I have no place in those tier 10 matches, I
    consistently hold my own, and have a lot of ace tanker badges and marks of
    excellence that I’ve earned along the way.

    So again, thank you. World of Tanks became a much more enjoyable experience
    for me after watching explanations from you and others, though I know I
    definitely have a lot more to learn, yet. It might just be a game, but the
    feeling of being a useful teammate that can assist and even carry games
    sometimes sure does feel good, nonetheless. : ]

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