Replay review – Jan. 12, 2018

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Source: Zeven

WoT 9.21 review


  1. While you’re a magic man and can pull it off I’m sure, I have to laugh at the idea of trying to stay arty safe on sand river in anything while still trying to do damage.

    • Several spots he could have gone to stay safe after the cap reset on that map, inc the ditch. Tho few, there still are safe spots.. or safer spots then the rocks. But as they have said before. Know what you are afraid of. He was more scared of the TD’s then arty. But he also said to control the engagement. And if he went ditch after reset, me might have forced the damage to come to him. And stayed arty safe for longer… But arty can ofc relocate. Tho 90% of them never do.

  2. Hey zeven, after watching you for a number of years my enjoyment of world of tanks has finally and thankfully started to subside. Helped along with a broken pc for approaching 2 weeks now.
    Thanks for all your time and videos but I now part ways with you unfortunately simply due to the above fact.
    I wish you all the best and if you’re interested, I run a daily trucking vlog on my channel.

  3. Dude, you’re alive !!!!!

  4. Please post more of these here Zevin!! Thanks!

  5. I always enjoy watching these videos from you, very helpful indeed and has helped me greatly on how to react to certain situations during battles 🙂

  6. my name is also Zeven

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